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– Huh. Where is everyone? What’s this? Huh. Dear Mark. It’s
Heather and Frazier here. Merry Christmas. We’re sorry we can’t be with you today. We’re both a little busy. That’s odd. I swear I just saw them. – Oh, yeah. – We’ve left an outfit
here for you to present our GTN Christmas wish list.
Enjoy. Heather and Frazier. Santa. I’m always Santa. Why
do I have to do this again? Alright. See you in a second. Ho ho ho ho. Well, actually to be honest, I am probably the ideal person for this because, if you’re anything like me, you’ve probably left all your Christmas shopping until now. So, we’d thought we’d help you with a few present ideas for that
tri-athlete in your life. We’ll just view it now. This first one is quite small,
but really quite useful. It is a tempo trainer. It is almost like a
metronome for swimming. The whole idea of this is you clip it onto your goggles with
this little clip here and pop it under your hat and then swim to the beat. So, this is really handy
if you’re trying to improve, or increase, your stroke rate. For instance, if you’re
trying to get rid of those dead spots, you just set it
to a slightly faster beep and, therefore, a slightly
faster stroke rate. Another mode on it is it’s lock mode. So, this is really handy
for someone like myself that is horrific at pacing. You can set it to beep on each lap so each time that you hit the wall and therefore, hopefully
improve your pacing. So you don’t go off too hard and hopefully don’t die
halfway through a session or halfway through an event. Another small,, yet essential
one, is a multi-tool like this one here. Now, every tri-athlete and
cyclist should have one of these. They’re perfect for
making any adjustments, doing some maintenance,
and really handy for travelling because
they’re just so compact. I think this is a really
neat one from Park Tools. It’s got everything from
one and a half mill, to an eight mill hex key. We’ve got a torque key
on here, a couple of screw driver bits, so really quite neat. The perfect stocking filler. These guys can be extremely useful. Foam roller does have
a tendency to inflict a lot of pain. But it does help to keep needles at bay, and helps us to keep performing well. Now, we do a lot of volume
intensity as tri-athletes so our muscles can take
quite the hammering. So, being able to roll
around on one of these quite quickly and easily
from your own home can be hugely beneficial. Now, they do come in a
number of different sizes. I’ve got a large one like this
size I like to use at home. But, they also do come
in these smaller sizes. You don’t have to get pink like I did. But, these can be really
useful for travelling. How about getting yourself a head torch? Now, for some parts of the world running the run work may mean
having to run in the dark. So, to avoid having to
run on a treadmill for every single run, why not
get yourself a head torch? That way, you can head
out on your usual routes with a well lit path. I see something that I’ve
absolutely loved doing for years, but they do come in
a number of different sizes. So, you can get a smaller
one like this which does perfectly good job. But if you are going to
be going really off road into very dark areas,
then you might want to get one which has got a very light weight external battery pack and
they’re normally positioned on the back of the strap here. And that will just give you
a little bit extra power. Now then, Christmas is
a great time of the year for friends and families
to play some games. So, why not introduce them
to a triathlon board game? Yeah, you heard me right. A triathlon board game. Now, I’m going to be
honest, I’m still to get my head fully around all of the rules here. But essentially you are
an amateur triathlete struggling to find time to
do all of your training. But, you progress and you advance as you play the game and
compete against others. And there’s dice, there’s cards, there’s a management phase, a skills phase, a sprint finish, a transition phase. There is everything in here. So, if you are missing triathlon over the festive periods, then get yourself the triathlon series board game. Food is fuel. Now, to be able to train
our best and perform at our best in triathlon events, we need to be fueling well. I know you’ve all heard of the phrase “You don’t put diesel in a Ferrari.” And our bodies are exactly the same. Now Renee McGregor, she’s the UK’s leading nutritionist and clinical dietician. She’s advised everything
from our amateur athletes all the way through to Olympic athletes. She’s even featured on
GTN sharing her advice. Now this is a cracking book from her “Fast Fuel: Food for Triathlon Success.” It could make a great Christmas present. It’s got advice, really
practical advice actually, for nutrition plans, meal plans, based around a busy life. Which, let’s be honest, most
of us do have as triathletes. Now, this is something that I’ve only just started using. It is a running foot pod. It simply attaches through
the laces on the top of your shoe. Personally, I’ve really
enjoyed just the extra bit of information that it can provide. Now, if you’re someone that
enjoys analysing your data, or you’re looking to improve your run, then you may also find this really useful. Simply, it just gives you
much more enhanced data in regards to your cadence
and your stride length. Or, if you really want to
take it to the next level, then there are devices like
this one here from Stride, that measures your power per stride. A good place to use these
foot pods is on Zwift. Now, Zwift has quickly
become the go to place for cycling indoors in it’s virtual world. And that virtual world
is now open to runners. So, you can now cycle,
or run, in it’s virtual on-line world by using these foot pods or a blue tooth enabled smart treadmill. You can now get involved
in it’s new development of Zwift running. And the nice thing to
know, is that if you are after a cheap Christmas present, Zwift running, is in
fact, completely free. But, if you would like to treat someone, then you get them the Zwift
cycling version of Zwift. And that would allow them to get involved in group rides, group training sessions, and even races. Or, how about a chain lubricant? But not just any old chain lubricant. This is a wax on,
coloured chain lubricant. And yes, it is pink. It is, honestly, just a coincidence. I normally don’t buy pink. But, in all seriousness, wax based chain lubricant has become increasingly popular because
you can rub it on your chain. It keeps the chain cleaner. It helps to reduce friction. It helps to reduce noise. And makes the chain more efficient. And, the beauty of this, is that it can come in an array
of different colours and very vibrant colours. And finally, why not enter
yourself in for a race? I mean, you’ve got to do
something with all this new kit that you’ve got
yourself over Christmas. So, why not enter yourself
in for a small, local race? Or perhaps, even a big oversees
event that takes your fancy? Just do your research and
find an event that suits you. Or perhaps, enter your partner or a friend secretly into an event and watch their surprised face on Christmas day. Now, do let us know what
you are after for Christmas. Drop that in the comments section below. Or if that’s a new wheel set unlike me, or a new bike. You know the new M Plus 1 and all that. Alright, if you like this video hit our thumbs up button if you’d
like to see more from GTN, just click on the globe and subscribe. If you’d like some more
ideas for Christmas presents, why not watch one of our
in-boxing videos just up here. If you’d like to see how to
avoid junk mall training, then just click down here.

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  1. Psssst GTN, as Finis says in the Tempo Trainer manual: "The clip attachment is only to be used when clipping the Tempo Trainer Pro to hats or clothing. Do not use the clip attachment while swimming."

  2. Mark, hate to break this too you, but you dont exactly fit the big man's suit…maybe have done 1 too many triathlons 😉

  3. My family bought me an aero bottle for the Downtube, and aero bottle for the aero bars, and a nicer bike pump for my road bike!!

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