TRENDING Christmas Party Games for ALL AGES

today I have three trending Christmas
party game ideas before your next Christmas or holiday party hi my name is
Shawn welcome to Prayerlights. if you are new I would love for you to
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that little bell so that you get notified when I upload because I upload twice a
week. let’s get into these three trending Christmas party game ideas because you
know you want to play them. as usual I will be putting all of the supply lists
down below and be giving you detailed instructions in this video and showing
you clips of my husband and my son and myself playing these games short
15-second clips alright let’s get into the first game it
is called melt the ice you’re gonna need one ice cube for every participant and
if you’re playing indoors I suggest getting bowls but you can play this game
outdoors if it’s not too cold where you live the goal is to melt the ice cube
without putting it in your mouth and without stomping on it with your feet
whoever melts the ice cube the first is the winner the second game is called let
it snow you’re going to need cotton balls ten cotton balls per player one
plastic spoon per player and a candy dish of some sort in the middle of the
table the goal is to get the cotton balls into the candy dish by flipping
them with your spoon all right 15 seconds of my family playing this game
and go Cherries in the Snow yes the last
video I did there was a game called cherry pie so if you missed that game and
you have some maraschino cherries and you want some a second game to play go
watch that video I will link it up here as well as in the description box down
below but this game is called cherries in the snow and so it’s a little bit
different than the game before oh also I will put a whole playlist of Christmas
videos if you want tons more ideas I will put the playlist in the description
box down below so go watch that next alright
cherries in the snow you’re going to need a paper plate for everybody and
a-five maraschino cherries without the stems on them as well as some whipped
cream or Cool Whip cool it works as well the winner of this game is whoever eats
all of their cherries first make sure to come back for some more Christmas game
videos because I’ve got some coming up as well as some gift-giving guides
alright I will see you then thanks for watching today I have 3 hyped Christmas
party games for you to play today heart do I say that word no 3 I’m pretty sure
I have Christmas pie in my teeth bye

4 thoughts on “TRENDING Christmas Party Games for ALL AGES”

  1. Great ideas!!! Looks fun, your family looks like they were having a lot of fun 😊 Awesome video! Do u have a video for church Christmas party ideas for big crowds…that would be cool to see 🙂 God bless your Family Shawn ❤️

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