The Girl & Her Present (Part 1 of 2)

Once every year, at least, I hope. before merry evenings gather. We list down toys, or cards. Gadgets or notes. For the people to us that matter But what do we give? What do we get? Questions we always wonder. Because the season of giving wouldn’t be beginning until we got our gifts together Is this the..? Nice plant. Here you go, sir. Give your file can or not? Any personal preference? Preference? Anything only you might know about ..him? He.. ..wants to lose weight. Right. Hi. She likes chocolates. Ya, mine also likes chocolates. Other than chocolates? She likes shiny stuff. She likes glitter. Mine likes anything that smells floral. Very well. Awesome, that’s great to hear. I’m not too sure cause I’m out at the moment. But um.. I think we’ll be able to… Pick up or delivery? You pick it up from me or I deliver it for you? I’ll pick it up. I want to give it to him. Delivery! Why do you have to follow me all the time!?! Why don’t you go pick up? Keep your voice down! Pick up or delivery? Having a meeting with.. I don’t even know what this place is called Delivery. Yeah, just getting some stuff settled. This is what he looks like. This is what she looks like.
This is what she looks like. ..then I’ll be back in the office. How did Amy respond? Yeah, just give me one second. You can keep the change. I really want to open it but it’s not mine, and I’m….. Thank you! I heard you need these right? Personal preference. Watches. Leather strap. Italian please. Okay, pick up or.. Pick up here. When do I come back? I’ll let you know. Do you want any decorations, wrappings, baskets, bags.. No, it’s okay. Thank you. Excuse me. Yes, did I forget something? I just wanted to ask.. what is the best way to give someone a present? That’s it? There’s no other.. ..special thing you do? No. What if he doesn’t like it? You’re right. Thanks. You think so? Yeah, I mean.. He’s definitely going to like it. I dunno… It’s from you. He’s going to like it no matter what. Is HE getting you anything? I don’t know. No? I mean, I hope so? So rude.. I’m sorry Miss.. Just call me Shu. No miss.. Shu. Okay. I’m sorry miss.. I’m sorry Shu This is yours You can keep it, you don’t have to… It’s okay. It’s supposed to be a present anyway. At least you might have some use for it? Was there something wrong with this present? Yeah. No. No, I don’t think so. Alright. May I know the reason for this return? Well, I guess.. it just didn’t work. It didn’t work? Was the present not to your or the person’s preference? No, no. I’m not sure. According to your contract, you’re entitled to a full refund. Personal preference. Everything is in here. All the details as usual. Pick up or delivery? Pick up. Here – the address and the time. Okay. Once again, my apologies. I’ll let you.. Is there something I’m not doing right? What do you mean – not doing right? The papers, the information I mean. Miss Shu. Shu. I’m pretty certain that the information is right. But what I’m not certain about is what you mean by – not doing? I’ll take a better look at it for you. Thanks. I appreciate that. Don’t worry. Double checked it. Triple checked it. It’s good. Thanks. You’re welcome. All the best. Can I please ask you for a favour? What favour? You are good at this whole ..present thing, right? Could you please help me to check if I’m doing this properly? Check if you’re doing this properly? Check.. Check..!? If you’re doing what? Maybe.. this time.. Personal preference? Was it the way I smiled? The way you smiled? Or I passed it to him? Maybe I got these all wrong. I don’t know what he wants. I really don’t know what he wants. I.. Miss.. If you.. What’s wrong with the present? What is it? (Echoing) What is it? (Echoing) What’s wrong with the present? What is this? What? What is this? What is this? Seriously!? What is this? This is what you think I want? What is wrong with you?! What’s wrong with the present? Everything was fine. What is wrong now? Sorry. Pick up. I’ll come back and get it. Thanks. I’ll see you.What is wrong now?

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  1. HERE'S OUR LAST PROJECT FOR THE YEAR FAM! 🙂 Thank you for being so patient! It was such a rush for time between the edits, the new baby and rushing back and forth! We hope you enjoy it and remember, SHARE THE VIDEO WITH YOUR FRIENDS!!!

