The Best Christmas Gift for Car Guys in 2018

rev up your engines, happy holidays today
is a special mechanic Monday where I’m showing you holiday gifts you can get,
for someone you love, now the first is the solar flash
lighting kit, you can put on the hubs of the wheels, it even comes a little
remote you can change them where you go and the cool thing is, they have little
solar panels inside so they recharge themselves when you drive it out in the
Sun, their easy to install, they just have little snaps inside and various
adapters with the kit and I just go inside the hub and since they’re solar powered
you don’t have to keep buying batteries for the stupid things that’s a big advantage
in my book, now the next gift this is vadoma portable power generator, now the
only thing I got against this power generator is it’s really not a power
generator, it doesn’t generate power but it gives you power in any situation that
you need it, it’s actually a gigantic battery and transformer system, it has a
tremendous amount of power, 250 watts and the real advantage
of this unit is, it supplies all kinds of power, you can see it’s got a regular
plug here, it does 120 volts but it also does 9 to 12 volts in the little holes
here, and it’s got the USB 5 volt ports so this thing puts out a lot of power for
a lot of different devices, check this out I plug my Dewalt 120 volt into it
and, it makes a great backup power system it’s got ultra pure sine waves, so if you
know anything about electronics, say I’m going to reprogram the computer on a car,
you can’t use a battery charger to keep the battery up it might take an hour or
longer, you have to use something that has pure sine waves like this, so the
power is pure and it doesn’t mess with any computer circuits, so of course this
thing’s great for recharging your cell phone, it’s great for running a laptop,
any kind of electronic things that have computers in them, this is totally safe
it’s not gonna do any damage, plus it’s solar rechargeable, if your taking this thing
camping or whatever, you can put a solar panel, it plugs right in the
back here, it’ll recharge it so if your in the middle of nowhere you can
use the Sun to power your devices and store it in here
for night, and you can run things a long time when this is full, it’s got a
67,500 milliamp battery built inside, now the next gift is this Foxwell ob2 scan
tool, realized you might get somebody a shirt or shoes or a pair of pants, how do
you know if they’re gonna fit, well the scan tool fits every car made
from 1996 to the present day, so you got pretty good odds it’s gonna work on your
loved ones vehicle, it’s actually a pretty good scan tool, does all kinds
of stuff, data tells you if your car is gonna pass the emissions, can erase codes
can even look up codes, hey they made this thing smaller and smaller but they
do more and more, and everybody really needs a scan tool these days, even if you
don’t fix your own car, you can plug one of these in, check engine light is on you
can see what the code or codes are, then even if you don’t fix it yourself you
could say, oh my car’s got this code and it tells you what it means, and say I
need that fixed, and guess what after they fix your car, you still got the scan tool
all you got to do is plug it in, drive it around, and you can see if the codes come
back, if the does they didn’t fix it right, then take it back and make them
fix it for free, because it doesn’t matter if somebody went into the dash and
then just took the bulb out of the check engine light so the light is not on
anymore, this doesn’t need the bulb this reads them and if they did that you can
say you didn’t fix it, it’s a really nice thing to have now, the next gift is these
door and panel taking apart tools, you get a whole set that fit just about
anywhere, even this funky-looking one, realize if you’re gonna be taking door
panels apart or body panels, you can’t beat these nice stainless steel slim
tools for getting inside and forcing pieces off without breaking anything and
yeah you can get really cheap ones that are 100% plastic, but guess what the
plastic often snaps on them, I tried a bunch of those out and unless they were
real thick they’d break and of course the thing is, the tools have to be
relatively slim to get behind the door panels to pop them out, so it kind of
defeats the purpose of having a thick plastic thing instead of a very thin
stainless steel one, they get in tiny spaces, they get in a little
bigger spaces, their really handy I wish I’d gotten a set years ago
instead of trying a screwdriver and ramming it in and trying to pop stuff
off and then breaking things, these hey they fit right into where the fastener
is, all the force pops them out without breaking either the expensive panel or
the little stupid plastic fasteners that hold it in place, and it’s a cool set hey
it’s going to do all the different cars, it’s got all the different sizes, it’s a
really handy thing if you get this for somebody who works on their own car
they’re really gonna thank you, now the last possible Christmas gift is this
cordless vacuum cleaner for your car, if you’re sick working on your car
trying to clean it and there’s cords all over the place, hey this cordless
one works pretty good it’s got a great filter inside, so when
it cleans everything up especially road dust, it doesn’t blow out the back and get
all over the place, it has all these cute attachments, a little brush, tiny little
suction area, so you can reach into all those crevices and maybe you can get
that quarter that’s been rolling between your seat and the side for years driving
you nuts every time you corner, and you can go for two for one here, if you
forget to recharge it, Hey it will run off of this venema charger, it’s got the
12-volt little plug here, so you can just plug it right in there and you can carry
this around while your vacuum if you didn’t have time to wait for it to
recharge, you want to keep this baby in the trunk because, hey I had a sick kid
in the backseat and man when I open the trunk and pulled this out,
that sucked all the stuff out real fast before it soaked in and left that
horrible smell for months on end, that’s the advantage of a cordless vac, leave it
in the trunk when you needed an emergency there it is now, since this is
a special Christmas edition mechanic Monday I’m giving this stuff away, to
have a chance to win just place a clean non offensive comment on the youtube
comments below, and the winners will be chosen randomly by computer to give
somebody a merry christmas gift, so if you never want to miss another one of my
new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell!

