Trump Has TOTAL Meltdown, Cancels Christmas Party For Reporters

Well, the war on Christmas is well underway
at this point, but it turns out the people actually waging the war on Christmas might
be the current occupants of the White House. Donald trump has decided that he is not going
to throw the annual Christmas party for members of the media this year. It had been a long standing tradition at the
White House throwing a Christmas party for members of the press showing a little bit
of goodwill and then moving on. Donald trump can’t even muster enough goodwill
to be in the same room as these people or God forbid, let them enjoy themselves for
a little bit and he decided to cancel Christmas for the White House press corps. Well, I can’t even say he canceled Christmas
for the White House press corps because apparently he is still going to do a Christmas party
for certain members of the press. Just it’s only going to include the ones that
are favorable to him, which includes most of the people on Fox News and Fox. Fox News are the folks who reported that there
is going to be a separate little smaller Christmas party. Some of us are going to it, so that’s actually
what’s happening right now. Donald trump didn’t do this because they didn’t
have the resources or because he hates all the media. He did it because he is a petty and spiteful
human being that did not want to give that kind of honor or pleasure to members of the
press who go out there and accurately report on his administration every single day. Never in my lifetime have I seen a president
this hostile towards the media. I mean George W dot Bush got ripped by these
people all the time, but he is still had enough courage to go to the White House correspondence
dinner to sit there and be mocked and ridiculed and roasted and he laughed about it. Same thing with Obama. He even did interviews on Fox News who hated
him, but Donald Trump can’t even muster the courage to throw these people a holiday party. Now tell me, does that sound like the people
who are trying to preserve Christmas or do they just want to make it about themselves
and all their little buddies over at Fox News? So maybe this year there actually is a war
on Christmas. It’s just that in an m night Shyamalan kind
of twist. It’s coming from the Republicans themselves.

12 thoughts on “Trump Has TOTAL Meltdown, Cancels Christmas Party For Reporters”

  1. Honestly though, it takes the confidence you have in yourself to withstand a roasting, Donald has a sixth grade education his comebacks would be so sorry he would look so pathetic he would never show up at any of these types of things ask his children that's a no-go zone!

  2. The press have been quite naughty, so Santa Claus Trump didn't give them any gift. LOL. Trump did the right thing. We Americans love our President Trump.

  3. Trump hates it that media won't be his puppets ,they say it like it is ,not what Trump wants them to say lmao thank you media

  4. What? No press corps Christmas party? How ever will the rest of us go on? Maybe they can chip in with their own money and throw themselves a party?

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