Taking Emotional Risks After Narcissistic Abuse 💗– evening tv

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  1. It's nice to hear your progress about friends. There is a theory that when we evolve, naturally we will lose some people around us, since they are stuck to this reality. And by losing them we simply make a room for a new people, new friends. My Christmas wasn't so bad I've head Christmas Eve with my 2 sons (9&4 years old). We had a little dinner, presents, some quality time… Lovely! Than the next day, because of the parenting arrangement I had to drop them off to my psychopatic ex… It's always devastating drive back home when you are very lonely and alone… But, I've learned how to cope with it by now. You should check some videos of "Teal Swan" spiritual leader. She has some interesting points of view when it comes to this kind of traumatic live experiences… Cheers. Igor

  2. It turned out a lot differently than I thought it did when I made this video. This cousin never did contact me again , Christmas cards stopped, and a year later I wrote to her and told her that I realized I made a mistake in thinking she was inviting me to be honest, and she confirmed that I made a mistake and accepted my apology, but I didn't receive a christmas card again this year, so what I accomplished was to cut off the slight trickle of connection that remained. In fact, in every case, reaching out to old relationships ultimately ended the relationships for good after my son died. In the case of friends it proved that I had narcissistic friends. My cousin was not narcissistic she was just naive and prone to a cognitive bias. Ultimately, she didn't want me messing with her beliefs even about my reality.

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