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  1. Maybe not really that off the wall, but I got a sled growing up an a place that is very flat and doesn't get that much snow (Eastern shore of Maryland) so I tried to hook it up to my dog's harness. Turns out that standard poodles do not make very good sled dogs. It was super fun using it on the one good hill in town on the few occasions where we got <1 inch of snow

  2. Jessica, can you comment on the debate between faux fur and real fur? There have been studies that say faux fur releases tons of microplastics that end up in the ocean through the act of doing laundry. In your opinion, is faux fur still better, and is real fur that is ethically sourced okay?

    Here's the source:

  3. One of the best presents I’ve ever received was a heated mattress pad. Not very exciting I know, but OMG it is sooo cozy!!

  4. Great video!

    When I was a kid my aunt gave me a 24k gold-plated manicure set that came in a bright red reptile-skin case. Still upset that it was real skin, but also floored that she'd give such a high-end gift to a child as destructive as I was. That's why my mom lied and said it was hers. XD No ill will towards my mom, of course. I'd want to protect it from me too.

  5. My Great Aunt Elspeth, used to get us the most fantastically weird gifts. Some of which are:
    A book about mice
    A rain gauge
    A used book about an old snooker player
    Navy tights with a 42 inch waist
    Random jazz cds
    Jesus plates

    You get the idea! She passed away but we keep the tradition going by buying, or repurposing, something weird every year.

  6. These are such good ideas! The strangest/coolest gift I have ever received has to be a Viking brooch from the 9th Century. Our local garden center sells all the archaeological stuff people find in the area for quite cheap considering the things. Very neat

  7. Treat yourself presents are the best , the best gift i got for christmas are just experience my sister gave us tickets for the London eye when we where celebrating new years eve in London. Best christmas ever and nothing can beat that was going to Disneyland Paris with christmas .

  8. My brother (whose also my beloved live in caregiver), has recently defined as gender fluid this year. We're both vintage lovers, though from different areas. My heart is late 60's- the 70's, whereas they're very much into all things 40's. A small Besamé collection might just be the perfect stocking stuffer for one of my favorite humans. ✊🏼❤🤘🏼
    Wonderful recommendations, Jessica! Big hugs to you, Claudia, and da fur babies.🐶😘

  9. I just love your hairstyles but I can't quite accomplish them with my bangs :/ and I love the snow white make up set that's gorgeous!

  10. The best slightly odd Christmas present I have ever received was a glitter library. I really really like glitter and sparkly things, so one year my friend went and bought all these tiny little vials and filled them with different kinds of glitter, made a custom box to protect them, and gave it to me! People think it's a bit odd but I absolutely love it!

  11. Is there any way to make the subtitles better on YouTube? I’m 100% hearing but it’s easier for me to process what I’m watching with subtitles. The subtitles for parts of this video are total nonsense and it makes me sad for the people that rely on the subtitles to understand the content on this channel 😔

  12. Gift question: My friend bought me a book of witch craft spells. She bought it mostly as a joke because I'm super into Harry Potter, the occult, and true crime. Not to mention I dress like a modern day Morticia Addams. I don't believe any of that witch stuff but the book was still fascinating. I still wish I went to Hogwarts though.

  13. I have a hard time remembering what people have given me for christmas, but I remember a lot of cool stuff I've given my dad (partly because I never have any idea what to get for him so it always takes me a million years to find something). I find a lot of neat stuff on etsy– one year I got him bookends made from old records.

  14. (food)

    When I was a child, I didn't like sugary things, and my mom made me a Santa Claus out of sausage instead of a chocolate one.

  15. One of my favorite presents was a cocktail recipe book inspired by classic novels! It was perfect because I love cooking/making drinks and reading!

