Spending 29,000 Tickets at Dave and Busters Arcade with JoJo Siwa!

100 thoughts on “Spending 29,000 Tickets at Dave and Busters Arcade with JoJo Siwa!”

  1. Aww Duncan and the little girl are so cute❤️ I love how expressive all your children are, you are doing such a wonderful job raising them! Keep shining😁

  2. To all the people who think Parker is going to be trans,
    You don’t have to be a girl to like bows and unicorns and rainbows okay, there isn’t a law for that okay so please grow up, or at least stop hating on a young kids! I love you Parker Bailey Jacob and Duncan xxxxxxxx


  4. You should give Bailey money or something because she’s the best kid ever gives her siblings gifts and not herself which is really good

  5. Duncan and O'Zell dancing together and holding hands was SO cute, also Duncan is getting so smart and I love the way he interacts with people

  6. That was one month ago I ended my Dave and Busters Adventure with 62,624 tickets. My personal best was 89,064 tickets.

  7. Give a like in this comment if you think parker and sofi dossi should do a collab and do a video were they do gymnastics

  8. I really wish me and Bailey lives close to each other we are just alike and she seems as if she would be a great friend I hope I can meet y’all one day !!!!

  9. That kid is going to be bullied, and judged. Raise your kids as there damn gender. People like you are messing the world up. Ur making ur kid look stupid.

  10. The look on Parker's face when he thought he didn't have enough to get the rainbow bear was too cute

  11. wow.. Parker is so brave.. it is truly inspiring seeing him not afraid to preform in front of all of those people at that age

  12. Wt* who are u your suppose to be rachels sister your not the main sister *the fav and the other fav
    Who are u

  13. 7:43 Parker’s face before and after he is told he can get it is sooooooo cute😂

  14. Umm did everyone see how natural Duncan was with that guitar ? He was holding it perfectly and using the pick?! What the heck?! he’s one!! 🤯 I’m curious to see if he becomes a musician when he’s older and his personality develops more.

  15. When you guys got home Parker probably passed out on that bear I want to see a photo of that lol😂

  16. Hollywood:D if anyone watches Martin the show brother man is my big cuzin he lives in Hollywood too but me not famous oh also good video

  17. I can’t with all this cuteness. Omggg Duncan dancing with ozell. Bailey is the most kind hearted person on this planet. If everyone could be like bailey.

  18. I have a big question for you ballinger family is Parker a boy or a girl because of his actions wearing and stuff but don't be mad to me I am just asking guys😂😂😂

  19. But your vid is actually good it's good for adults either kids too so have a billion subs and likes have a great day and a great full of love family

  20. Aww I can't believe Bailey used her share of tickets to basically buy presents for other people (who had their own share of prizes anyway). If the entire world was made up of kids like yours, the world would be a much better place.

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