The King of Food | 밥상의 신 – Ep.18: Feast for Camping (2014.09.17)

100 thoughts on “The King of Food | 밥상의 신 – Ep.18: Feast for Camping (2014.09.17)”

  1. This is not a good show to watch at night. It makes you hungry lol. I so would want to try all the food that they showed in this episode. It looks so good >.<

  2. what is this? Taem getting almost all the answers right, when normally its not safe to let him into the kitchen, haha.

  3. I'm drooling ^^ first because of the meat, it looks so so delicious !!!
    second because of Taemin, well he is so damn cute here ~ 🙂

  4. Proud of you Taemin bb for getting so many correct.  Haha… although most of them you just guessed… but good call on the tin foil one, I would have never thought of that. 😀

  5. i know, it's irrelevant … but taemin looks so pretty here … i could just watch him all day long. how creepy is that? (and i'm a guy to boot -.-)

  6. I know this is going to sound super weird, but does anyone else think Dasom and Taemin are looking at each other kind of weird?

  7. For someone who's known for bad cooking skills, Taemin is really smart, he got them right by applying knowledge he already had.

  8. Taem's tongue at 25:13 nearly killed me xD boy looks hungry xDD

  9. multilanguage caption translation is kind of …bad…
    particular for the french, you have something like that "c'&'   ..est"
    well, what to expect from an automatic translation 🙁

  10. omfg Dasom the derp queen at 27:57 so friggin cute

    Soyou and Som were super adorable in this episode, their matching camping outfits, getting nervous that they wouldn't be able to eat.

    the rice trick was good for me because I don't have a ricecooker but my family eats rice almost every day

  11. woah Taemin suprised me here with his skills. Although i would have never guessed those answers, he did it without hesitation. I think if they would take milk that didn't have that much fat in it, then it would probably turn out better than how it did since you have diffrent type's of milk. idk if they have it in South Korea though

  12. Everybody is like "Omg Taemin" "Omg Soyou" "Omg Dasom" and there's me, who's just starved to see all those delicious dishes µ 
    (Btw don't get me wrong, I love Taemin, Soyou and Dasom c:)

  13. Taemin is smarter than most people really – I would've never thought of using aluminum foil to clean a potato and I live in a country where potatoes are almost a national food 😀 I thought of the spoon before it was presented though so at least I feel better about myself ^^

  14. Dang! I'm gonna have to try the foil thing, I would love to try some of those recipes. The girls gotta snack, while the guys chow down. This is a neat little show. Taemin, are ur abs resting at home? 😄

  15. I really should learn not to watch shows like this… My stomach was rumbling like a thunder storm the entire time (plus, Taemin is too cute for this world~ He did so well~!)

  16. Ugh! These Foods Are Making Me Hungry 🙁 Besides That, WOW Taeminnie Won All The Questions, He's Some Genius! xD <3

  17. I was wondering, How do they make that Sauce they have dipped in with the Pork? Can Someone tell me the Recipe? Please?

  18. it's 2 am and im watching this and now im hungry and if i go make something ill get in trouble i really need to learn not to watch stuff like this

  19. I'm so confused.. I thought it's not safe to let Taemin near the kitchen and he got almost every answer right wtf is this sorcery? 😂😱😱

  20. the kpop dude who can't Peel a apple to impress a girl but knows a lot about it nothless. weird taemin oppa. 😂🔫

  21. SM feed this boy ! :'D he keeps licking his lips and drooling over meat ! I see you Taemin !
    He looks so hungry and idk if that's jealousy or sadness lol.

  22. lol the Korean pork over here cost like $22.00 for like 9 pieces, but in korea they're giving triple the amount away in almost every show :')

  23. i paused the video, ran straight to the kitchen, bbq some marinated meat (that supposed to be for dinner tonight!-hubby, am so sowy 😳) then chomped all the meat down for the rest 40 min! I survived!!!

  24. Look at how handsome Taemin is with his hair, is so attractive but no matter with what hair color taemin will always be good looking to me

  25. Mi bebe en México decimos que le va a salir un grano en la lengua por el antojo….denle un cachito!!!!

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