The Secret to Packing Christmas Gifts in Your Luggage

[MUSIC PLAYING] BRITTANY JONES-COOPER: Hey all the travelers. Happy Christmas week. Many of you will be traveling over the next couple of days. And if you didn’t ship your gifts ahead of time, you might be struggling with the task of packing your presents. So here are a few tips to help make sure your gifts get to their final destination in one piece. First, to wrap or not to wrap? The TSA does allow wrapped presents in your checked and carry on bags. However, if they see something suspicious in the X-ray, like, I don’t know, a box of knives, they’re going to open it. So if you decide to wrap your gifts before packing them, make sure it’s something super innocent, like a book or clothes. Number two, use gift bags. I personally never wrap gifts before I pack them. The whole idea just stresses me out. Instead I buy gift bags, and I pack them along with my clothes and my presents in my luggage. This way I don’t have to worry about the TSA ripping open my stuff. And when I get to my final destination all I have to do is put my presents in the bags and slide them under the tree. Next, find the perfect bag. If you’re trying to avoid checking a bag, the key here is to carry the largest personal item you can. That means we don’t have time for little tote bags and backpacks. I suggest finding a large weekender bag and packing all of your clothes and toiletries in there. And then you can use your larger roller bag for your gifts. And finally, for some packing your Christmas gifts might be as easy as avoiding these items. I went through the TSA’s list of items that are prohibited in your carry-on. And while most of them are no brainers, like weapons, there were a few that I thought were worth a reminder. So if you decide to pack any of the following items, they’re going to have to be in your checked bag. A snow globe for your grandma. Brass knuckles or nun-chucks for your karate loving brother. A signed baseball bat for your nephew. And a power drill for dad. However, there is one surprising item that they do allow you to pack in your carry on, ice skates. Go figure. OK. So those are just a few tips on how to successfully pack your Christmas gifts. If you have any questions for me or suggestions of your own, feel free to tweet me @bjonescooper, or leave it in the comments below. Merry Christmas.

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