Top Christmas Toys & Gift Ideas for Boys & Girls

– Hey everyone, I’m Melea
from So are you curious to
know what the top toys are for this year, or maybe
you just need a few ideas? Either way, I’ve got you
covered, ’cause I’m gonna show you guys the very
top toys that your kids are gonna absolutely love,
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like this in the future. Okay, I’m actually really
excited about this game because it’s something the
whole family can play together. It’s called Pie Face,
and it kinda pretty much describes exactly what the game is. Whipping cream is not included
so you’ll have to buy that, but basically, you put your
face inside and kind of take the chance, and
it’s either gonna hit you in the face with a
bunch of whipping cream, or you’re gonna get lucky. It’s perfect for kids that are at least five years old and up, but I’m sure you could get away with kids who are younger if
they’re willing to play. The Pie in the Face
game retails for $19.99. I know I’ve already posted
a deal about this particular game on Freebies2Deals, and
I believe it was around $14. So there’s gonna be deals
for it, keep looking. This is gonna be a really fun family game to give as a gift or to just
keep for your own family. The Strand Bands Deluxe
Designer set retails for $19.99 and is for girls eight
years of age and older. This is like the deluxe
jewelry making set that girls have been asking and
looking for for a long time. You can braid, you can
put on individual beads, you can add charms, it kinda does it all. So if you have a little girl who’s crafty or loves to make jewelry or make things, this is the perfect gift for her. So little girls always have
those play sets where they have characters and things and
castles they can play in. Well, Hasbro’s done
something similar with their Star Wars Galactic Heroes set. This version is a Star
Wars Millennium Falcon. Let me show you guys the back. And it retails for about
$39.99 and it’s great for kids aged three to seven,
so this might be another great toy that you guys can
pick up for your kids this year. This one’s a little too big
to even fit in the screen, but your little girls
who are three years old or older are gonna love this, especially if they love the Disney princesses. So supposedly the Disney
princesses, they all have pets. I didn’t know that until this year. It’s called the Disney Palace
Pets Magical Paws Palace. It’s a mouthful, but it’s a
toy your girls are gonna love. It retails for $49.99,
and it actually comes with Aurora’s little kitty cat inside, but it’s a castle/palace,
so let me show you the back. Since Disney has released the actual show with the Disney Palace Pets, you can bet that your little girls
know about this little gift right here and probably want it. Okay, this is a huge one again. Nerf has decided to go all out. It has 30 different combinations. It retails for $49.99, and it’s for little boys or girls aged eight and up. This is a Nerf and Strike Moculous? Or, modules, Modulus. The Nerf and Strike Modul, ECES, There’s always an Elmo toy
every single year, right, but this one’s actually
pretty cool because this Elmo talks and says lots
and lots of different phrases. By touching his nose, let’s
see if he’ll talk for us. (Elmo singing)
And singing, supposedly. So this is for little kids 18 months to four years old, and
it retails for $59.99 It’s kind of expensive, I’m not gonna lie, for the Elmo doll, so look
for a really good sale or deal on this, which will probably happen around Black Friday anyways. Okay, Monopoly has come
out with a new version, it’s called Here and Now, and
basically they asked people to vote on their favorite
cities all over the world, and put them into this Monopoly game. So it’s a pretty cool version of Monopoly. It’s $19.99, or at least
that’s what it retails for. Kind of a new, fun version of Monopoly if you’re sick of the version
that you already have. Nothing is better than a
toy you can eat, right? So the Chocolate Pen is another top toy. This is supposed to be for
girls who are six years and up, but I am betting a lot of moms are gonna want this, and teenagers too. You can actually write whatever
you want with the chocolate, with the pen, you can create designs, you can fill in the molds,
there’s lots of things you can do with it, and it’s all
edible and totally safe to eat and probably incredibly delicious. This retails for $29.99 and
I’m already starting to see deals on this as well on, so if you’re looking for this, make sure
you watch the website too. Okay, next up, this is the
perfect gift for any of your little girls who are 18 months and older. It’s a My Little Pony
Musical Celebration Castle. It comes with two ponies
as you see up here, and this set retails for $29.99. It looks pretty fun, and
definitely really good for those really small toddlers that you might have to
purchase a gift for. Another great toy idea is to actually purchase a soft toy at IKEA. They’re only 99 cents and go up to $14.99, but the great thing is is
that they will donate a dollar to UNICEF for every single
soft toy that you purchase, so you’re giving back to a child in need while purchasing a gift
you need for Christmas. So there’s just a handful
of some of the toys you guys should be watching for this year. I’ve listed all of them below
in the YouTube description, so if you want to know
exactly what these are called, Modulus? Where to find them, make
sure to look at that, and of course, if you
need to find a deal on any of these toys or other
toys you have on your list, don’t forget to visit because I’m posting a
crazy amount of deals that I find every single day for you guys. Don’t forget, I have an
under budget Christmas video that you guys have to watch
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and save a lot of money, and still look forward
to all these awesome gifts that I’ve showed you guys today. All right, thanks guys, see ya.

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