  2. one with a bad relationship experience, another with a complicated relationship and somehow they’re connected in between with an issue. naisss✨

    *though I know there’s nothing inside the gift boxes, i still feel like having one😂

  3. If you guys remember, he's been an expert with Valentine's Day gifts as well! That's why he knows so well about delivering the right presents! XD

  4. I overthink sometimes…
    1. What is the best way to give someone a present?
    2. What if he (that person) doesn't like it?

  5. Got this type of service in Malaysia? I mean recommend gift n can choose whether pick up or ask them to send to our admire? I want this type of service!

  6. Hello Ming Thing I am not famous or have no idea how do i be a Youtuber, I have always dream on appearing on any of your video, How do i appear on your video? I am willing to work for low pay or free for first as i am also jobless now. lol

  7. Holyfuck if I need to wait i dont know how long for this kind of series i will wait my entire fucking life. Honestly this is fucking good well done! Thumbs up! HARD CORE FAN!! MOAR!! PLEASE!!

  8. Nice short film to watch before ending the year!
    I just also watched other Malaysian youtubers' original short film. Dang, I've been too narrow-minded in exploring the contents in youtube that I didn't realize these great contents made by my neighborhood country, lol.

  9. Damn~! Everything is on point here! 👌🏻🔥 Everything from the acting, the score, the clothes, the visuals, the cinematography is amazing! Man, this did not disappoint

  10. Hey Deanna if you see this you probably know who it is. Remember we watched these video together and you're probably watching it with another person and i wanted to sayd i hope hes treating you right. I'm sorry that long distance didn't work but i'm back. I always want you to be happy even if we stay as friends it hurts a lot knowing that you moved on and i didn't. Just know that I've always been there for you and you're always in my heart no matter what. I hope in the future we can cross path again and maybe things will spark again but as of now you only see us as a friend. I will do my best as your friend to support and help you through college and life. You're always tired and stressed out now and hopefully whenever we hang out i can do my job as a friend and hope you can always have a stress free day. One day when you see this message i hope you know i love you and i never stopped giving up on you. ~ Kenny

  11. I don’t get it..does people really take the presents this serious? 🤔
    Like, you have a present..why cant accept it wholeheartedly?

  12. this is a great short script! the cinematography, the bgm… I loved it. it is a great improvement from the old days. looking forward for next project.
    ps: hope the acting can be more natural 😋

  13. So, I remember walking past you guys at pavilion during this video shooting, I was so excited about seeing you guys for the first time, wanted to take a photo with you but I was too afraid to interrupt. Just wanna say that, you guys are really awesome and I really love TMT videos! My fav YouTube channel! Keep it up!

  14. Oh wow it's been awhile since I heard from you, it was then I realised I haven't click on the bell icon.. Great job as always and I hope you and your team have a great New Year, hope to see more of you in 2019! Malaysia boleh 😀

  15. After the initial part, it kinda took too long to get to the main point of the story. And could've been a little more clear cut about the main guy's job in general

  16. Since the first time i watched The mingthing videos when i was still a freshman in the Uni around 5 years ago, i've always been a fan of minghan's 'awkward' face expression, that always got me😂

  17. Apala.. kerja cari gift.. tapi muka takde feel pun.. pastu kenala friendly sikit nak jual.. asyik tgk buku je.. anyway bad act.. don't like it..

  18. Hey TMT, I just wanna thank you guys.
    Thank you for giving your all into the process of making your videos.
    Thank you for putting up so much emotions and prioritizing your videos’ quality over quantity.
    Thank you for being something i always look up to in youtube.
    Thank you is all i can give to you.

  19. OK multiple questions: which country is this in? I couldn't place the accents and it was bugging me. Also, this is actually a service??

  20. what exactly was stated/given in those files?
    Great Short film by the way.
    Kudos to TMT for such a great work of art

  21. Please please continue making more films like this. This is one of those rare films that I keep thinking about from time to time. I loved the message it provided and the comedic bits added a lot to it too. Everything was simply great. It was spot on.
    Thanks for creating such an amazing story ヾ(^ω^*)

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