Tesco Christmas Advert 2019 | #DeliveringChristmas

♪ “Sleigh Ride” by The Ronettes Last shift before Christmas! Come on! Whoa! (resonance) What the dickens…?! (gasps) Cor, look at that! It’s food from the future! Cheers, guv’nor! ♪ Ring ting-a-ting-a-ling too ♪ Ding-a-ling-a-ling ding-dong-ding ♪ Come on, it’s lovely weather ♪ For a sleigh ride together with you… Oi! Excuse me, sir, you can’t park there. – For Winston.
– Ooh, I’ll take care of that! – Merry Christmas.
– ♪ Come on, it’s lovely weather ♪ For a sleigh ride together with you… Oi-oi! Nice jacket, bruv. Oh, cheers, mate! Thanks, future man. (gasps) Mmm! It’s a 90! Have a look at what you’ve won! – (mooing)
– (tooting) There’s your van… – and a trip to Tasty Town!
– (audience) Ooh! Busy night? (snorts) What a night! – Daddy!
– Hi, kids! Who’s ready for Christmas? Hungry, kids? Tesco. Delivering Christmas for 100 years.

100 thoughts on “Tesco Christmas Advert 2019 | #DeliveringChristmas”

  1. The last 2 Christmas adverts (2017+2018) you made were absolutely horrible, but this one really warms the heart and hits close to home!

    Thanks for the change!

    Merry Christmas!

  2. Well done Tescos, you have learned your lesson from 2017-2018 of pushing the 'woke' agenda of over-represented diversty and race-mixing in Christmas adverts. This is the best christmas advert this year, traditional christmas music and British humour. Will be buying my Turkey from you this year. Lets hope M&S and Debenhams can take a page from your book next year

  3. This video is full of white supremacy, not enough tyrone and jamal to be paired with blondie. Wheres the f4990t and dyk3 anyway? Shame on you tesco for not being woke enough.

  4. I guess Tesco learned their lesson. This is just a fun Christmas advert and it isn't pushing any diversity or political correctness. Hopefully, other companies will follow in Tesco's footsteps. If they choose to continue pushing a political message, then they should be prepared to suffer the consequences.

  5. Well a British advert from a British company that is actually BRITISH, I suppose I should pop down to the shop and see what they've got…

  6. Great advert very christmassy most of all traditional no forced politics no agenda driven marketing I love the little Back to the Future thing reminds me of all the lovely films I used to watch at Christmas . …..

    Will be doing some of my Christmas shopping at tescos this year

  7. Much much better than last year. I didn't shop at all at Tesco until spring last year cos of their Christmas advert. This year, you'll be my preferred first choice.

  8. Credit where it's due. This is the kind of Christmas advertising campaign this nation needs. It has proper Christmas music, it gets on with telling a story, there's humour and references typically British.

    It is an advert everyone can appreciate without the forced politically correct message.

    Well done Tesco.

  9. Certainly encouraging to see Tesco moving away from the typical destructive anti-white advertisements they've veered towards in later years.
    Just because the indigenous white population are becoming genocided through demographic displacement, and will become a minority by 2066 according to the Office for national statistics, I don't want to be reminded of this fact at every turn.
    Good work Tesco.

  10. Not bad as this may appear to be, but I would full in favour of 2018's Christmas Tesco Advert; the no sprouts one where that depressing man who shuts the door on Christmas Carol singers and utters the line "NO SPROUTS" appears to either had a bad day OR is just flat-out depressed!!!

  11. Excellent no race-mixing propaganda no multitude of blacks no lesbian scenes or gay transexual amputee dwarfs… Just a "traditional" european christmas ad 👏👏👏👏

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    to make the rules so they can sell u poison

  13. tesco food prouducts are highly dangerous to humans..avoid tesco at all cost .until they clean up there dangerous teaching
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  21. See? If you don't promote white genocide, people like you.
    Congrats on reading the writing on the wall.
    You get a like

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