Did you just pick him up? Yeah. Hello Jackson! Morning guys, welcome back to Vlogmas, it
is about 20 past 9 here, and I’m trying to get the kids out of the house, but where is
the school holidays. I think they just want to chill. They are laying on Frasier’s bed
watching their iPads, and I keep saying [inaudible 00:00:25] now, I should go and do this now,
and they’re like, “Just five more minutes, just five more minutes.” They don’t want to
get dressed or anything, but I am like, ready to go. My mom always said I’m like really
highly strung, so I want to get out the door. But yeah, I’m wearing that French Connection
sweater that I got, I’ll show you it. It looks just like a big blanket, but it’s so warm
and I love… [inaudible 00:00:48] just here, we’re just tidying up, we’re having some friends
over for drinks tonight sort of for Matt’s birthday and like the holidays as well because
we used to always have a drinks thing on Christmas Eve, but obviously on Christmas Eve nowadays
we are quite busy getting stuff ready, so yeah we’re doing that tonight. I’m trying to keep the house clean, hence
why I would quite like to get them out for a while so that they don’t trash the house,
because when we have a day indoors just playing with toys we get every single toy out and
it’s really messy by the end of it, which is really lovely sometimes, it’s just nice
to chill and do that, but I kind of want the house clean for tonight and it’s pretty, it’s
okay at the moment. Yeah, I think I’ve got everything ready for tonight, we’re having
like a pizza and prosecco night because we thought with all the holidays and everything
we don’t want to have to cook, and then people might like to have like a bit of a take away
so we’re having pizza, prosecco, and I’ve got crisps, loads of other drinks, I think
I’ve got everything. Yeah, I’m waffling. Let’s go! You’re up and
ready to go, aren’t you? You’re all ready to go! And we’re off! And guess what I just
realized? It’s Christmas Eve Eve. Isn’t it? [inaudible 00:02:00] Yeah! We made it to the soft play! I’ll give you
a push! Yeah. Okay, ready? Okay, you ready boys? We’re finished at the soft play and we’re
on our way home. It was, what was it? Bad. It was bad. I reckon if there was like an
award for the biggest tantrum of the year, it would go to Caleb. Wouldn’t it? Yep. I’ve just been making Jackson giggle, I don’t
know if you can hear this. Hey Jack, [inaudible 00:03:02] I love you Jack! I love you Jack!
You’re giggling! While we’re just hanging out I’m going to
do a bit of a pre-Christmas toy clear out, because I’m very aware we’re about to have
loads of new toys and we already don’t have room for the ones that we have. So I’m going
to have a bit of a clear out, put all the stuffed animals back up in their rooms, I’ll
come downstairs and all the books back up in their rooms, I’ll come downstairs, et cetera.
[inaudible 00:03:36] Merry Christmas Spiderman! We’ll keep him. Keep the baby toys. For Jack,
keep them. [inaudible 00:03:45] Is that good? Yay! So much better. I’m going to give you a little
mini toy storage tour now, so we got both of these white units from a great little trading
company. I love this stuff because it’s well-made, and you can build on it so you could add to
it if you wanted to and you could make all kinds of different storage solutions. And
I got the baskets and the boxes from there as well, and they’re really durable. These
ones are like fake wicker ones, so in here we have all Angry Birds, in here we have the
teddy bear matching game, in here we have five billion Shopkins and the grocery gang,
in this one we have, what are these called? Stickle Bricks? Caleb really likes building
with these. This one is building blocks, again, it’s a bit of a building thing going on, these
are kind of toys like random, these are like miscellaneous, most of them are baby toys
for Jackson, this is all of our Lego, it’s mostly Duplo, Frasier has some small Lego
as well but that is up in his room. Then we have all kinds of cars, then this
one is our wooden Melissa & Doug train set, which the boys have loved for years. That
was a really good investment. This is another really good toy that the boys have loved for
years, they are Playmags, you may have seen them in some of my videos before. They’re
basically just blocks like this but they magnet together and they’re really easy to build
things with, so the boys love that. Frasier’s Osmo games, and we have like a wooden letter
game from Melissa & Doug as well. Then down here, we have all of the play food, pots and
pans and everything, there’s loads. The in here we have all of like the action figures
and little toys, Weeble Wobbles, loads of superheros, stuff like that. And then down
