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48 thoughts on ““The Mainland” | Father Ted | Series 3 Episode 4 | Dead Parrot”

  1. As a Canadian, I used to think Father Ted was just some silly religious show for religious types…having never seen an actual episode. Then I fell in love with the IT Crowd and realized that the same person who wrote that series, co-wrote this one. So I thought I would give it a try – thanks to this channel.
    And this show is great…lots of laughs.
    Thank you SO much for posting these Dead Parrot.

  2. Right after the crow steals Father Jack's glasses the second time, an ad interrupted the show. It was for glasses. The narrator said, 'You need new glasses…so why not have them delivered right to your doorstep?

  3. "..he killed her, and stole her pen!"
    "killled her??"
    "well, they think so, they're keeping her in for tests"

    "…I heard there were over 200 cases of forced transvestisism involving Mr Sweeney over the last year.."
    Best line in the show XD XD XD Had to explain that one to my brother he didn't initially get it hahahaha

  4. 20:47 Ted could had gone to the police station and let Dougal have his steak and chips and picked him up afterwards.

  5. What's funny about this episode, Dougal watches One Foot In The Grave and in The Mainland, it turns out Richard Wilson is visiting The Mainland and attacks Ted for quoting his famous catchphrase from that sitcom and the ending, when he turns up at the parish and says his catchphrase was the real payoff. 0:35 6:14 6:23 7:18 7:30 12:01 12:23 18:27 18:42 23:15.

  6. "Tony, I'm putting you on my list of enemies! There, you're in for it now, Tony…….HAH ONLY JOKING, look what I've really written!"

  7. Oh. Such genius. This and the IT Crowd. I mean, even for a role like Grahams he must be proud. In fact, he should be amazingly proud of this. Masterpiece.

  8. Thank you sir! Finally filling in the episodes I never saw on TV growing up.

    Except this one, I loved this one 😊

  9. I will tell you one thing about AA/NA. They don't clap when you're done speaking. Everyone is ashamed and regrets their decisions that led them there. They don't want people clapping.

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