Talking Tom and Friends – Saving Santa | Season 2 Episode 21

[Christmassy tune playing] [boing] [Ginger] Woo! We’re only hours away
from Christmas, people! Woo! [Hank] What do you all think
Santa will bring you? I’m hoping to get some festive socks. They’re like a secret holiday
for your feet! Ew! I just want peace on Earth
and goodwill toward all. Oh, and a cute top! I can’t tell you what Santa’s bringing, but I can tell you where he is. Behold! -The Santa Tracker!
-[Ginger] Wow! -What?
-I don’t know. I’m sure Santa doesn’t want
people keeping tabs on his whereabouts. Yeah, Ben. I’d be careful. You don’t want to mess
with the mystery and joy of Christmas. You’re all being silly. Look, he’s merrily moving past a mountain. Ho ho ho! -Prancing to the left of a cloud.
-Ho ho ho. And now… Huh?
[clunk] Oh, no. He’s disappeared! ♪ Wa-oah ♪ -What did you do, Ben?
-This isn’t my fault! It’s a good thing I was tracking him. That way we can work out
where he was when he– We can’t lose Santa on Christmas Eve. Little kids like me
haven’t gotten their loot yet. [bleep]
Oh, no. -What now?
-Santa disappeared right over… the CEO’s headquarters! [gasp] The CEO? [CEO] Fellow lovers of holidays, I’ve decided to keep my stores open
all day on Christmas this year, just in case Santa
doesn’t show up tonight. [snores] Ha ha! I’m not saying he won’t.
How would I know that, right? But if he doesn’t,
you can buy your gifts from me. So, see you tomorrow! -Oh, no.
-He’ll make a fortune selling presents! And worse,
Christmas won’t come this year. Or maybe ever! People, we may not be misfit elves
or plucky snowmen, but I say we get out there
and we save Christmas! [all] Yeah! [wheels squeaking] -[Ginger] Are we there yet?
-Almost. We just have to get you under the tree,
then you can sneak out and look around. -Can I help you?
-We are here to spread Christmas cheer. -Huh?
-Oh! Ah-ha-ha-ha! Ah-ha! Follow me, please. Yes! Merry Christmas, CEO! Tom, what are you doing here
on Christmas Eve? We’re here to spread Christmas cheer! But we also brought you… some presents. I do not accept! We’re mortal enemies. That doesn’t matter, CEO.
Christmas is about giving. -Well, I do like when people are giving.
-Right. Ha-ha. Wait, where’s that other one of you? -The little loud one.
-Oh, you mean Ginger? He’s at home,
tucked in all snug in his bed. It is Christmas Eve, after all. -[Ginger sneezes]
-Huh? [knocking] Let me out! Merry Christmas, CEO! Security! I have enemies in my office
and they’re not tied up. Fix this! Run! No! [Angela screams] [evil laugh] Get off me! Thanks a lot, Ben(!) Because of your stupid Santa Tracker,
I’m going to spend Christmas Eve here! I should be caroling,
or making a snowman. There are worse ways to spend
Christmas Eve. You know, like… Never mind. This is pretty bad.
[knock on door] Uncle CEO! Oh, what’s this? Uncle has been forced
to tie up office intruders? Shut up, Darren! Also, please untie us. Untie you? Why would I do that?
[laughs] Don’t waste your breath talking to him.
Darren doesn’t care about Christmas. Hey, take that back! Of course I care about
the most wonderful time of the year! Why did you and your uncle
kidnap Santa Claus? -Huh?
-[gasp] Kidnap Santa? But I… I didn’t. My uncle
couldn’t. What are you talking about? -[sobs] Stop lying!
-You really don’t know? Huh. He really doesn’t know. I know my uncle
would never do such a thing. Ben, show him the Santa Tracker. [Ben] I created this device
to track Santa’s precise location. Ew. Why would you want to do that? Because… Never mind! -As you can see, he’s here.
-Hm. Uncle’s been upset at Santa for a while,
but I never thought it would come to this! So what’s it going to be, Darren? Will you let Christmas get ruined,
or will you help us? Oh, well… [all scream] [snip] Wow, I thought you’d take
the other choice! [Darren] I’m not doing this for you! I asked for some big-ticket presents this
year, and if I want Santa to bring them, I’ve got a lot of naughty to make up for. [phone ringing] [dramatic music playing] Whee! It’s like these floors
were made for pogo shoes! Careful! If you break anything,
you’ll have to pay for it. [ding] [gasp] [boing boing boing] [Hank humming] -Hank?
-Oh, right. -[humming]
-A-a-a-agh! Ah-ha-ha. [gasps] [alarm blaring] Okay, It looks like Santa
is right on the other side of this door. [door creaks] [door slams] Ho ho ho! Hello, Tom, Angela, Ben, Hank, Ginger –
and even Darren! Wow! You remember all our names? Of course! If I didn’t, how could I keep
track of if you were naughty or nice? Don’t worry, Mister Claus! -We’re here to save you and Christmas!
-Oh, that’s sweet of you, but… No. Let me help. Really, don’t bother. Ah, don’t worry, it’s… totally… not a bother at all! Aagh! [all groan] Okay, it was a bother after all. I’m trying to tell you.
You can’t untie me because… I don’t want you to. What? But Santa,
you have to get of here before– Capture them! Again! It’s not what it looks like, Uncle!
I was… trying to stop them! No, why are you doing this? Why? Because Santa is a liar! What? Ever since I was a boy,
I would open my presents alone in my office,
like most people do. I always got what I asked for, but I never felt that Christmas spirit
everyone’s always singing about. [laughter] Then I realized why! [ding] Because Santa made up
the Christmas spirit so he’d be the only one
who brings presents on Christmas! Well, that ends today! But it isn’t made-up! It’s real! Then why don’t I feel it?
Me, with all my things? Hm. I think I have an idea. [whispers] Ho ho ho ho! [wind whistles] [whoosh] [crash] -Huh?
-You always spend Christmas alone. That’s why you never understood
what it’s all about. Christmas isn’t about getting presents. It’s about being with the people
you care about. -Even if they’re your mortal enemy?
-Even then. Merry Christmas, CEO. Oh, I don’t know. This is strange. Mr. CEO?
I got these pogo shoes last year. And I’d like you to have them. Ginger! Are you sure? [gasps] I feel so… happy. But these are a year old and I could buy a hundred new ones!
Why are these special? I think it’s because you’re feeling
a little something we call the Christmas spirit. [gasps] I am! It’s real! It’s all real! I’m so sorry, Santa! Ho ho! I knew you’d figure it out, Carl. And since it’s Christmas, all is forgiven. -Ho ho ho!
-Yes! I understand now! I won’t sell people things on Christmas! I’ll open my stores just to give things
away to anyone who asks! Woo! Ginger, you gave up a present
so that someone else could be happy. That was very nice. You could have left any time,
but you wanted to stay to teach the CEO
an important Christmas lesson. Well, that’s part of the reason, yes,
but there’s still one more thing. Are you going to bring it to the North
Pole and make magical improvements to it? No.
[crunch] No, no, no!
[crunch crunch] Stop messing
with the mystery of Christmas! [sobbing] [echoing] Ho ho ho ho! And that’s the story of how Hank,
Ginger, Angela, and Tom saved Christmas, and became friends with the CEO. We’re not friends! This is a temporary
truce because of the Christmas spirit. Don’t push it. Uh, well… That’s the end.

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