  16. For my 16th (my birthday’s on Christmas Day so not technically a Christmas present but close enough!) my parents decorated a 6ft Christmas tree and hid presents in it… then wrapped it. With bright orange wrapping paper. And then stuck balloons to it. So I’d say that’s a fairly out there present! <3

  17. My favorite gift was a half-face theater mask and a fake rose. My mom didn't like the idea of wrapping tickets. So that's how I found out I was going to see The Phantom of the Opera!

  18. I don't know if anyone is interested or if it's menoitned in the video (as I'm commenting before watching completely) but for bath stuff I find the along came Betty line lovely as a vintage type bath items and its inspired by classic Hollywood icons

  19. Hello Jessica!
    ooooo, what a fun video! Makes me want all of those things. 🙂
    Most off the wall? Well, for our first Christmas, my husband (then my boyfriend) gave me a toaster. It was a nice toaster and I needed a toaster; but not from him. My mother also gave me a toaster, which is appropriate. I kept hers and took his back! 🙂

  20. When I was about 12 my sisters made me there’s wizards chest and they made a spelling book that they put in their obviously not a real one but you know It was seriously awesome.

  21. I love getting (and often ask for) experiences or events, like tickets to a show or a dinner at a fancy and interesting restaurant. Those are the gifts that I remember the best even many years later.

  22. If you're in Australia (though I think they do international shipping), check out Laurina Jean Retro – I've bought a number of their dresses and skirts (most have pockets!), and the owner travels around the country every year doing pop-up shops so you can try on your wishlist items and see how they look!

    As for best off-the-wall gifts, I gave my husband a Murloc mug (WoW fans unite!) and its his favourite item ever! He gets rather upset when he can't use it for his morning coffee…

  23. The best kinda weird gift I’ve received was 2 years ago my mum couldn’t afford much so she made everyone wheat bags that you heat up in the microwave

  24. My Oldest Brother was always best at unconventional gifts. He once bought "air" time for everyone So they could have 60 seconds to say what ever they wanted on a TV commercial. All your make up and dress is just stunning. Truly makes me appreciate women who take the time and have the inclination to be so beautiful both on the inside as well as the outside. Thank you for sharing, my best to Claudia, pats to Walter and Tilly.

  25. Do I need to make myself look any more out of place in my small southern town with my purple ombre hair and many tattoos?
    No, I do not.
    Am I going to buy several of those dresses and earn myself many a strange look when I wear them in public?
    Will I regret it?
    Oh hell no, those dresses are gorgeous. 😂😂😂
    Edit: Thank you for liking my dorky comment, Jessica. This video is great, 12/10 on the gift ideas that will all go to myself and nobody else. 😂

  26. I have mixed feelings about British Retro… I bought a houndstooth pencil dress from them and was disappointed with the fabric as it was just printed on rather than being woven like that, but I also have a black dress from them that I looooove (I agree, it’s rare to find something a big girl doesn’t need to bra in). I really want one of those furry dresses, though 😍

  27. My weirdest gift was probably when my aunt sent me a bright blue curly wig with pretty much no explanation. It caused great hilarity and the only photos I have of that day are of different people wearing it!

  28. wish I could afford that mermaid selection. My bathroom is mermaid themed!!!! As for off the wall presents… My grandmother bought me a paint by number set… when I was 16!! I am had been an artist all my life and by then I had been doing murals.. but you know…sigh

  29. This is a brilliant video and this comment is completely unrelated but for a week now, I've had low level nausea that comes in waves and I literally don't know what to do because I keep making plans to do things when I feel mostly fine then have to cancel at the last minute and doing school work and going to class is so draining and I'm so tired and I low-key am at the point where I want to cry. Help?

  30. Since I got ill I have problems finding presents I would really like to have. Since the thing I want most is not reachable: health. So I mostly get money this year so I can spent it when things I like show up 🤔

  31. My godfather made me a wooden sledge. It's quite heavy and the runners are really thick, so you can use it on the streets of the mountain village we go to during winter, even if they're not overflowing with snow. Have I mentioned everything about it is hand-made? It's amazing.

