The Only Christmas Gift Car Guys Want (Illegal Car Mod)

rev up your engines today I’m gonna show
you some nice holiday gifts you can get for your loved ones or maybe for
yourself and the first one is this earfun speaker if you want a great sound
system in a car hey watch this if your a fanatic you can buy two of them and set them up these things are so inexpensive not only is it a great gift for your
loved ones but hey let’s say your loved one doesn’t play the music you like well
haha they got this in here you can just get your phone out and play the music
you like instead these things have gone a long way in the last decade brought a
small price of this one it amazes me is that they can make such quality just
tons of them out there but I tried a bunch and this one was the best one for
the bang that I ever found now what am i doing hiding in the garage well is what
I’m doing this is a fantastic safety warning device it’s made by a company
called hokena and it does all kinds of warning things
but this is my favorite that’s the international Morse code for SOS dhak
dhak dhak dhak dhak dhak it’s an SOS so if your ship is sinking you certainly
won’t have one of these babies does all kinds of different flashing and it also
serves it’s a pretty good flashlight if you need a flashlight
these LEDs last a long times magnetic just don’t stick it on your car and
pretend that you’re a police car cuz you breaking the law then, hey they sell them in three packs you can get a three packs you have one give them to
to your friends do it’s a very good safety device you can’t beat something
like this at night you can’t miss it let’s say something weird happened to
get run over the road maybe you’re in the middle of nowhere
well at least if you can stick the sign on top of your car through the window or
have it on the inside flash and people are going to see this flashing and this
thing will flash for days course that’s a big advantage of LEDs they don’t use
as much power so they can flash a really long time on a small amount of
electricity look I’m a Christmas tree you get these LED light kits it’s a
must-win led kits comes with the remote now they have
apps that you can use on phones the problem I found with the apps a lot of times the apps don’t work on that well but it’s got this remote controller so
really you can do all kinds of things with the remote controller but if you
want to mess around hook it up to a stereo system and have it go with the
music yeah you can give that away if you want there’s a zillion things you can do
you can make them go on you can make them flash like a strobe I miss the
computer stuff it’s cool now of course they come with mounting
kits so what you actually do is you mount them under the wheel wells wherever you
want to make the lights flash out at night they really look cool at night
the system just has a posivitive wire and negative wire you can put on the battery or wire into
the car whatever you want heck if you’re too lazy to put lights around your house
you can hook this up to a 12 volt inverter in your house and put them
outside to have them shine on the outside of your house at night they
work quite well it would be a lazy man’s Christmas lights for your house now
another possible gift is this vetomile solar power generator no it doesn’t
generate power from solar energy it can actually store it if you want that’s
just a name what it basically is this it’s a giant power supply for anybody
when they’re traveling around and this particular one is a real serious device
as you can see three USB plugs it’s got pure sine-wave energy this
stuff is not going to destroy any of your electronic devices it’s made for
them the side benefit of it is if you got a solar charger you’re out camping
or something you can actually recharge it with the Sun and then use it at night
powers all kinds of stuff it’s even got a 120 volt receptacle in
it now the problem with that is that’s fine if
you want to plug a laptop or something in but don’t try to plug in 120 volt
drill or something it’ll barely turn it it doesn’t have the power for that this
is for electronic use really for all electronic devices it’s gonna work with
any kind you have it’s got a see it’s got DC 12 volt and five volt or like I
said you can use on a 120 volt electronics don’t plug your blender in
and think you’re gonna make Margarita’s when you’re in the woods with
this cuz it doesn’t work well with something that’s got a motor it’s for
electronic devices maybe gotten older car doesn’t have a lot of plugs in the
backseat I’ve run three phone systems on this thing for 20 hours straight and it
still had power left so nobody’s driving more than 20 hours as a stretch when you
get where you’re going you can plug it back in and recharge it for the next day
now the next Friday I’m talking about is this seal and squeal by a company called
lithium yeah strange name this is the best sealer wax system that
I’ve ever found cz you think got a pleasant smell kind
of cheery you just dab some on and you’re wiping on simple no as this is
also a sealer you don’t want to just put on wipe it off you want to do like now
this is early in the morning the son is not beaming down so it won’t beat anything I
let it sit for all good 15 minutes then use a nice microfiber towel give it a
good buffing roll it over every once in a while to get it all off you want to
make sure you wipe all the haze off then when you’re done you got a nice
smooth surface that’s protected specially from the ultraviolet rays of
the Sun that destroy paint look at that shine if you see the tree in a distance
I’ve been trying to seal and squeal a lot for over a year now and I got to say
it’s the best one that I tried on all the ones from the entire plant
now this stuff isn’t cheap it’s like 39 bucks but if you want the best wax and
polish and sealer you really can’t beat it and anyway when you think about it
this is a holiday gift videos you don’t want to be cheap and give a cheap gift
to somebody so when I give them the best wax and polish out there if you take
yourself hey you’ve gone buy a cheaper one and wax your car but hey this is the
best stuff I find it makes a great gift somebody does a little research on it
they’ll see now the last cool gift is this autool x80 it’s a scan tool it’s a
speedometer tachometer it gives you all kinds of information then anyone can use
it they’ll get it up isn’t rocket science it’s simple one cable
plugs in here the other one goes under the dash it
plugs right into your OBD port very simple there’s the OBD port it just plugs right in and as you can see can do all kinds
of thing OBD it can look up trouble codes it also control the RPM be a tachometer and it’s also working sspeedometer here’s a menu of all the things you can do read code give you a data stream it can do all kinds of things let’s look at data
stream view all items and we can see everything give you all kinds of information look at all the stuff fascinating it’s a great gift for somebody wants to learn a
little bit more about that car a real tech heavy guy who wants to see data
while he’s driving on the road and let’s say maybe your speedometer broke I had a customer last year the speedometer broke on their car
and they couldn’t get it inspected cuz the speedometer in the dash was broken it was gonna cost over a thousand bucks to replace it haha get one of these plug it in it’ll be a
working speedometer right there then they can’t fail you for not having a
working speedometer cuz this thing will show you what speed you’re gone and get
center at this thing costs 59 bucks on Amazon but paint the heck out of
spending over a grand fixing the one in the dash just plug this thing in a way it goes and also has a bunch of other things you can mess around with as usual you know
there’s bunch of different settings talk to really must-have for your techie
friend of yours maybe it’s got an older car doesn’t have all the gauges on it hey
they’re all in here for 59 bucks and since its mechanic Monday I’m gonna be
giving away one of these earphones speaker systems to have a chance to win
place to clean non-offensive comment on the YouTube comments below
to win this cool speaker so you can play holiday music while you’re headed to the
relative’s house and here’s some bonus questions and answers here we go GM’s
at it again if you own a 2019 to 2020 Silverado or Sierra you better check it
into a recall because your rear end may start on fire I am NOT making this up
556 thousand of these things are recalled because the seat belt systems
were not made correctly when the front seat pretensioners start the tension as you stop fast fast hot gas may escape up from them and this can theoretically start the carpet on fire you really have a hot foot in
this vehicle I guess they’re really made for what people now their fix is
hilarious they’re just gonna close off that little area where the bracket is so
the hot air can’t come out of there that reminds me when I was a kid my
father had a Chevy Biscayne that had a v8 engine and GM made the motor mounts wrong and they were breaking all the time so they recalled them but their fix
wasn’t Oh we’ll Jack your engine up and replace all the motor mounts cuz that
would have caused GM too much money their solution was they put little
chains on top of each motor mount so if the motor mounts broke instead of the
motor falling and dragging on the ground the little chains would hold it up in
the air some fix they’re trying to figure the cheapest way they can get
away with fixing a problem that they designed wrong in the first place let me
make it a vehicle that could start a fire none of your feet like the carpet
up I mean talk about bozo engineering you couldn’t make this stuff up if you
wanted to make it up so if you got one of those hey look up recalls and like I
tell everyone if you are worried about your car at all you can go to the
government website you ask government recall data for my car it’ll take you
right to the website you type in your VIN number and if you’re worried about
any recalls on your car they’ll all come up by you putting that VIN number in and
you can’t miss any of them it’s really handy to do that every once in a while
and especially if you got a problem with your car and it’s not running right it
could be a recall so always keep that in mind that VIN number can give you a lot
of information and that website by the government is totally free it’s the
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration,
so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to
ring that Bell

