TessTube #10 Christmas Party

welcome! i’m here now at the Unified Filipino Community christmas party and here we are having loads of fun “twingkling….sparkling….that’s how the christmaslights are a dancing…” how many times have you been to the philippines? pinsan=cousins here at this party you will see the various filipino dishes.. ..like noodles ..what was this that has been finished? it’s menudo? (pork in tomato sauce ) ..wiped out because it’s a delicious dish.. there are some dishes left over there my favorite tonight was the blood stew! how many kids do you have? i have two kids how do you celebrate christmas here? ..aside from this christmas party when you’re with your family, how do you celebrate? when it’s just us as a family, we spend it at home because i’m a nurse so if i’m on duty , i have to prioritize the job but i see to it that it’s compensated the next day we do a small gathering, with food.. what do you cook? adobo (garlic soy stew) , noodles – traditional dishes that we always prepare.. do you add mince pie? or steak and kidney pie? because that is what we grew up with and that is what the family looks forward to eating during christmas and here we have with us is Mr. Dale Fabic congratulations to a very fun christmas party tell me, how long did it take you guys to prepare this event? about a month of advanced preparation we have a bigger place, so more people attended this year there’s also a lot of raffle prizes what is the impression of your non-filipino friends on how the filipino community celebrate christmas? they are very impressed and surprised what do they say? they say that they haven’t seen fun celebrations of christmas like ours as for me, i am very proud, because it’s not just good food and fun people but there are song and dance numbers to the max! filipinos are truly natural performers! i was surprised because the moms and dads are gifted singers.. ..and they are not shy! what is the event in july?

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