100 thoughts on “The Best Christmas Gift for Car Guys in 2018”

  1. I’d like to have one of this, thanks.👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  2. Scotty Great videos! The mechanic who still does work for me once in a while in his spare time could be your brother from a different mother. He is wackier than you and much older too. Keep up the good work!

  3. I asked my wife for the Genius GB30, but these would be a nice addition, since I'm in a wheel chair.

  4. That portable "generator" is awesome! I have a few electric RC cars that I run and that would be awesome if I'm out for a number of hours so I wouldn't have to worry about batteries for my radio/cars dying on me!

  5. Hi Scotty, Merry Christmas to you and your family! Thank you for all your informative videos. Power pack and scan tool are always useful.

  6. some pretty decent stuff, I picked up a small jump pack off a website and i love the thing, hope who ever wins that enjoys it, They are handy as can be!

  7. Those door panel kits look good as I have broken a clip changing a regulator with a flathead screwdriver, maybe easy to craft my own though being a cheapskate.
    Car vacuums never seem to have enough suction to get the crumbs that tangle with the carpet, not sure about this one. I use a household vac and a mini steam cleaner which is money better spent.
    The power pack looks great although I don't need one. That Foxwell NT301 is the bare minimum for my Civic 7th gen, reads codes and erases, plus a lot of other data with updatable software via a USB. The cheap scanners don't work for me and bluetooth ones that require you to download another app onto your phone don't seem a good idea.

  8. Christmas gift Scotty. In case you are wondering, “Christmas gift“ is an old Christmas greeting from long ago when country folks could not afford Christmas gifts. They showed up at relatives door with this greeting. Presumably the gift was themselves.

  9. Leaving my clean, non offensive comment even tho I never win anything..Merry Christmas!! 🎄✌🎄✌🎄✌🎄✌🎄

  10. what the hell is this happy holidays , it merry christmas ,has been for friggin ages, if that offends some people well dont live in a country that you are offended by

  11. Hi Mr. Scotty, Merry XMAS + Happy New Year to Your family. Hope Mr. Scotty gift will provide a warm Xmas for anyone who received it.😊😊

  12. Thanks for all the great videos!! Hey have you tried these new wrench Pliers by Knipex? They are getting widespread acclaim online & lots of amazing videos. Some claims are wide bolt size range, fine adjustment & super effective grip force multiplier built in. No I do not work for them lol but would like to hear a mechanics opinion.

  13. Scotty u is a riot, man some days i just grab a cold beer n watch ur channel for hrs…. Yep i am now looking to buy me a Toyota or Honda, standard of course me being a heavy truck driver for 25 yrs.+ , need a different ride back n fourth to work now the Ol' dodge crapped out. Good man n go hard.

  14. hey scotty , it looks like your sporting a Samsung Galaxy s8 in an otter case .
    when can I get a Toyota smart phone ?

  15. That's a. Kool. Vacuum cleaner I. Wonder what you can make it do?? I wonder how the SUCK tion is like?? 🙂

  16. 0:48 It's a BATTERY not a GENERATOR … by that logic every Tesla is a generator, not a car. Uh oh, Tesla's have that regen breaking stuff, maybe they are generators…..

  17. Hey Scotty I get an 650 Foxwell and its software is buggy. I have troubles reading live data fromo de SRS and the ABS systems.

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