This Just In: Christmas Gifts for the Whole Family

– Welcome back
to “This Just In,” your weekly look at the newest,
coolest finds from Target. This week,
the Holderness family is here to share some wow-worthy
gift ideas for the whole fam. See something perfect
for someone on your list? Shop it right up there
in the corner. – Hey, guys, I’m Kim.
– I’m Penn. We’re the Holderness family. And we’re here to share
some of our favorite products at Target
during the holiday season. – First up,
the Who What Wear bomber jacket. I really think this is perfect
for any occasion. You can dress it up,
dress it down. It goes with everything.
– Mm-hmm. – Look how cute it is.
– I know. – This would be the perfect gift
for your wife, your sister,
girlfriend, daughter, Look, and–
– It’s like a pillow. It’s really soft. – And it induces naps.
– Yeah. – Next up is one
of my absolute favorites. It’s the Hand in Hand bar soap. It’s organic, vegan,
cruelty-free. They never test on animals. And it’s a Target exclusive. – For every bar of soap
that you buy, they will give a bar of soap
and a month of clean water to children
in developing countries. – It’s amazing, and it’d be
the perfect stocking stuffer or gift for a neighbor,
teacher, friend. Check it out.
Pair of Thieves socks. – See what they’re doing here? You got one for dad
and one for the kid. I love the socks that have
cool colors on them. – Crazy socks.
– Go look in my drawer. I have nothing
but this kind of socks. I also love dressing up
the same as my family. Our son, any chance that
he gets to dress up like me– – He actually goes and checks
what you’re wearing in the morning
and then tries to match you. It’s really cute. – So these are great
and they’re moisture wicking and I want a million of these. – So perfect stocking stuffer for the dads and kids
in your life. – The Harry’s gift set
is a big deal for me. When I see, like,
a really well-crafted razor, I have to stop and look at it. It’s got a foaming shave gel. It’s got a post-shave balm. It’s got the razor,
and then it’s got the cover. This is a really nice gift
for, say, a brother. It could be for a dad
or a husband. – If I gave this to you,
you would be happy, right? – I’d be super psyched. Something’s happened to guys
in the last, like, 10, 15 years where we just don’t want to use
cruddy razors anymore. – Yeah.
– So this is, like, really cool. – Who knew bar soap would be
such a list topper this year? Shop ’em all right over there, and don’t forget
to hit Subscribe to keep up on all the great
finds from “This Just In.” Thanks for watching.

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