Vienna Christmas Markets

Hi guys! I’m in Vienna, Austria and this is a city
that glistens under normal circumstances and being here at Christmastime
just takes it to a whole other level and tonight I wanted to go out and just walk around
some of the different Christmas markets in Vienna so I’m here at Spittelberg and we’ll see what we find. This market Spittelberg – I’m here because
I asked my Austrian friends who live in Vienna where I should go because
there are a ton of markets in the city and they all unanimously said
that I had to come to this market because it’s a little more local,
there aren’t as many tourists, and there’s these cute little streets and the market is just all throughout the little streets
so you have to kind of wander around. It’s really cute and I’ve also noticed that
although there is lots of food there are tons of booths of handicrafts
and it’s really, really nice stuff. So I think this is the best place I’ve seen
for actual shopping so far. We found this lovely booth
that has maps from all over the world and I found a postcard of Berlin
so I’m going to get it for my friends because I think it’s better than a normal Christmas card. They have tons of cities and they’re all illustrated with
things that remind you of that city so that’s really cool. I think they’ll like it. We were just walking through this market
and I saw Santa Claus so obviously I wished him a merry Christmas. And he came over, he’s like,
‘Do you wanna get a photo?’ And then I told him I’d been really good this year
and he’s like, ‘Really? Then I have something for you.’ And I said, ‘Really, you do? And so he reached into his bag
and he’s like, ‘Don’t worry, it’s healthy.’ And he gave me a clementine
and then a handful of peanuts. How nice is that? I think he’s just this man who’s wandering around – I mean obviously it’s Santa –
but also it could be just a man who’s really kind, wandering around giving people treats. So I promised I would share it with Marc. I am so excited! We’ve just come to the central, main, enormous
Christmas Market in Vienna at the Rathaus, which is the City Hall right behind me, and where Spittelberg was incredibly quaint
and cute this one is so cool. It’s enormous. We’ve just come and I can’t believe
how many lights there are. There’s people everywhere. There’s huge rows of food and people selling things and I see people skating over there and I just – I suddenly feel like a child
because, like, look at this! Look at this! Are you kidding me? This is the stuff that my
Christmas Market dreams are made of. I was very, very attracted to this booth
because it looks like a Christmas explosion in here. Some of the things here
seem like they’re inspired by Austria, too, because there’s a little skier
and then this is one of my favourites. Look at this guy. He has a little heart that says ‘Wien’ or Vienna. It’s just absolutely adorable. Wie Süß. Danke. I think they’re brother and sister. It actually looks like me and my brother kind of. We need a third one for my sister
and then we’d have the full set. I can’t stop smiling. I just got some food because I’m starving
and it’s a sausage inside this enormous half baguette. I’ve never had this before. I’m just gonna go for it. Oh hot! Oh my god, there’s cheese in the sausage. Did not expect that. Probably should have read the sign. You cannot come to a Christmas Market
and not get a hot mug of something so I went for classic Glühwein or mulled red wine and I have been coveting these cups
that people are carrying around. They have these little red boots
and then this angel mug or Engel Tasse and I really had to have one. So if you put a deposit in you can either keep the mug or you can bring the deposit back
and get your 4 Euros back which is what it cost. So it says Christkindlmarkt
and on this side it says Rathausplatz and I just love it. It’s so cozy and it’s keeping my hands
very nice and warm. And soon my insides are gonna be warm too. You cannot beat that. You just can’t. You can’t. I found one for you to give me:
it says ‘kiss me.’ I couldn’t help getting one last treat
at the Christmas Market. I found this. It’s called a zimt stern or a cinnamon star
and it looks absolutely delicious. And I can’t lie, you guys, I was planning
to go to more Christmas markets tonight and kind of look at more of them but I had no idea that the one here at the Rathaus
was going to be this incredible. It’s like Christmas switched
into hyperdrive or something. There are just lights on every surface and the Ferris wheel and skating and the food and the uplighting on the Rathaus. Like it’s all just absolutely incredible
and I found that I just didn’t want to leave. So I hope that you enjoyed
seeing two Christmas markets in Vienna. First at Spittelberg which was really cute
in those little tiny streets and then this one which is just absolutely incredible. I’ve loved visiting here so much
so I hope that you guys enjoyed it too. Please leave a comment down below. Tell me what you thought
of this insane Christmas market and, if you haven’t already, subscribe to the channel. If you like this video,
don’t forget to give it a thumbs up and I’ll see you in my next video. I’m gonna eat this now. Bye!

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  1. I love your videos excellent Christmas scenes in Austria, when you return to Mexico City. Greetings.

