Un conte de Noël | Episode 4 | Saison 5 | Film playmobil

I love this dog Orson Daddy coming tonight for the Christmas meal? Tonight? Madame Reg, Tessa Constance Enzo Bob Oceane Madame Reg at the Christmas meal it’s great By the way, I was going to forget I have to call Mrs. Reg for the Christmas meal hello it’s Jeremiah Yes Jeremiah Hello Yes Madam Reg you bring the Christmas tree ok? The Christmas log, very good tonight Madame Reg this evening meeting the children yes madam Reg on
come Bob come meeting please yes, I’m here, Madame Reg good news friends tonight we
let’s spend Christmas Eve at Jeremy’s and virginia yes super I’m going to call
suzanne to get me and you go horseback then yes
yes awesome on horseback and it’s going to be great It’s Madame Reg’s riders Hello, Merry Christmas! and good ballad hello children and merry christmas They are too beautiful these horses Allo Susanne yes Madam Reg For Christmas Eve tonight you pick us up by car? yes ok no problem I pick you up by car I also wanted to ask you Do you know a Christmas log recipe? yes I have a recipe, but I still have better if you want I prepare it Great, thanks and see you later good friends I’ll go get
Madame Reg, because tonight I’m having Christmas with her I put him some good hay in his box
so he can feast See you tomorrow
panache crossing merry christmas super Susanne is here go on board Mrs Reg go on the road at Virginie and Jérémie yes
but not too fast please yes no accident do not worry
friends I am very careful it’s so good Christmas yes Solane you’re right Christmas is wonderful Go ahead Tornado Christmas is waiting for us again But what happens to you? why are you slow? Not right Tornado straight what a fall, and indeed my faithful Tornado, what is happening to you? but you seem sick
damn so how are we finished gift distribution but waits
during our fall I saw the equestrian center of madam reg but yes it’s a real panache
I hear I have an idea comes Tornado hurry up hello pretty plumes Santa Claus has
need you do you want to go with me in the clouds? distribute Christmas presents Yes
my brave plume! Madam Reg will be proud of you here is Tornado stays here warm I will distribute the gifts with Panache
I come back for you after the north pole doctor will cure you without any problem go plume I give you the power of Christmas magic steals my friend steals we still have
a lot of happiness distributed in the homes but what are the bells of Santa Claus? Santa is here! Santa is here! yes soon let’s go see him yes soon let’s go see him Hello Hello!
merry christmas to you but it’s my Panache with Santa Claus? Madame dream ouivous do not dream it’s good your beautiful panache that accompanies me Tornado got sick nothing serious it is warm in the center
equestrian I proposed to your courageous Panache to accompany me he accepted Ho my Panache I am
proud of you you saved Christmas yes by the way Mrs. Reg I you
offers both a nice stay at ski he can gallop in the beautiful
mountains and you learn surfing The surf? But it’s great thank you Santa Claus and thank you to you my Panache go friends I have to bring panache back to the center
equestrian and recover my faithful Tornado merry christmas to all and to the year
next thank you santa claus and merry christmas the snow is wonderful long live
mountain but it’s great surfing go faster Mrs. Reg enjoys the wonderful gift of Santa Claus.

In the beautiful white mountains.

This year ends on a beautiful story.

Panache will keep in memory this fantastic ride in the sky with Santa Claus.

A new year comes with new adventures

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