  32. When we were watching the Little Mermaid with my 5-year old, honest to god the first thing he asked was: So does it all take place undetwater? How does her lipstick stay on? 😀

  33. I just moved to the District of Columbia, which is built in a swamp. It gets very humid in summer and I’m having similar troubles with my hair as when I lived in Brighton. I never got the hang of curling my hair while living there, but don’t want to live the rest of my life curlless. Can you offer some tips on how to keep curl in very humid air?

  34. Hello Jessica and fellow vintage friends!

    I have a question about Besame. Have any of my fellow Brits ordered anything from Besame? If so, did you get them directly from them or a UK seller? I would love to try them but shudder to think of the duty fees when ordering things from across the pond! Xxx

  35. My best odd present was probably when my parents got me a blender. I loved making Frappuccino-esque iced coffees at the time and using the blender we had (which was probably from the 80s?) made the process take about fifteen minutes, while the new blender took about two minutes. I was sooo happy with it!

  36. i got a hoverboard once and it was definitely the most expensive christmas present i've received haha. can't find the charger now though ):

  37. I'm not good at picking bests but an unexpected present that I remember was a sewing machine!! My parents got me one last year because they knew I wanted to learn 🙂 I haven't achieved it yet, but we've been renovating our house so I have an adequate excuse! And we're almost done with the room where it will live so I can get stuck in then!

  38. Oh also, Clara should give some rockabillyish stuff a try! I still dress like a 13 year old sort of emo a lot of the time but I got a rockabilly style dress to wear to an Alice in Wonderland event and it was SO fun to wear!!

  39. Bob Ross bobble head that also says phrases when you push the button. I love it and never in a million years would have suspected it as a gift.

  40. My dad always buys really odd gifts. He got me a crate of eco-friendly cleaning supplies once which is used a lot and another time got me a homemade periscope from the charity shop which is never used 😄. He also sent my sister 200 toilet rolls by post once as a present- she stores them in her garage and probably won't run out for a while!

  41. I was on a research trip across the country by myself during winter break from university. Part of my research involved looking at how archived 19th century clothing was sewn. This was in the days before smartphones with cameras. My then boyfriend, now husband, sent me a surprise Chanukah gift of a digital camera so I could photograph the textiles. The camera case arrived first without the camera, but when I unwrapped it I burst into tears (I knew a camera must be following separately). It was by far the biggest gift someone had ever given me, and costing hundreds of dollars, was a true statement of love… It is a very fond memory for us. I suspect Claudia would approve.

  42. Wow Jessica you nailed the Christmas look in that vid. Absolutely love the collar on your dress (I assume it's a dress)

  43. Best Christmas present I have ever gotten was when my now husband proposed on Christmas Eve in front of my whole family. I cried so much my face got puffy 😅

  44. A kubatan from my best friend. Also works as a pen! Sadly, they're illegal to walk around with where I live, but the thought warmed my heart.

  45. when i was younger, i absolutely loved american girl dolls (kit and ruthie were my favorites). my grandpa's best friend richard built a bunkbed for my dolls and his wife made blankets and pillows for it.

    a few years later his wife gave me a handmade stuffed rabbit for my birthday that was a patchwork of white and lilac fabric. his name is ruben and hes a firm cuddle buddy

  46. Ohh, I understand you too good! I also always want to excel. You know what I would find inspiring? A vlog or sth where you show how you are kind to yourself and decide to not do stuff or to do it in a very imperfect way. Like: Showering is so exhausting! Ill just put my hair up, so no one sees that its not freshly washed. #lifehacks I think that has a lot of joke potential and would also promote a very sincere way of self-love

  47. I love vintage clothes but do not wear to buy it online. I am petite 5ft but size 14. I have weak wrists and undiagnosed dyspraxia (as well as autism spectrum disorder and fibromyalgia) and I am unable to put make up as I have poor eye hand control). I live my own and don't have anyone to help me with my make up. I love tartan style vintage winter clothing but do know where to get them.

