Top 10 Kids Freaking Out Opening Christmas Gifts

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I am wondering what the best Christmas gift you ever received was? WITCH BIKE STORY. LIKE SHARE
OKAY kids! 10 – WII
I remember the day my sister and I were given a PlayStation and we were VERY excited, but
the reaction of the three kids who open this gift is absolutely priceless. There is all kinds of drama, but lets look
at the initial reveal. CLIP 1. I love the second of realisation it takes
for these kids to realise that they are now the custodians of games console…. Then comes the screaming. YIKES….. but it is the little boys reaction
that gets me….watch. CLIP 2… Yeah, that’s 15 seconds of floor punching
until he is stopped. WHAT IS that reaction! THEN he punches the WII! WHAT! That is some pure Nintendo enthusiasm. 9 – Jurassic LAUGH
WOAH WOAH WOAH… this may be a short clip but like WHAT THE ACTUAL FLAMING HELL FROG
is going on with this child. I know there is a naughty naughty list, but
what about the evil genius list because THIS guy is SO on there! He gets what looks like a toy dinosaur…. But that really isn’t what is important. What is important is his manic reaction. SERIOUSLY MANIC. Let’s have a look, shall we? CLIP 1. What about again but in slow motion? CLIP ONE AGAIN…. If I were his parents I would seriously regret
giving this kid the dinosaur…. Sure it just seems like a toy…but what is
this crazed young chap planning on doing with it? He really gets his whole body into that laugh. (replicate like a duck?!) 8 – Nintendo D-YES
WOAH these three kids are very very lucky indeed! They’re all sat in a line on Christmas morning
ready to open their gifts – they all get a similar looking box… what could it be? Well have a lil look. CLIP 1. WELL! That is a very excited kid right there. The boy on the right is like…..heavy freaking
out, but the girl on the left is quietly freaking out…. let’s see how this one develops shall we. CLIP 2. Aw bless her she is so happy. Let’s have one final look at their reactions
shall we! CLIP 3. One is screaming, the other is hyperventilating
– the one in the middle is petty chill. Anyone have a really chill sibling? PARENTS CAN BE SUCH TROLLS RIGHT ? That being
said…. I LOVE this video at number 7
So a dad is pranking his sons. He gets them on camera and says he is giving
his kids Christmas gifts early and gets them to open them…only….well… they aren’t
exactly what they asked Santa for! Have a look…. CLIP 1. I guess it is kind of mean to buy your sons
a my little pony and a princess dress as joke gifts…. But like… the younger kids reaction gets
out of hand…. Let’s get back into it…. Aww… Oh dear. The dramatic box throw. Bless him. Final thoughts from Fabrizio? CLIP 3 6 – The iPhone Scream
Okay, I get it….getting a phone is a big deal and iPhones are VERY expensive but this
kid makes a noise unlike I have ever heard in a human child! CLIP 1. I wish I was that excited every time I turned
on my phone screen. Anyone spot little chappy the dog in the background? I wonder what they think to this primate sound? CLIP 2 5 – Books for Christmas! Aww this is kind of cute. This is a three year old’s first Christmas
understanding what Christmas means and they don’t quite get it! The first part is kind of cute. He is very confused. CLIP 1. Books?! For Christmas?! Okay, sure…. but theeeen….. Ladies and gentlemen, you are about to see
a toddler strop. CLIP 2. I can’t help but find him really cute. How incredulous he is. Then…. Well…. he goes on a strongly worded rant. Poo is like… the naughtiest word a 3 year
IN YOUR LIFE and their reaction is totally justified…. A PUPPY ON CHIRSTMAS MORNING! I think I am going to freak out hard than
them at number 4 Hidden away in their parent’s office room
there is a surprise waiting for these sisters. Here is their first reaction at seeing what
their gift is. CLIP 1. YES! Like the mum says don’t scream but how are
they supposed to contain that level of excitement. I would scream. Like…. A lot! THEN the cuteness is just too much for the
girls and they have to leave the room crying…… CLIP 2. FINALLY what we have all been waiting for…. We get to meet that little nipper. YES PUPPY! 3 – This kid’s face when he realises he
has a tablet…. It is adorable
SO I am bit sure what county this was filmed in or what language the kid is speaking but
you don’t need a babel fish to understand happiness and joy. Lets have a look at what happens when he realises
what he has. CLIP 1. Then comes the water works – clip 2. I think I hear him say thank you in Spanish
here. Owww… he is crying so much bless him, I
hope he gets great use out of it. I have to say I wanna see those eyes againt
though. One more time? These Tots are VERY unhappy at number 2
Aw, cute little ones! Little kids will play with just about anything,
right. WRONG. See what happens when little lady meets toilet
brush… CLIP 1 OH… what a transition. How does she even know it isn’t a fun thing? She looks at it for like two seconds max….then…well
then this. CLIP 2. The gifts seem to be a joke from Uncle Tim
and they are not happy! Look what happens when little lad gets a bag
of onions. His little face. CLIP 3. OKAY finally the big guns at number one! So this video has had over 22 million view
on Youtube and it isn’t hard to see why….at number ** We have NINTENDO SIXTY FOUR! I have never seen kids so excited that they
started digging at their gift like crazed wild cats but these kids….well….they have
got a Nintendo 64 and that is just about the best thing in the world at that moment. Take a look at this footage from 1998 – CLIP
1. Woah. That was an intense ten seconds – I thought
you might need a little break there for a second! Ready to dive back in….a few deep breaths…. OKAY. CLIP 2. YES! Champion. There is one more thing I think you need to
hear…. CLIP 3. Did you hear him? That enthusiastic outburst was NOW WE CAN
HIRE GAMES AT BLOCKBUSTER. That is so sweet…. Hindsight is a sad thing! I did some research into this kid and it seems
he sold his beloved gift just 8 years later for just over a thousand dollars…. Not too shabby. Also…worryingly… I just google this Kid, Brandon Kuzma and….he
is nearly 30 now. SO. WELL ! That was the top 10 kids freaking out
opening Christmas Presents – which freak out did you find
the funniest? LMK. Comments: Angels Caught On Tape Flying
You guys were all about calling me an angel which is very sweet of you…. I’m no sure I’m pure enough… I am nice…but very cheeky! Can you get cheeky angels? I guess I am more of a cherub. Colum said: Sometimes u gotta like your own
comment to get the ball rolling…? OH agree! We had a Really interesting story here from
Angsty Swan – long comment alert but have a listen! These aren’t my experiences, their my dad’s,
but he claims in ms to have been saved by angels. When he was in his early twenties he was swimming
in a natural pool above a waterfall he accidentally swam too close to the waterfall and got pulled
in. He was holding on to a log and was screaming
for help when two men whom my dad described as generally nothing to remember, as he couldn’t
describe what they looked like if he tried he just knew there were in crisp white suits,
just appeared and pulled him out and threw him on the rocks next to the river. When he had finally caught his breath he turned
to thank them they were gone without a trace. This wasn’t even the only time he saw one
either. He also worked as a ambulance tech and was
racing to a mansion house after he had a heart attack and there were two men in crisp white
suits standing on the side of the road a few miles from the location and no one gave it
a second thought until they saw the same men at the location. Taking into account they as an ambulance could
run the reds in an emergency got to the mans house miles from where the saw the men fairly
quickly so it was weird that they had gotten there before my dad and his coworkers. Sorry for the essay I like telling stories.? WERE THEY ANGELS?

