Tom Hanks And Stephen Argue Christmas Tree Technique

100 thoughts on “Tom Hanks And Stephen Argue Christmas Tree Technique”

  1. as much as i love t-hanks, this entire conversation all i cared about was the fact that mac freakin demarco was in the building and wanted him to say something!

  2. I don't know whether he'd invite this comparison, but those glasses make him look like Skissinger (Skinny Kissinger).Kissinger, so hot right now…. SO FUCKING HOT.

  3. I definitely have a christmas tree light technique… that's for sure. ALL the lights. Everywhere. Done. hahaha

  4. I'm so anal about the xmas tree…I decorate it them the kids put their ornaments on it and sometimes I move theirs for symmetry lol

  5. That is why sing you singing on the stage and the people like me admire you so much and wish to shake hand or touch your hand so much , deep down inside u are so afraid to touch my hand am I right because I am the refrigerator that didn't put the ground line to the ground yet …that is why u feel that tinkering…..right?

  6. If I were a boy the song from Beyoncé …it is very tricky and make him feel something ..? Or he doesn't feel anything at all ?

  7. My dad, in the 70s, went through a phase where he liked to drop acid & one year our tree was psychedelic. I still have nightmares.

  8. Tom Hanks is no longer my favorite actor now, He's not as humble as he used to be. This clip shows him as very full of himself

  9. I figure Colbert covers for a pedophile like hanks why?
    Colbert is a bitch ( most likely a pedophile) for the vampire globalist.

  10. You start from the bottom so it plugs into the right place. Also, the trick with modern tinsel is to loosely hold it and gently drag it over branches so that it catches and drapes properly. This method takes forever to do right, though, so I still always end up with some rat's nests. Not that I've done it since getting cats…

  11. except, it was not the people. it was j madison, and his purpose was to make sure the people never spent the taxes of the rich. it was adopted by the legislatures of the states, nothing democratic there. except in one, where the people were asked, by referendum. it failed, as so it should.

  12. people people . set of white lights for her , second set of colored flashers for after hours , or to signal guests . add two power strips .

  13. I required glasses at 7. I find a lot of my eye sight problem is allergy. I used to have like 6 prescriptions for the time of year & weather. I still have a few.

  14. Ah, yes… I remember good ol' toxic metal tinsel…. it had weight, so it hung better on the tree, looking more like ice…

    My 7th grade history teacher made us memorize and recite the Preamble of the Constitution… I can STILL recite it, 50 years later… and with each year, it gains more meaning…

  15. why did they have to ruin the spirit with that racist reading saying the rights are guaranteed for "ourselves and our posterity". sounds like trump-talk to me. just because illegals are not your posterity they can't get guaranteed rights? evil.

  16. If you think tinsel, colored lights and flashing is gaudy, this year I bought a used, prelit fake tree. No instructions. Quite lovely but when I hit the “on” button it didn’t just light up, it began to ROTATE. WTH?! My house looked like a Barney’s window 😆

  17. Who could possibly not be in awe of Tom Hanks? From the 70s show he starred in, where he had to dress like a woman so he could live in the apartment that didn't rent to men. From thst cheesy sitcom, to the outstanding performances he has given for us, including: Forrest Gump, Philadelphia (Tom played the part of a gay man that is infected with AIDS, the voice of Woody in all the "Toy Story" movies, and "Saving Private Ryan". Tom Hanks is a national treasure❤

  18. Tom Hanks wife sounds like mine – except that mine was so anal about it she sucked all the fun out of Christmas. I think her mother had delusions of being Martha Stewart, and my wife was always trying to live up to that. In my family, the only thing the adults did decorating the tree was to string the lights and get them working – whatever lights we had. And then we kids went to town with the ornaments, toxic tinsel, and whatever else seemed to work. It was big fun. I am sure our tree often looked like a Vegas whore, but then, they can be fun too! And my mom was a consummate baker and made awesome Christmas cookies – the best of which we never had. She would let us "help" while she crafted little baked artworks to send to relatives, and we mostly got whatever we made from her dough. She would paint sugar cookies with icings of many colors – Santas with their red suits with white trim and chocolate boots, while I might make a green and yellow Santa with icing meant for Christmas tree cookies and stars. She would make perfect, uniform chocolate chip cookies and my brothers and I would compete to try to make the biggest or smallest cookie and often throw in raisins, or M&Ms or try to top them with Hershey kisses. Needless to say, our efforts tended to be less than optimal – but we had fun.

  19. yeah, I was thinking Magna Carta then they said it almost in uni-sense the constitution, and although Tom Hanks Dad would never be teased for his eyebrows, which is a good thing!

  20. Christmas? When Christ was born –> And there were in the same country shepherds abiding in the field, keeping watch over their flock by night. Luke 2:8 KJB
    Shepherds were NOT in the field on Dec 25th because it gets quite cold in Israel. Remember, Peter warmed his hands by the fire in APRIL.
    On Dec 25th the sheep had been shorn and were in pens for mutual warmth. Catholics invented the lie of 'christmas' Roman Catholicism is Satan's masterpiece of deception.

  21. "If you don't understand the beauty of a symmetrically designed Christmas tree, get off my show."

    Tom Hanks.

  22. What would our conversation today be if those who've taken an oath to defend our Constitution revered it as much as these two lovely men?

  23. I swear to God. If something happens to Tom Hanks…I mean, why can't he live forever😪. But all I can hope for, that it won't come so soon…

  24. Excuse me!! As avowed America-hating socialist pinko liberals, you must not use the words "Christmas tree". It is a "Godless non-deviationist plant-based tribute to the visionary genius of Marx, Mao and Lenin, may the Red Banner flutter proudly above the vanguard of the proletariat, and may collectivist labour annihilate the bourgeois kulak exploiters of the peasants…tree." And you know it is!!

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