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It’s the second week of December which means
it’s week 2 of vlogmas. I thought I’d start the day off with an OOTD. So I’m wearing my
Soundwaves t-shirt from my new line, this blazer that I never wear because I don’t like
the shoulders but I’m just going to be brave and wear it because I like the colour and
how it looks with this outfit. I’ve got on just some normal denim jeans and heeled Chelsea
boots. And on my lips I’m wearing my Lime Crime velvetine. I’m running late for work
so I better head off, but this week is gonna be much more festive than the last because
there’s a couple of work Christmas parties happening and yeah, I’m determined to make
it a more festive Vlogmas. We’re on our lunch break and we’re all going
to go shopping on Cuba St to go and buy Secret Santa presents. And Kiran’s doing some product
placement. So earlier on tonight I went to the JB Hifi
Friends and Family sale which they have a couple of times a year and you can get things
at cost price plus GST so you can get some really good deals. But unfortunately they
didn’t have the camera I wanted so no deal for me. Right now I’m just doing some screenprinting
while my vlog exports and watching some YouTube at the same time and then I will head to bed.
So I will see you tomorrow for.. I think I will vlog tomorrow because we’re going to
play croquet at work, so that should be fun. It’s Friday and I just realised I have introduced
my vlog yet for today, so I’m gonna do that thing where I introduce some footage and then
we go back to it. So this morning, well at lunch time, I did that presentation that I’ve
been talking about in the past few vlogs. I think it went really well! I quite enjoyed
doing it and I didn’t feel too nervous when I was actually there, but I felt really nervous
in the lead up to it but yeah, I think it went well and I had some questions at the
end and things and that was really good. So you will see some footage of that, and also
of work this afternoon because it is our Christmas party tonight and we decided to have like
a formal Friday at work, so a few people were dressed up at work and yeah, it was really
cool. And I am about to go and get dressed up for the Christmas party so while I do that,
watch this… “Side projects are often called passion projects
for a reason, because you do have to be quite passionate about something to give up your
spare time to work on it” Mike has something to say. Or he just wants
to pose there eating oatmeal. We’re all ready and we’re on our way to the
Christmas party! I feel like I’m in post-yoga bliss mode. So
nice. That’s gonna be like, one of the… I dunno, fourth to last classes maybe that
I can go to before I leave which is sad. I really love my yoga instructor here so I’m
gonna have to find myself a good one when I move to London I suppose. This week I put
up a blog post all about why I love yoga and why I find it really helps me like destress
and things as well as build strength and stretch and all that stuff you’d expect from yoga.
So I’ll leave a link to that down below if you feel like watching (reading) For the rest of today I am going to spend
it sorting out my bedroom because there is so much to go through and so much I need to
sort and sell and things like that… and yeah. There’s a lot to do. I’ve spent pretty much the whole of today
cleaning and sorting through my room. getting a lot done and going through a lot of stuff
and just sort of realising how much stuff I have. It’s a bit crazy. So there’s a lot
to do. But I’m on my own for dinner again tonight so I’m just on my way to the supermarket
to get some soup because I’m craving chicken soup for some reason. Good morning! It is Sunday and my Sunday is
pretty much gonna involve the exact same stuff that Saturday did. I’ve been sorting out my
bedroom and I have this pile of things right hurr. Maybe I should stop this… So yep, I’ve cleaned out completely under
my bed but I do feel like now my room looks even messier than it did before. I swear there was something else I was going
to say and then I forgot the second I picked up my camera. What was it? Oh yeah I’m gonna
be doing a moving Q&A so if there’s anything you’re interested in about my move to London.
the logistics of it or, I dunno, just anything you’re interested in. feel free to ask either
on twitter using the hashtag #AskCharliMarie or just leave a comment down below if you
feel like. I’m actually gonna leave the room sorting for a sec and go on with finishing
my Mum’s Christmas present which I can’t show you just in case she watches my videos. Hi
mum if you’re watching! Smay and I just finished filming some shots
for a video of mine that’s hopefully gonna go live on saturday if all goes to plan. But
yeah, I’m really pleased with how the shots turned out so hopefully I can edit them into
something awesome Right now I just have to finish up doing something
with this mess goin on right there before I can go to bed. So I think I’m gonna end
this vlog here because not much else is going to happen tonight. And watching me tidy is
rather boring. I hope you’ve liked this second week of vlogmas! What’s coming up next week?
Probably, like just being honest, probably more of the same because next week is my last
full week in the flat for the year. Maybe even for all time…. oh my gawd. scary. My battery just died in the middle of that
sentence and I’ve forgotten what I was saying. But anyway, hope you liked this week of vlogmas.
Please make sure to give the video a thumbs up if you did enjoy it and subscribe if you
want to see more. Make sure you ask me any questions you may have about my move to London
down below in the comments for my Moving Q&A video and I will see you guys on Saturday.

16 thoughts on “Vlogmas week #2: Giving a talk & black tie Christmas party | CharliMarieTV”

  1. I feel like every comment I post I fangirl about the production of your videos, but it's just so well done!  I'm in the same boat with room cleaning, the more I clean the messier it looks!

  2. Poor Charli!! You have tons! Of things to pack you should probably put everything in boxes the things that you are going to take to London 😁 it would be a tiny more easy to get ride of things … Love your clothes as always

  3. This is going to be so crazy to look back on once you're all settled in in London! Hello, future Londonista Charli, if you see this! :p

  4. You looked so gorgeous at the zero party. Haha Mike posing! Oh wow. You're leaving so soon! I swear this month has just flown by so fast!

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