SURPRISE GETAWAY!! Christmas gifts unboxing & Mukbang Cheesecake Factory Orlando, Florida Vlog ep.82

because that’s not my baby she’s not feeling okay Baby Because Daddy is Black. LOL Because Daddy is Black? I felt like eating some Vietnamese food What’s in there? What’s in there? It’s…./ We gotta get away from the cold Hey, Baby. Look!!!/ Oh My Gosh! I’m… I’m just gonna go back to Kenya now. We came to eat outside as a family today. Yes? I felt like eating some Vietnamese food and the chicken skewers So.. Yeah… we came to… have some Vietnamese food. OK. Let’s go! Let’s…. Let’s Dig in! Today, we came to trader joe’s to get some stuff for Christmas dessert Look at that penguin! Look at the polar bear! Honey, No, no, no, no, no, no, no. you always get this… sweet stuff it’s good stuff. / No… no.. no They are good stuff Broccoli… What is that? Broccoli Florets? Look! Sriracha it sounds very spicy they have very interesting chips snacks that usually you can’t really get from any other place. look at this even seaweed snack kale chips So, all these cereals are even Trader Joe’s Brand. so they don’t really sell any other other brand i guess i never knew about that Trader Joe’s ice cream. Soy? Soy Creamy? Non Dairy? I wanna try it. They even have ice cream made with coconut milk. So…we got this… Soy Vanila ice cream and then this fruitcake bar Today, we woke up and someone from the church brought us some gifts for Christmas. Yuri and Somi! Can we open it?/ OK Let’s open it. let’s see what’s inside. what’s in there? What’s in there? Oh Wow! This is new clothes! Wow! / This is mine! That’s a new pants. That’s mine. The book. You can color there. They are color books. Dasomi trying to get some candy from it All she cares about is candy. Somi, huh? Look at that! Oh My Gosh! Seriously? You love Tinker Bell right, Yuri? Yes. Flying.. how did they know Yuri loves Tinker Bell? Oh My Gosh./ Crayon. Yes. so with the crayon you can color it. color the books. What’s that? What’s inside? Oh. look at this Minnie Mouse… Minnie Mouse socks! Beep, beep! / Can I see? Show it to me, Somi Oh There’s… there’s… / Let me see! Somi’s Clothes Wow. / Yeah. Daddy, we got the book! Daddy! We got this! Oh You guys unwrapped your presents. We got Tinker Bell and the bus! Hello! Stop and Go Stop and Go Sit down and let’s go to school! OK. K…. Oh My Gosh Honey! It’s a place A place to be, Florida. LOL Flo-Rida. We are in Florida! Florida. Summer time. Gotta get away from the cold I know.. it’s awesome! It’s like… so… The breeze is so…/ How is it awesome Look! She’s dressed like It’s winter No! / No? I mean. You know. Kinda. XD So, yeah. Today we came to cheesecake factory. Let’s go in! It’s time to have. This is all burrito burrito Mukbang. It looks nice. that’s the chicken jambalaya really good. It’s amazing. We have a lot of gifts! Are you guys ready?/ Are you all ready? 11! For Yuri. Yuri, what’s your present? Say “Thank you!” / “Thank you!” She’s gonna get more than one. You are welcome. Open it, Open it All right. / What about me? Wait, wait. Yours is coming. Let’s see what Yuri’s got first. Oh I love it. Can I have it? Give it to me. I like this one. This is for Dasomi./ No! This is mine! Dasomi! Rip it open! Rip it! Yeah. There you go. Open it! Open it! She got Doctor. Now, you have an actual Doctor. You got Doc, too! Tada! / Tada!!! This one is for Yuri. Barbie! Do you like that?/ Oh My Goodness!! Do you like Barbie? / Yeah! Do you wanna say Thank you?/ Thank you! You are welcome! I think this is… for Dasomi! Princess…/ That’s Princess!! Princess from Ali… I forgot the name of the princess, though. Jasmin from Aladdin. That’s for both of you together. Oh.. They don’t share. They don’t share. Dasomi! We can share… ok so this is james… / Yeah… for both of them. they have to share ….share with… oh no. What are you talking about? Did you see our girls? We don’t share in our family. No. No. Unless you want to go to a war. you better say before you… ’cause.. That’s…. See what’s gonna happen? Then, we will be like…no I don’t like to play We don’t share. I get to keep everything. Right, honey? Hey, Baby Look! oh my gosh really! Santa Claus heard your prayer. really. / Oh Really? You wanted that? I was actually going to get it and you know / Oh Really? Yay!!! yeah / What did I get for Christmas! / I’m done with Christmas… Oh… Alexa!!! It’s mini Alexa! Alexa! This is awesome./ Are you sure that’s not gonna bring me problem? Because now I have two female voices in the house. Hahahha. / That’s James’s. / Oh… OK. Now, you can share that together. let’s go let me see let me see your battery is totally dead… Go ahead and open it. ok i got it../ It has small jump cables and also.. air pump When you plug that in Now you jump starts your car this small thing here. This little thing here can jump star your car. And you can…/ We will never get stranded you can plug it into your car. you want to charge it in your car. That’s electric plug. ok. Plug it in there. and it will just does it. it will pump the air to the tire Dang. / even in your car tire or your bike tire Wow.. Thank you!!! Thank you so much! You know what? I’m i’m ….. i’m just gonna go back to Kenya now.. With this kit.. I will start a business Yeah. That’s right. / if you know you have a flat battery or flat tire. i just come here. and people will be like. Are you already here?/ Hurry up! Hurry up. Alright / Oh ok. Exactly. Yay!! Foot massage! I like that. That feels nice oh yeah. / Oh Oh Oh OH OH Oh/ what is it? whoa/ what is it? / whoa Uh… Grandpa. Stop kidding. No, I am not kidding!/ It is!! It’s tightening. Yeah. I felt it. Yeah. It tightens. I think it… yeah… Daddy can’t see you baby.

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