The Teen Scrooge! Three Christmas Ghosts! A New Christmas Carol

deck the halls with boughs of holly
fa-la-la-la-la Lala tis the season to be jolly fellow fa-la-la-la-la Lala hmm I think
this tree needs some Christmas gifts at the bottom Addie is that my sketchbook oh is this yours is it okay if I use a piece of paper to draw a Christmas
picture no it’s not okay it’s my sketchbook it’s supposed to be a record
of all of my drawings not yours gee Jillian and I just used one piece of paper and I
really wanted to draw a Christmas tree because I was feeling a little
Christmassy you ruined my sketchbook that’s a page I’m never gonna get back
well if it makes you feel better I guess I could just take it out of the
sketchbook so you never have to look at it again you just don’t have any respect
for my stuff come on Jillian and I just wanted to make a nice little Christmas
treat where’s your Christmas spirit all Christmas means to me is a lot of long
lines and you using my sketchbook well it’s obvious you’re not in the good mood
so I’m just gonna leave you alone I hate when people leave these strips of
paper on these yeah who is it hey Jillian Addie and I are
gonna Christmas caroling you want to join us Christmas caroling you mean like
going door-to-door singing Christmas carols outside in the cold yeah it’ll be
a lot of fun we’re gonna go out and then later maybe we’ll get some hot cocoa and
cookies or something come on and I’d really rather just stay here playing on
my phone oh come on what’s the matter where’s your Christmas spirit I’m just
not feeling very Christmassy this year I guess hmm you know how you can get back your Christmas spirit by Christmas caroling I’m still not going all right
suit yourself I’m feeling kind of tired Shh awaken my child what what are you I am a ghost the ghost of Christmas past the ghost of
Christmas past what’s that even mean I am here to show you shadows of things
that once were things from the past things from your past you want such a
happy child I’m still happy observe hey that’s me and my sister keep watching Wow I’ve changed so much over the years
and not all changes have been for the better have they? we were having so much fun together back then what happened these shadows of things that once were may be gone
forever look what is that place it looks
familiar do you not recognize it that’s our old
house but why is it so empty it has been left behind and time has moved on as it
always does it seems so sad and empty perhaps there
is another who is sad enough t what is that supposed to mean whoa where’d she
go this must be a dream yeah the TV isn’t even on it had to have been a
dream whoa who are you I am the ghost of Christmas present do you like my dress
yeah it is a nice dress but the ghost of Christmas present what are you gonna
show me I already know everything about the present oh you know everything do
you come with me what’s going on here we wish you a Merry
Christmas we wish you a Merry Christmas we wish you a Merry Christmas and a
Happy New Year they’re having fun there in the spirit of Christmas they said
they were going Christmas caroling they did and now they’re back and you missed
out on all these good times this feels weird like we’re spying on them I wanted to show you that the world continues on
even whenever you’re not in the room Christmas tree this doesn’t feel good I
feel like I should have been a part of this but they gave you every opportunity
yet you refused I don’t have to do everything all the time with them but
time waits for no one as you will see I don’t like this take
me away ghost of Christmas present whoa do you always move so fast as soon as you grasp the present it is gone what was the point of showing me that the
present is very precious and you must learn to appreciate it that is why it is
called the present but they have to appreciate my time too you have much to
learn wait I have more questions who was that
is it another ghost hello hello Addie? daddy? mommy? you scared me am I in the presence of
the ghost of Christmas yet to come I fear you most of all what is it you’ll
show me well guess that’s everything daddy you forgot Jillian’s artworks yeah
you could just throw it out she said she didn’t want to take any of that baby
stuff to college with her okay but I do care about those what’s happening here I knew this day was gonna come someday but I guess you do have to go to college we all have to grow up and leave our house
sometime I don’t think I can bring myself to
throw these out don’t show me this I don’t want to see this I’ve learned my
lesson just let me go back to the present please let me go back please what my artworks are still there but that all
seemed so real Addie what did I do wrong now Jillian
Oh Addie it’s so good to see you come here is this some kind of trick Jillian
no I really do want to hug you come on yay why the sudden change of heart Jillian I
guess I just got filled with Christmas spirit
well I hope you keep the spirit all year Jillian I’m sure I’ll have my moments
but I’ll try that was our version of a Christmas
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Merry Christmas goodbye yeah hugs

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