Trump’s Christmas Gift to the Poor: Tax Hikes: The Daily Show

Thanksgiving is over. Leftovers have been eaten. That weird cranberry sauce
has been stuck back in the can for next year. And the turkey
that President Trump pardoned has robbed a liquor store,
killing two people. You pardoned the wrong bird,
Donald! And with that all behind us, it’s time to look forward
to the next big holiday. We’re going to give the
American people a huge tax cut for Christmas. Hopefully,
that will be a great, big, beautiful Christmas present. Boo! You promised us a wall! Boo! (laughter) Donald Trump is such
a divorced dad. He spends his whole year
golfing, breaking his promises, and then he thinks
he can just buy our love with one big Christmas present. -I hate you, President Dad!
-(laughter) But that’s basically
the big plan for the president and Congress. In just the three weeks between
now and their Christmas break, they’re planning to push through
a massive tax bill with almost no debate. And the question is, what’s in
this Christmas package? Is it something that everyone
wants, like Fingerlings? -Or something nobody wants, like
super gonorrhea? -(laughter) And the answer depends
on what kind of person you are– human or corporate. Corporations and the wealthy
will see the biggest tax cuts. NEWSWOMAN: While the corporate
tax cuts would be permanent, the tax cuts
for American taxpayers would expire after ten years. NEWSWOMAN:
Low-income Americans would start seeing
their taxes go up in 2021, and by 2027, all individuals
making $75,000 or less would pay more
than under current law. Okay, so it makes sense– corporations get
to pay less forever, and poor people get to pay less
for four years, and then they pay more. Yes. Which sounds bad,
but it’s actually fine, because once
Obamacare is repealed, poor people will all be dead,
so it works out. Yeah? Yeah? I think that’s the logic.
I don’t know how this works. And by the way,
it’s pretty convenient that average Americans
won’t be seeing those tax hikes until after the next elections. That’s really slick. Right? Like, how can they
expect people to vote before people know
what they’re actually getting. It’s like having to rate
your Uber driver before you get in the car. He’s just like,
“Give me five stars, man.” “Can you unlock the door?” “Hey, there’s no puke
in the back seat. Just give me the five stars!” Now, of course, those numbers
are merely the reality. But what do the bill’s
supporters pretend will happen? This tax reform bill
will spur economic growth in our country. If we are able to lower
the highest corporate tax rate in the world from 35% to 20%
and make it permanent, the jobs of the future
will be created here at home. This is about making the
business tax system competitive, which is about creating jobs. And-and the first new job will be prying my jaw open
so I can speak normally. (laughter) Rrr… This is weird to me. They want to help
ordinary people, so they’re giving money
to corporations, because maybe, eventually, it will get down
to ordinary people? That’s so roundabout. It’s like saying
if you’re hungry, why go out to a restaurant
when you can just sew yourself to the back
of a human centipede? Why… yeah,
why waste your time? -WOMAN: Oh, my God.
-Now, the other thing about the Republican tax bill is that it would add
at least $1.4 trillion to the national debt. And you may remember,
when Obama was president, Republicans
constantly accused him of increasing the debt. Like he was spending
America’s money on Jordans. …the transcendent issue
of our era, which is deficit and debt. Until we fix that problem,
we can’t fix America. -♪ ♪ -Washington’s
unsustainable spending is driving the nation’s
permanent plunge into debt. We face a crushing
burden of debt, which will take down
our economy. Ooh, it must be real
because of the music. (laughter) Every single time this happens. Every single time
they say they hate something, and then they go and do the
thing that they said they hate. Right? ‘Cause now
it turns out that, what, they’re secretly deficit freaks? Yeah? It’s almost like how
when you hear a conservative, uh, going hard
against gay people. You know?
And then it turns out he was going hard
against gay people. (laughter, applause) It’s the same thing
over and over again. You know what
it makes me wonder? What else have Republicans
just been pretending to hate? Like, right now I wouldn’t
be surprised if we find out that all Republicans
are secretly black. -You know?
-(laughter) Just, like,
when the camera turns off, Mitch McConnell’s like,
“(bleep).” (laughter) So now… we’re just a few days away
from this major decision. And here’s the only way I think
average Americans can stop Trump from handing massive tax cuts
to the super rich. You have to tweet
directly to Donald Trump and remind him
that Obama is super rich, so he’s gonna get
the biggest tax cuts of all. (applause, cheering) Yeah. And I promise you, within
an hour of seeing those tweets, Trump will be like,
“Destroy the rich. “Socialism for all. “Me and Bernie, 2020, folks. -(laughter, applause)
-We’re doing it all.”

