100 thoughts on “The Nightmare Before Christmas Mash-up”

  1. Owo hello wanderer there is many of those "#super duper graphics"
    But theres a shelter so get in

    We got everything

  2. What!!! this is the last update for consoles no no no you can't do it please don't I can't just throw my psvita I still love playing Minecraft on my video

  3. Why is Everyone Spamming The Super Duper Graphics Pack?

  4. This movie was from a few years ago!The Nightmare Before Christmas,I’ve already watched this movie!

  5. Tbh this is a pretty good texture pack. All the super duper graphics comments are just flooding this comment section. I'm expecting the comment section to get disabled because of this. I cant believe y'all disrespect The Nightmare Before Christmas like that…

  6. and make a lion king mash up pack
    and mash up world available too
    cat/simba and nala
    polar bear/scar
    and add a meerkat to minecraft and make it timon
    horse/zebra and hyenas

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