Trent Alexander-Arnold helps launch Christmas foodbank appeal

This winter, many families will be
relying on places like this – the North Liverpool Foodbank. Their work in this community
is a lifeline to many, so I’m here today
to see how they are preparing for one of their busiest times,
ahead of Christmas. All right, Trent?
Nice one, man. Welcome to St Andrew’s and the North
Liverpool Foodbank, thanks for coming. My pleasure. Good lad. I’m gonna put these down here. So obviously we were here
last year with Robbo, and we just wanted to know
if things have got any better since. Since Andy came? We were worried about
the rollout of the Universal Credit, which is a new type of benefit, so we’ve
seen that rolled out now in Liverpool, and what we’ve seen with the foodbank is
a 47 per cent increase in referrals. So actually, things have
probably got worse, but I’ll take you in the back and we’ll show
you where it all happens. This is my lovely team. Most people here are paid, we’ve got a
couple of volunteers as well. We’ve probably got 200 across the board. Is that enough? Just about.
I think what we’re finding is, as things are busier and more people
are referred into foodbank, it’s not enough,
and we’re increasingly seeing the load on our volunteers particularly increasing,
and lot of our volunteers are older, and obviously it’s quite physical… As you’ll see in a minute,
it’s quite a physical sort of job. I can imagine. Anyway, come through,
this is where it all happens. So as you can see,
we’ve got food everywhere, we’ve got 13 distribution centres,
so each week those centres put in an order, and usually that’s coming up to a quarter
of a tonne per centre, per week, which means that we’re turning over
about six tonnes of food a month. We’ve just collected,
at the Brighton game, coming up to a tonne of food,
which is fantastic. At the derby there’s a potential… Last year we did 2.5 tonnes. We’d love it to be
like four tonnes this year, that would make a massive difference. Probably the busiest time
of the year for yous, I imagine, so what’s the
biggest challenge? I think the biggest challenge
is keeping the food turning over, so each person that comes to one of the
foodbanks gets three days of emergency food. Last year we fed I think 11,236 people,
and nearly 5,000 of those were kids And that’s all just in
North Liverpool, you know what I mean? So it’s a bad state of affairs. We don’t want
to be doing what we do, but we’re gonna keep doing it until
we don’t have to anymore. December, January and February
are our busiest months of the year, without doubt, so because we’ve
seen such a big increase what we’re doing
is we’re looking to kit out and enable people to access pantries. So that’s our new way forward, LFC have been involved in that from the off
and we’re really grateful for that support. The idea of a pantry is
that someone pays £3.50 a visit and they can get up to £20 worth of food. The game on Wednesday, the derby,
both teams coming together, how important are the derby games for you? Massive. I think the timing of it is
perfect in the run-up to Christmas, because it’s really busy.
The food that’s collected at the home games, both at Everton and Liverpool, accounts for
25 per cent of all the food we get in. If we didn’t have that coming in, if
we didn’t have the clubs involved, we’d be in a much worse position than we are. Obviously we’re looking round
and seeing so many items, but which ones are the most important
and the most needed? Because we rely on
donations we can’t guarantee what we get in all the time,
so the things that we always run out of are UHT milk, we often run out
of custard, tinned vegetables as well, we always run out of tinned veg. We also run out of tinned fruit,
dried mashed potato and jam as well. I would love to have examples
of them, but we actually haven’t got any. – Really?
– So we’re completely out of those. So if people could bring
those things, that would be great. You grew up not far from here and
went to school literally around the corner. You’ve never been here before,
what’s your first impressions? It’s not a good sign
that these type of places are around, it’s amazing to see the work
that goes on and the selflessness that goes on in
these type of places is unbelievable, so as players we need to reinforce that it’s
such an important part of the community, and especially at this time of year
you don’t want to see people going hungry. We can all imagine
how difficult it would be if we were in crisis, like so many people
across the city are, so it’s about us supportingt that
as much as possible, and obviously being a local lad it’s
something that I’m definitely behind. From the club
and everyone in the city, I just want to say a big thank you
for all the work that you do. Thanks very much for coming in, mate,
lovely to meet you and really appreciate you putting your
face and your name behind the campaign. – No, definitely.
– It’s really good, so appreciate it, mate. On Wednesday night against Everton
the foodbank van will be at Anfield, so everyone, we urge you to to donate
as much as possible, whether it be big or small,
it makes a massive difference. If not, then you can text ‘donate’. It might be two teams,
but it’s one city – give what you can
and make this city proud.

100 thoughts on “Trent Alexander-Arnold helps launch Christmas foodbank appeal”

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