This Christmas Wish List Is Insane (feat. Ray Romano) – Lights Out with David Spade

A dad went viral
for sharing his ten-year-old– this is kind of a crummy move– daughter’s insane Christmas list
he put on the Internet. Some of the items include
a MacBook Air and Gucci slides. Ray, you have kids. Is this a normal list? I see iPhone.
I see a real bunny. -GLASER: A Chanel purse.
-SPADE: She needs… Oh, four grand she slides in. $4,000 out of nowhere. Well, you have…
You start high. You know, she’s-she’s allowing
for haggling down. SPADE: Oh, she..
Oh, you start high with Santa, -and then you go a little lower.
-ROMANO: Yeah, of course. -GLASER: Uh…
-Look at essential oil. -That’s how you spell it, Nikki.
-Oh, that’s so true. You so do. “Perfume” is spelled wrong. You should just get this kid,
like, a-a book or something. SPADE:
A-a teacher. -Yeah. -Oh, it looks
like someone’s gonna grow up to be an Instagram thot. -Yeah.
-Aw. -Yep.
-Yeah. Does your kid have a list? Oh, my son, he–
I believe in spoiling your kids. My son has a list.
Very similar. He wants, like, an Aston Martin. -He wants a Popeyes gift card.
-Oh, is this his? -That’s his– that’s his list.
-What? -That is my son’s real-life
Christmas list. -Real? Oh, wow. -Starts with pretty simple…
-(chuckles) It builds. Then it gets–
Popeyes gift card, ’cause he… -He threw this in the middle.
Aston Martin. -Aston Martin. Sneak it by. He goes,
“Just give the first six.” I like “Popeyes gift card.” I would rather have
a Popeyes cut-in-line card. I asked him why,
and he literally just said, “I-I love that chicken
from Popeyes.” (laughing) “Toys.” Very general. -Toys. Yeah.
-Just all toys. This is why you shouldn’t– you
shouldn’t materialize Christmas -and-and you shouldn’t have
children. -Right. (laughter) Let’s hear… But I like that my son
can at least spell. -Yeah.
-Actually, he looks good. He makes letters
a little bigger. I’m getting word
on my fake earpiece that, uh, Santa has received
a copy of this girl’s list. Ho ho ho! What the (bleep)?! A little big,
but that’s all right. Um, so, apparently,
it’s rumored -that maybe her dad wrote this.
-Ah. But, actually, I think it
was JonBenét Ramsey’s brother. (gasping, laughter) It’s a d– it’s a decent joke.
I liked it. I w– I-I like it, too. I just want to say,
I don’t think this is gonna be the last time where she’s making
a list, adding an old– asking an older man for money. -That’s a good one.
-Yes, that’s great. -He kept JonBenét out of it.
-Yeah, he did. -I never do.
-Uh, in more Christmas news, millennials…
(mumbles) say doing Secret Santa in the
workplace gives them anxiety. -Mm.
-Makes sense. For millennials, Secret Santa is the first time
they have to think about somebody else
and what they want. Hold for applause. Oh. Don’t worry.
Not you. He doesn’t mean you. -He doesn’t mean…
-He doesn’t mean the only guy who saw Paddleton.
He doesn’t mean you. -I like that you saw Paddleton.
-Now on Netflix. No. So, Secret Santa’s– It’s the thing where you give,
like, a gift– You sort of know it.
It’s not stressful. If it’s gonna be ten dollars,
it’s gonna be crummy. -You know it. -Yeah.
Just a Starbucks gift card. -Yeah, easy. -Always.
No one doesn’t want that. Even, like, the guy who invented
Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is like, “Sweet, a Starbucks gift card.” Like, everyone wants one. Uh, Secret Santa just sucks. Let it die. It never works well. The last time
I did Secret Santa, someone gave me,
like, a CD holder, -and that was 2017.
-Yeah. Where the (bleep)
did they even get it? I never know
what to get anybody ever. -Ray, what are…
-Brad Garrett’s birthday -was last week.
-Brad Garrett. Yeah. And I was–
What do you get somebody who has everything
because of you? (laughter) -(cheering and applause)
-No. -I give…
-I’m kidding, Brad! He knows. -Oh, that’s so good.
-Brad knows. I usually give out,
uh, headshots, but if there’s a spending limit,
I just don’t sign ’em.

93 thoughts on “This Christmas Wish List Is Insane (feat. Ray Romano) – Lights Out with David Spade”

  1. F#ckin' Nailed It on the Millennials joke… loved it; Triggered?!? I wonder if Millennials would be more triggered to know just how much we hate to hire them? It's like, I already have kids of my own; I am not interested in paying you to act like a spoiled child in daycare; you're here to work, not for me to provide you with a 'safe space' and change your sh#tty diaper.

  2. Posting this list on the internet was a dick move. Let the girl dream. Did she really think she would get all these items? I'm saying, probably not. Talk to the girl.

  3. These three comedians are hilarious. Who is the actress? She did a great job trying to step out of her comfort zone and tell jokes.

  4. nikki isnt funny…..should've just had ray as the guest honestly…don't know why there always has to be three people on the show

  5. If I was this dad, since the "kid" obviously didn't spell check anything if just say I couldn't find any of the things she didn't spell right.

    Just be like I'm sorry but I couldn't find a Chanel purs (purse), or Guci slided (slides), or asenchal oil (essential), or earings (earrings), or julery (jewelry), or pink duck tap (tape).

    No to mention I have no clue what gluesfood coloring and laundry d is, I assume the d stand for detergent, but I've never heard of gluesfood laundry detergent, or gluesfood coloring.

    Put it this way if u can't spell it right you can't have it.

  6. Ron Funches talking about his son reminded me of his "Giggle Fit" special where he talked about his son's attitude. Very funny.

  7. I want to see more Ray Romano clips from Spade's show. Btw, for those who don't know, Brad Garrett was doing very well as a comedian before "ELR."

  8. 3:37 I've seen some outtakes from "Everybody Loves Raymond". Ray Romano could be quite harsh with the put downs and Brad was his favorite target. Brad, unfortunately, was often not too sharp with the comebacks.

  9. i got a $15 Starbucks gift card 2 years ago and regifted that shit last year 😂 if i want coffee i’ll just make myself a cup, does Starbucks even have actual coffee? i’ve seriously only seen people walk out with pink or green drinks and always a fuck ton of whip cream on top

  10. Nothing insane about it. She's told to believe some magical Santa guy exists. 4,000$? Why not 4 million? The guy uses magic to fly with reindeer, one which has a lightbulb for a nose. Should be nothing to him.

    "Believe in magic, but only within mommy and daddy's budget."

  11. Oh my Lord…great guests… Butni have such a HUGE crush on Nikki. Nikki always steals me attention. She is so gorgeous and sexy and funny AF. Absolutly adore Nikki.

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