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  2. Scotty really liked the plug in Speedo code find thingy. I have a few neighbors here in the states that drive GM related cars, probably because they bought into that Union propaganda seeing that it is Michigan, where most of that modern junk is made, with the exception of some Fords of course. Never the less it seems most of their them, especially the mini van types, the odometers quit working or just don't work with accurate information. I of course laugh as I get into the 2003 Honda Odyssey, which I brought brand new, and still drive to the base which my government has posted me to for the last 16 years. My car has more then 251,000 miles on her and has never had a major bit of trouble in that time. I think I will buy the neighbors all one of those plug in devices for Christmas just so they can actually know when they are speeding on the highway system here, as none of them will buy an actual reliable car.

  3. I really need that speaker if you can please pick me because my speakers in my car suck and one of them broke and I and I need something better thank you.

  4. Hi Scotty, Thanks for putting out valuable information to us consumers about the ins and outs of cars and trucks. I also appreciate your input on different automobile products. Keep up the good work! CM

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  8. Great ideas for family, as I think the safety lights will be great for all of my adult children, who all travel a lot. Thanks Scotty!!!!!

  9. Imagine what people must be thinking when they see scotty with christmas lights draped all over him as he talks to his car in the driveway. Love your christmas spirit scotty!

  10. (Power box )If it dont have a USB-C its very out dated now… USB itself is OLD… like Scotty…. it works but not for much longer… Retirement is on its way…

  11. hey scotty, i love you man, but you're an old man who basically thinks am radio sounds as good as a compact disk. that's prolly offensive and disqualifies me, but realistically, our hearing deteriorates as we get older. known scientific fact. at our age, i'm hesitant to offer advice about what sounds good. just sayin' .

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