  2. Eileen! I am soooooooooooooooo jealous!!! I loved loved LOVED this video. I have actually loved all your Christmas (Vlogmas) videos so very much but this one takes the cake. I have dreamed of going to a Christmas market for at least 15 years and you are living my dream – thank you for bringing your experiences to us! The Rathaus market is off the charts!! I am definitely making this happen someday, no doubt now. It looked just magical – I fell in love with the ice rink that looked more like a path or trail than a rink, loved the beautifully lit Rathaus and the ferris wheel and the cute crafts and ornaments that you can buy there. When you said this was the place your Christmas Market dreams were made of, I couldn't relate more! I can't say enough how much I have loved how you're spending December in Europe – it's the best possible way to spend it – going from city to city seeing their Christmas markets and seeing how they bring their own flair to it. Krampus, etc. How much longer are you in Europe? Are you going home for Christmas? Even if this was the last Vlogmas you did, I would be happy because you did the most awesome market and shared it with us. In 2011, we went to Christkindlmarket in Chicago (which was magical but probably but a fraction of the ones in Europe) but I absolutely loved it and it made me want to go to Europe to experience the real thing. Before this month, had you ever been to any Christmas markets, in Europe or otherwise?

  3. Experiencing markets is one of my most favorite part of travelling. Austria's markets look so magical, I could lose hours and hours!

  4. Wow!    Just Wow!   That is the most fun, and feel good thing, I have seen about Christmas for too long now!
    Your joy was infectious….And why not?    You were indeed in the middle of not just beauty….But WONDER…!!
    I was carried along in your gleeful exuberance…I felt the magic of Christmas….The way I remember it from my childhood!
    I LOVED you and Santa!   I LOVED the MUSIC!   Thank you a MILLION times for those wistful, joyous moments!

  5. Eileen you are sparkling along with all those lights!! I just adore your giddiness, and honestly, I'd be the same way!! Those little dolls @3:10 are absolutely precious!! I tell you what, these vlogs are like a Christmas present under my tree. And that music is spot on!!

  6. Hey eileen, when you talked to one of the Sales persons at the Rathaus Weihnachtsmarkt your german sounded quite good. Why do you speak german?

  7. I liked the second bigger one better. But you didn't tell us how that Cinnamon thing was you ate at the end 🙂 Merry Christmas

  8. "the stuff that Christmas dreams are made out of" is exactly the best description of the Christmas markets in Vienna!!  We were there a few months ago just before Christmas and it was just magical.  Great video!

  9. these videos are great 🙂 i got the same mug from that market in December so i'm feeling so much nostalgia. thanks for sharing.

  10. Just stumbled on this – I love how excited you are – as a local you don't experience it like that anymore. You really brought me back to my early childhood and made me proud of our Christmas tradition. If you ever come back or just want to skype with someone from austria – give me a call 😀
    Grüße aus Österreich 🙂

  11. Eileen, you giggled a lot in this video, that was the vibe, but was it the wine or the beer ? Anyway it sounded like Christmas bells ringing 👌

  12. Expect every St. Nicholas to have clementines and nuts n Austria now, nice surprise. Have St. Nicholas devotion with lots of love. My Europe ancestry is mostly Austrian, feel inherited alot from 1580s emigrants minus their Protestant religion. Also had a sweet dog named Clementine. Will have to find recipe for cinnamon star & that mug of gluhwein looks so good. Thanks for posting, learned something new. >^^<

  13. Actually the Rathausplatz isn't even my favourite.
    I like Schönbrun (yes, right in front of the imperial palace) , Maria Theresien Platz and the Altes AKH more. They are all more like Spittelberg.
    Go see them, when you are in Vienna Christmas 2018 🙂

  14. Very nice and informative video about the Christmas Markets in Vienna. By the way, I am planning to visit Vienna next December for the Christmas Markets and I'd like to stay near the biggest Christmas Market near the City Hall (Rathausplatz) It is possible from the Rathausplatz to visit the other Christmas Markets by walk? I've heard there are 25 Christmas Markets in Vienna. Thanks a lot. Benny from Malta

  15. I'm crying watching this. It's MAY and I'm so emotional. Love your videos! Keep making more PLEASE!!!

  16. Absolutely wonderful videos. Pure fantasy and beauty for Vienna’s Christmas. Some cities in Europe really know how to celebrate Christmas.

  17. I cried because it was so beautiful! It made me think of my blessed mother, who is now in Heaven, and her beautiful sister and my precious grandmother who is also in Heaven. They were all born in Hungary!! It’s the people, the lights and the feelings I got. Thank you so much for bringing a bit of heaven into our homes. This is what I call a real beautiful Christmas. Thank you once again. 💜💜💜 Love from Canada!!!!