  48. I want one of British Retro's circle dresses so bad! My husband has been asking to see me in more dresses… so, hmm…..

  49. not a christmas present, but someone once bought a mini notice board type thing and stuck memos with lyrics all over them from songs that we both liked. it was actually so cute and i was really happy

  50. oh Jessica! I just loved this video! I am going to Besame's site tonight to look at the make up pallettes! Disney themed adult retro makeup! YAASSSSS!

  51. My sister and I give eachother gag gifts at Christmas. She gets angry because I always find a use for them so she is determined to get one that truly stumps me. One year she got me Yule log for a fireplace and I don't have a fireplace. So I said I would burn it in a pit in our backyard. Then she got me an action figure of an old crazy cat lady, complete with a little plastic reclining chair and a bunch of kitties. I put it on my desk at work. Well last year she got me a bag of cat litter that just happened to have my nickname on it. It was called Mimi cat litter! She knew that I wouldn't use it because it has my name on it. She finally got me! lol. I've already been warned about this year's gag so we'll see! lol

  52. Best and weirdest gift I've ever received was a book on ice hockey shaped like a hockey puck. It lives on my shelf, and it always gets me to smile !
    But my best gift ever I'll get this Christmas: a beautiful rose gold automatic skeleton watch ♥ Can't wait till I finally have it, it was love at first sight !

  53. I found your channel when I was looking for a vintage up do, and I cannot thank you enough for introducing me to the disabled community and honestly making me a better person ❤️❤️❤️

  54. my friends from college gave me 36 cans of pineapple Fanta (my guilty pleasure) for Christmas THIS YEAR. I've never received a more fun and heavier present in my life

  55. My friend gave me one of her Russian nesting doll sets. Not because I'm a big fan or collector myself but because they mean a lot to her and she knew I would appreciate being entrusted with something she cares so much about. Every time I look at them I think of her and the trust she has in me to look after her and the things she cares about and it means alot.

  56. I can't think of any off the wall gifts I've received, but the oddest gift I've ever given was to my best friend at sixth form who had two small snakes as pets. I was in the pet shop before Christmas and found a brilliant reptile-friendly wood log which was the right size for her tank. She and the snakes absolutely loved it and we still talk about the time I gave her a bit of wood for Christmas!

  57. "If you wanna hide anything underneath there"
    My first thought was about Aly (Alianne Cooper/Alianne of Pirate's swoop. She's from one of my favourite universes, also one of my recommendations for everyone who loves to read, especially medieval fantasy fans. So… Search for Tamora Pierce (the author) and her book series like Alanna and the song of the lioness which is what I started with but yeah. I love them. And yeah. Aly is the namegiver for this account and my name on the internet so… Yeah.) and her tons of blades and weapons underneath her clothes. (tbh I have to read it again…)

  58. My dad and I every year go charity shopping and buy random CDs based purely on covers and names for each other. It’s always so fun to listen to them all and I’ve found some of my favourite music that way!

  59. I really love vintage things and styles and i would love to be able to pull it off. But i also love some modern styles. I don‘t know if i should get some vintage style clothes to try it out…

  60. You must watch the vintage movie "Auntie Mame" with Rosalind Russell, it's vintage fab. But also for the line "books are awfully decorative." PS look for the earliest homosexual representations, of the lesbians in suit skirts in the Oriental Party setting, opening number, smoking with long smoking holders.

  61. Tip, buy several of those Kellgren Fozard wreaths. They are special, don't make your kids fight over family mementos. Also works on kids stuffed animals. If they have a favorite teddy, buy three. One to replace the one they love to death and the last on for when they have their first child. Save a special outfit from each of you to take pics with your kids in. Then give that outfit to your daughters and in laws to recreate that pic with their newborn kid.

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