2 thoughts on “Video: Minister carjacked just before worship service on Christmas Eve”

  1. 0:49 – "God changed my spirit to a spirit of compassion."
    See, that's the big problem now! Too, many of these P.O.S. are shown COMPASSION! Thanks to the judges, mayor, police, and oblivious, SIMPathizing, citizens!

    He said, "They looked like me"
    So, he usually walk around looking liking a hooded thug???

    "…could be my sons"
    Really??? So, your sons could be self-entitled P.O.S. that go around robbing/murdering???

    "…then the GENTLEMAN gave my phone back."
    Hmmm…. self-entitled, thieving thugs are now called GENTLEMEN??? SMH!

    (CLEARLY – this fool, and many other citizens of this n*gg-infested, sh*tty city, are suffering from "Stockholm Syndrome")

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