100 thoughts on “Trump’s Christmas Gift to the Poor: Tax Hikes: The Daily Show”

  1. Fuck these rich pricks for stealing from the country, and these famous fucks for forcing us to stare at their dicks while they jack off into a bush.

  2. "You have to tweet Trump and remind him.. that Obama is super rich and he's gonna get the biggest tax cuts of all."

    LOL.. I burst out laughing at that. For a second, I actually thought he was going to say something serious after "tweet Trump and remind him" LOL..

  3. It's actually OK! Republicans have found the GOP silver lining inside the ballooning-deficit cloud. They can use it as an excuse to cut Medicare, Social Security, and Medicaid! It's a win-win!

  4. Could anyone help link me their sources/articles about the taxes raising after 4 years? I would very much appreciate it

  5. Republicans keep repeating Bilderberg/Mon Perelin Society talking points: Privatize! Cut Social Security! No Taxes!

  6. I'm happy because Ive made around 33% return on my investments since January 2017. So yeah, I'm seeing first hand what President Trump is doing for this country. Best president in my lifetime. He's not going anywhere for 7 years. I'm taking bets. Want a piece?

  7. Does this stupid black turd remember when turd Obama burned thru $10 trillion dollars? Or did that slip his selective memory as well? 💩💩💩💩💩

  8. I took a tax hike of 16% during Obama, that SOB and the Dem’s can kiss my ass. I worked for it and I should get to keep it. I’ll take any tax cut and give it to the wealthy to. Fuck liberalism and the Progressive movement

  9. Tax brake my ass. This will cost more money than God has and leave all but the most wealthy with a gift that keeps on taking. In order to pay for decreasing corporate taxes, and those on the wealthy,  as if they actually pay any, it will cost every non wealthy man, woman, and child their future earnings. Talk about trickle down economy, oh yes, don't worry, all those saving corporations and wealthy get will be rolled back into the economy with lots of new $6.75 an hour jobs.


  11. Im for a flat tax, everyone pay an equal percentage of their income. For example, you make 10,000 a year you give 1,000, 100,000 you give 10,000, 1,000,000 you give 100,000,and its taken out of each paycheck instead of a lump sum in February. Significantly reduce welfare to only the disabled and have a time limit on those capable of working.The government or states have to budget on what they get. Get rid of tax deductions, child credits, etc. ALL Corporations and businesses have to pay up as well. This current tax system has too many flaws and loopholes, if you are dependent on that 1000 child tax return for each child then you really cant afford to have children in the first place, i don't understand it even though i enjoy receiving it every year. You have middle class people paying thousands of dollars each year, welfare moochers receiving thousands each year and multimillionaires paying nothing in some cases. Only in America.

  12. Those corporate assholes are going to keep the money they save from THEIR tax plan. This is for them not regular Americans. I very much hate politicians.

  13. If anyone feels like being generous this Christmas, we have a GoFundMe for our kids. Please take a look. Thank you.

  14. If some poeple are getting a tax increase, then that is the problem, and not that someone else is getting a tax break. Taxation is theft, everyone should pay zero.

  15. Lemme try to get this tax change straight… By raising the taxes for the lower class, and decreasing the tax for the rich and corporate, that it will provide companies the ability to give everyone more income? This is a serious pain for me to figure out.
    Is Trump trying to make an incentive to reach the millions? This confuses me.

  16. This guy sounds like a filthy queef. Tax reform just passed and everyone is winning with less taxes. It’s not only the corporations but everyone is getting a break.

  17. Don't listen to comedians regarding facts. Just go to online tax calculating web sites and check the numbers for yourself. Low income ($25,000) will get a reduction in taxes, so will median income ($60,000) and high income. The people that will have a tax increase are high income that live in states with high state tax they can no longer right-off. There are no spending cuts in a tax plan so it is not possible for any government plan to be reduce. Be that will lose insurance are the ones that will no longer be required to buy insurance and decide not to have it by their own choice.

  18. 70% tax cuts for single mothers
    200% tax exemptions per child
    Low income people 60% tax cuts
    Huge incentives for new businesses
    Massive tax cuts for most people
    So much more
    Yet lying main stream media says its the opposite
    So when your first paychecks in 2018 are bigger, will you still believe MSNBC or CNN are being honest?

  19. Take from the poor and give to the rich….LMBAO! You dumb fucks tell me WTF do the poor have that the rich can take that can bank roll them even more? They have no money. And tell many of you employed muthafuckaz are employed by a poor person. Even Trevor works for a very rich organization, which I'm sure he's making bank. You muthafuckaz are pathetic AF!

  20. Okay Trump supporters.. I understand you don't care what I have to say about this horrible tax reform. But PLEASE, listen to your fellow Republicans from the State of Kansas.. In 2010, Governor Sam Brownback was elected and he promised to show the world how effective trickle down economics can be, if done properly.

