The Body Shop Vanilla Marshmallow Christmas Gifts | Unboxing & Try On | VLOGMAS #3

Hey guys, today product I’m going to share you From body shop Vanilla marshmallow Isnt cute? It reminds me of Santa bag, dont you think? Okay, Lets open it Four products The first one is Vanilla marshmallow hand cream Its 30 ml And two vanilla marshmallow Shower gel 60 ml Vanilla marshmallow body butter 50 ml And vanilla marshmallow Body scrub 50 ml Okay let’s try one by one The first one is Vanilla marshmallow hand cream Okay lets try it The texture Looks like a lotion It feels Like 100% lotion And the smell is vanilla Of course this is vanilla products 😂 And number two is Vanilla marshmallow shower gel Its a lil bit hard to open guys The texture is Like a shower gel in common Its hard to open its hard to close (or is it just me)😂 Like a milk With this small amount They produce Huge bubble soap And number three This vanilla marshmallow body scrub This vanilla marshmallow body scrub The texture Like a usually body scrub If you ever try Skinfood product black sugar mask The texture very similar With skinfood black sugar mask The difference is the color This body scrub have yellow sugar But the skinfood have black sugar But the texture really similar Like almost 100% If you already try this skinfood The feeling same With this body shop scrub Okay the last one is The vanilla marshmallow body butter This looks like butter The color And the texture feels like a lotion But more like heavy volume Than body lotion I read some reviews In some reviews, people who used body butter Said its oily But it really moisturizing my skin It take a times to this butter To Absorb in your skin So maybe they said it’s oily Because this is not lotion After apply and already absorb in skin but it take a times So it’s really good And the smell Really long last So i used this last night Around 7 pm to 7/8 in the morning But the smell Really long lasting on my skin so I still can smell The vanilla on my skin In the morning when I’m woke up Soo its reallllyy reallly good And the expired date is 2021 Sonif you want to try another Body shop products or yours Nevermind and no problem Because it’s going to be long lasting Expired Body shop have a lot of Christmas gifts Honestly i want And interested on 3 products Its vanilla marshmallow Peppermint candy cane and berry But when im went to the store When i smell the products I dont like it because isn’t my type i always wear so i just choose this vanilla Marshmallow but after i leave And went home I try that on my hand The peppermint candy cane And its really good smell I think thats amazing smell And i love it more than this vanilla Because the first time I smell peppermint candy The smell just mine But after a long time The smell transformed to sweet candy And I regret didn’t buy the peppermint candy But maybe next time when I buy the peppermint candy And i think if you want to try peppermint candy cane you need to You need to take 5 or 10 minutes to absorb the product So you got the best smell from the product So one of tips When buy perfume/ body mist we need take some time Around 5 to 10 minutes So it can absorb well in your skin Not only we just got the first spray smell But its already absorb in your skin or clothes The price is the normal Price is around $18 But right now on body shop got 20% off So i got this like $15 But for me the price is worth it Because the smell is good and moisturizer my skin But for the long use or repurchased I dont think so Maybe i will try another body shop products But right now I really love this Products and Thank you so much for watching guys Dont forget to support by subscribe Ring the bell so you Will not miss any my videos give thumb up And share this video to your family or friends and see ya next video Bye bye 👋

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