100 thoughts on “Top 10 Kids Freaking Out Opening Christmas Gifts”

  1. My favourite Christmas present was a rocking horse when I was about 3. I learned to read when I was 2, so I loved getting books 😼

  2. The best toy I’ve ever had for Christmas was probably a mini train engine, I would put in a flammable white tablet inside and set it on fire and close the lid, then the side moves and wheels go round fast because it’s a steam train engine,THX Dad!

  3. The best Christmas I had was in 2014 and I was 17 years old. Now, I'd been riding since I was a 3 year old and from that moment on all I EVER wanted was a horse of my own. We had horses in our family but I never had one to call my own. My mum had a horse for 2 years before she and my dad got divorced when I was 8 so we had to give Copper up. I'd never been so heartbroken. Fast forward 9 years, me and my sister were volunteering at our local stables and had been hooked on this one horse, Bob, for ages. He was a bit of an outcast as he had seen abuse before and was very nervous but we both had a feeling about him, and we'd been working with him and he was alot calmer.
    His owner came to see him one Christmas, and wasn't in a position where she could keep him due to his skittish nature, so he was going to be sold. However, she saw us with him and after thinking about it she signed him over to us that day. ❤❤ my sister and I both cried like babies lol. We still have him today and he's the best pony in the world, our best friend 🐴

  4. I'll be as excited as these kids when I get my VR this year 😂 my son is 3 for this year's Christmas, I can't wait for him so see his bike from his Nanna! 😍

  5. so nice to see kids getting their presents. how i wish i can be like that back then but my parents never really put an effort to either celebrate Christmas or give us presents

  6. My best gift that I ever received was a night gown that my brothers had put an iron on transfer on. It was so special to me. They were 8 and 10 years older than me.

  7. Its apparent you dont have kids because I've seen heard and at 1 time pranked and made those same sounds. Lol…my favorite gifts were my first record player and my 1st ballet slippers. I was taught to not find joy in receiving but by giving so that's what we do and teach my now teens who like gifts but also give to charities and volunteer. We dont have much so we are thankful even if there only a few gifts for our girls. None for us..just keeping food and heat and internet is good enough and this year has been difficult. But it's nice to see a child really appreciate a gift…that boy from another country that was true joy and true appreciation for his gift. Made my heart smile and that's what the season and what life should look feel and be like….so because it isnt that's why we have dreams. Xo

  8. I think my best Christmas present was a ten speed bike. I promptly ride into ditch. Went head over heels and got muddied up and scraped my knee. Another time I drove it in a mailbox. Not the big blue one but a normal one for a house. Damn handbrake were nearly the death of me til I got used to them. My second best Christmas present wasan original Furby. Now it's so old it doesn't work but it did great for awhile. Started acting weurd and yakking away in the middle of the night. But I still have it. Nice video as always! Later! 😁😁

  9. The best Christmas present I got was a rabbit back in 2001. Had 7 years with him before he passed in 2008. I miss him around the holidays.

  10. The best Christmas gift I have ever received was a Nightmare Before Christmas poster that both of my parents bought for me it's hanging up on my room wall I am grateful and will always cherish it 😊

  11. The best Christmas present I got was a gamecube back in 2001 and I got Pikmin, Luigi's Mansion and Super Smash Bros Melee with it.

  12. I was born on the 22nd, brought home Christmas day…so for the longest time, everyone kept mixing my birthday with Christmas. I was PERFECTLY fine with that! 😍❤ I got a piano one year. This year, my sister got me a Wing Zero Custom decal for my car!!! 😎❤ My family is the best present!

  13. When I was a child, I was ecstatic over Lego sets, I would play with my lego for months to years to decades lol, now my kids are within the lego loop.

  14. #1 – I still have my n64 and I just recently purchased the video prongs to make it work with my projector. Almost not worth it, the pixels are overly fuzzy, but still.

  15. If the Nintendo 64 kids are 7 they would be about 28 now also when I got my new iPhone 6 I just said thx and gave my mom a hug

  16. when she turned on the phone it sounded like me when i got stung by a hornet when i was 3

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