  18. My hubby n I r planning on visiting Germany over the winter and the Christmas markets is what I’m most excited for!!! Eeeeek!

  19. I will be visiting the Vienna market this Christmas and absolutely can't wait to experience this in person, and see what goodies I will come across!! Thank you for this video! So much to do and see in Vienna in just 2 days there!

  20. Oh wow! I just discover your channel! It has that special christmas vibe and you sound awesome, I wanna visit that market with my gf and some friends, hopefully this year. I'll see more of your videos! Thanks for sharing

  21. Eileen, your enthusiasm is so infectious and you are just too cute! I am planning on spending Christmas and New Year’s in Vienna as a gift to myself and your video has gotten me even more excited about my trip! You have shown Vienna is such a magical way. Two months to go and I’m going to start marking the days on my calendar! Thank you!

  22. Hello Eileen Aldis!
    I hope this message finds you well. I am a producer at INSIDER and I recently found your amazing video and we would love to feature some of your clips in one of our videos about Christmas markets! For a little knowledge about us, INSIDER is a part of Insider Inc. Most of our video traffic comes from our Facebook pages, where we have over 50 million followers. Our popular videos have helped out countless small businesses and bloggers.

    If this is okay with you, we’d just need you to sign a release, which gives us permission to feature your footage. We’ll be sure to give you a clear, onscreen credit on all your footage.

    Please let me know if this is okay with you! You can also email me at [email protected]


  23. My husband and I went to Vienna last year, especially to see the Christmas markets. I had always dreamed of it. Thank you SO much for bringing back memories. The Rathaus in Vienna is just spectacular. We rode the ferris wheel and I felt like a 45 year old kid!! And for those of you who question going, just bundle up and GO!!! Vienna = actual chandeliers hanging between buildings outside in the old town too at Christmas. Spectacular is just THE word for this city in general, but at Christmas, you are right, it's pure magic. Thanks for the video – as always, excellent job!

  24. Hi, Eileen, I'd like to congratulate on your video has been chosen by You really deserve it. Apart from that, you made me and my wife visit Vienna Next December to enjoy the Christmas Markets.

  25. Elieen, you have to visit SCHONBRUNN PALACE Christmas Market next time you come here! I am English living in Vienna since September 2017, and I can verify what Elieen has said about the magical 'almost fairyland' atmosphere to be found at the Christmas Markets in Vienna. Vienna holds at least '20' Christmas Markets within it's city and some of them start today (17th November), but most begin on 23rd November and run up until Christmas Day, so if you are thinking of travelling to Vienna, book for as many days as possible so that you can visit as many Christmas Markets as you can. They all have beautiful backdrops – many are held in various beautiful Palace Grounds or in front of architecturely stunning Museum buildings etc., etc.,

  26. I have the biggest smile watching you. I am brimming with so much excitement for our upcoming trip to experience the Vienna Christmas markets as well. I can feel your happiness watching the festivities all around. Thank you so much for this lovely video. I just finished watching your Vienna Cafe video as well. Sending you positive vibes from Toronto 😊

  27. U r so beautiful Eileen. I can tell from the way u shine so truthfully. Living in a country where Christmas just comes n goes as a festival of the minorities I have always had a desire to see it in full bloom in countries where it is officially celebrated,even though I don't belong to any system of thought or religion I just adore Christmas for its spirit n vibe. Thank for this. Christmas coming up soon. Wherever u r I wish u n urs a merry Christmas all the way from the city of Lahore in Pakistan. Lots of love n smiles from a sister in L.ight and yes I just subscribed 😀👍🌈🌈🌈🍁💞

  28. I just love your enthusiasm Eileen, it's so infecious. Vienna is one place I'd love to visit, especially during Christmas and New Year. So much to see, to listen to, and to eat. a real treat for the senses.


  30. I quite liked the first one but then I went to the second one with you and that was just fab and fun.,so I guess you could say I liked them both but in different ways.Oh and you did a love video and were so lovely and fun and Happy about everything.

  31. I loved this video . . . I was in Vienna in October 2017 but . . . I definitely need to return for the Christmas markets!!  Thanks!

  32. One of the best narrators possible! Showing it in my history class today. We are studying Austria now. And just in time for the season 🙂

  33. This is the video that made me subscribe. Seriously love your bubbly personality! Feels like us viewers are your besties there with you both. c:

  34. Qué bonita es Viena en Navidad!! Me ha encantado la taza que enseñas al final del vídeo 🙂

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