    Seven years later, at the end of 2017, Kansas has lost $700 million in revenue, is expected to be $900 million in debt, and has a budget crisis for 2018. Republicans in Kansas has warned Congress to learn from their mistake. Trickle down economics does not work.

    Why do we keep repeating the same mistakes? Oh yeah, because rich people need to get richer… They need to trade in their 2015 LearJets for a 2018!

  21. FAKE NEWS! The tax reform act recently passed by Congress and signed into law by President Trump reduces the marginal tax rates of every American business to make them more competitive with the rest of the world. You know those pesky American enterprises that take all the financial risks and provide ALL the jobs? The world is increasingly a global economy in which capital is KING and the low bidder prospers.

    The primary goal of the alt-left is to redistribute wealth! And their constant campaign is that the current tax codes as well as the Trump tax reforms aren't progressive enough in that endeavor. Translated, they're wailing that the tax reform act doesn't redistribute enough of the hard earned wealth of others. Redistributions to those who in many cases don't pay any income taxes at all!

    The constant drum beat of liberals in the free enterprise system they've progressively damaged is that government doesn't redistribute enough of the hard earned money of the successful to those who've made poor life choices and as a consequence are not as successful. Poor life choices that result in them suffering the social and economic squalor of not being able to keep up with the Jones.

    But it's telling that NO WHERE and in NO WAY are Liberals complaining about the "GO FOR BROKE" nature of this legislation . If these income tax cuts prove unsuccessful in growing the economy they'll only add to our already crippling and unpayable national debt and expedite the economic collapse of the nation. Tax cuts which if not successful will increase our national debt by another $1.5 TRILLION dollars in a "GO FOR BROKE" wager!

    A GO FOR BROKE wager that's calculated to reignite the mighty engines of free enterprise in this country to grow the economy, add enough good paying jobs to pay for the TRILLIN dollar tax cuts and lift the economic boats of all Americans as the result.

    The much ballyhooed Reagan tax cuts weren't successful in this quest because their result was a ballooning of the national debt and it appears to me we're doing the same thing and hoping for a different result!

  22. Hahahahaha fuck you liberal scumbags! You're so dumb you don't know a good thing when you see it. We'll keep laughing at you. Hahahahaha

  23. Hey Trevor Noah, you may lie to these "educated" collage students who follow you like sheep and believe everything you say as you fulfill your own agenda, but my taxes finally went down after 9 years. Why couldn't Obama give me a tax break during his time in office as me and my small business I worked for had to pay taxes though the roof? Why did my healthcare bills spike up so high even tho I could hardly afford to pay it myself? I'm finally seeing real change to my taxes, healthcare, and salary. I'm paying 14,000 less in taxes (detroit), and my salary went up near 2 grand. I'm no longer living on the edge paycheck to paycheck as me , my neighbors, and co-workers enjoy a increase in quality of life.

    Sure your candidate Hillary Clinton will do anything to cater for votes such as "I'm with you Blacks, and Mexicans", go on stage with Beyonce, and make statements such as "They go low and we go high" while calling Trump Supporters racist, sexist, etc.

    Trevor Noah works with the Clinton and Obamas whom can get away with anything though the power of being a good talker whom is responsible for the economic decisions that robbed the middle class and the country which doubled are national dept for the global interest groups, and lobbyist.

    As left supporters hope trump fails the country just to say "I told you so" the tax cut is the best Christmas gift I ever got in my life, and oddly it's from our president.

    – Trump Supporter

  24. Keep pushing this fake narrative.All you morons who believe this shit move to're all useless anyway and fuck dreamers my kids and all american born kids come first

  25. There is a difference with the debt.Trump is investing in workers where you have a return on investment where obama just gave to social programs for more welfare and free money for corporations.

  26. I never watched this regularly, but it seems like it went from funny, mostly true, yet heavily opinionated towards the left, to being a one sided smear of one party with the occasional dad joke.

  27. So this is where worthless pussies come to cry. Trevor Noah is a non-funny little British girl, who wouldn't now funny if it put its cock in his mouth. I also love the lying spin he effeminately squeaks out his girly retarded face hole. Do your own research, and you will see how wrong he is. Sorry folks the free ride is over, time to move out of mommies basement and start actually giving back to a great country that you have been leeching off of your whole life. I'll give you libtards a little truth, the tax hike is on the rich retards, celebrities, heads of corporations, and trust fund babies. Read a lot of theses comments, and thank GOD you retards lost!

  28. The reason why these guys like tax cuts so much is because it increases workers wages (slightly) without dipping into their own pockets. But the slight increased income does not cover the medical care, food, or other things they need.

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