here is all the big stuff that won’t fit anywhere else. I really like having this area because
it can fit all the lightsabers and the guns, and the Hulk hands, and all of that is there. Yeah, so that is everything that is within
their reach downstairs, they have all of their fancy dress and some other toys up in their
rooms, all of their books and soft toys, and then in our utility room I keep all of the
arts and crafts, Play Dough, messy things, and all of their board games. So I will link
a video down below of all of the storage in our utility room, because I reorganized all
of it so you can go and watch that. So, yes, we have so many toys in this house, and I’m
actually a little bit nervous about how much they’re about to get for Christmas as well. So it’s about 7:30 now, and I’ve just managed
to get the two little ones to bed, people are already arriving. I think we’ve got like
nine people coming, and a few people are already downstairs so I just quickly got ready, I’m
wearing the same dress I wore on date night. This is like my festive dress that I always
wear, it’s just like red, with lace, so yeah I’m going to go down and see them, I don’t
know how much I’m going to film, because [inaudible 00:06:49] have a drinks thing, but we’ll see. All right! Hi guys, it’s the next day now,
sorry I didn’t vlog very much at our party but I was so busy hosting and trying to get
the kids to bed. It was crazy. But anyway, it’s Christmas Eve, and I wasn’t going to
vlog at all today, but I’m just getting together their Christmas Eve box, so I wanted to show
you what I’m putting into it, and then hopefully show the boys’ reaction as well. This is the amazing box that we got on not
on the High Street, I’ve showed it in a few vlogs, I’m so pleased with it, it says The
Norris Family and all of our names, and it says Christmas Eve box and then you open it
up, and it says a little, “Twas the night before Christmas” quote, and I’m just going
to fill it all up, it’s really strong, made of wood, with this. So I got Buzz Lightyear
pajamas for all the boys, even a tiny little baby grow version. So they’re going to love
that, biscuits for Santa, carrots for the reindeer, the plate that you put it all on,
The Night Before Christmas, hot chocolate, these mugs were from the pound shop, so you
put biscuits just here, and then they’re going to obviously have a hot chocolate, I’ve got
two little candy canes each, and these amazing, I don’t know if you can see them, amazing
glittery marshmallows that we’ve got from Costa. We just saw them in there and we asked
if we could have a cup of them and they were like, “Sure!” because we were regulars. So,
got that, so I’m just going to put it all in, and… In previous years we’ve put a movie in because
we just download it on Apple TV now we’re just going to do that. But yeah hopefully
they will love it. Look what Mommy got. [inaudible 00:08:38] Frasier. Frasier, what’s Mommy got? [inaudible 00:08:38] What’s it say? What does it say? Take a look. [inaudible 00:08:38] Oh guys. What is it? [inaudible 00:08:38] Who are these for? Who do you think? Me and Caleb! So the boys loved their Christmas box, they
are just sitting on the floor now and having a picnic, with like some of this stuff, already
in their pajamas. Merry Christmas! The cookies in there, and the milk, and the
milk is there and the cups are there. And now we made this milk. It’s in there. And where’s the key? Because we don’t have
a chimney we’ve left him a key to get in. Can you see that? That’s the key for Santa. [inaudible 00:09:29] Mommy. One, two, three, smile! Caleb’s too big for me. Hey! Aww, lovely, I got it! Yah yah yah yah! Oh my gosh, it is like Christmas fever in
our house. Baby Jackson is asleep now, the boys have had a bath, they’re in their matching
jammies, they are so excited. Matt is trying to put Caleb to bed now, and I’m trying to
put this nutcase to bed. What have we left out for Santa? Just reading, what are we reading? Christmas stories. We’re just reading the Christmas stories by
Tom Fletcher, we are on chapter 15, page 157, and we’ve been reading a chapter a night haven’t
we? I thought it was, I was worried it would be perhaps a bit too grown up for him, but
he is loving reading it, so yeah it’s a really really good book. And, yeah, so yeah it’s
Christmas Eve! And I’m going to put the vlog up in a minute. Tonight Matt and I are going
to do what we normally do on Christmas Eve, and that is watch Love Actually, wrap presents,
have a drink, and all of that. And I just want to say one last, “Merry Christmas”,
thank you so much for following along with Vlogmas, we really enjoyed it, and we’ll see
you soon! Say bye bye! See you next year! See you next year!


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