We Made Family Christmas Cards *Vacation Vlog*

I Know they love the snow so much What a win and get snow Duke you want them by over there, dude Yeah, well we were gonna have more video tomorrow, but tar fell asleep it’s six o’clock and I’m just What are you doing And ourselves, right this is like your dream to have all the dogs in the same place, huh? Take 18 Also totally kidding it was actually me who fell asleep at 6 o’clock, I fell asleep right there and What did you do? I sat there by yourself by myself. So sad, this is Rosie This is my original dog guys jealous my lord or on your Duke sparser Duke mirror Give me Duke And if they’re like the 18 t-bars I just get a little bit bigger every time our plan is tarz Grandma sent us some pajama grams for all of us that are matching. So we’re gonna get them all dressed up and Then take a family photo And make a joke tick-tock I Don’t wanna laugh Oh Christmas there is just one thing I Used to bring this dog to school every season your school picture, yeah You are so handsome, aren’t you What are you like us we just rented these dachshunds Hey are you doing a Real snowman Getting mad He’s snowballs on you it looks like We’re on a rescue mission to get Milo Oh clear it up a little bit Yeah flip the switch Holy crap, I can see the bottom Really you can well be you got a name Larry Find some sticks red ones there in my hand I’m really glad he doesn’t have legs do it again It’s getting a little gnarly Oh Go get the ball go get the ball. You’re not sleep go get the ball bring me here Oh

54 thoughts on “We Made Family Christmas Cards *Vacation Vlog*”

  1. Yeah!! What a great surprise!!!! Monday is good🤣😂!! Love you guys 💜💛💜💛💜💛…

  2. That's so sweet ya'll ,taking family photos. It's to cold for me, it's beautiful
    I can't do the cold anymore. Have fun ya'll. GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY'S XOXO L.P.P N.C

  3. So sad I missed you post love your vlogs your so lucky to have each other (and snow) 😂❤️💙💚💜 (loved the non copyright song)

  4. I am glad you guys got SO much snow, over the break, maybe Christmas break too.. lol.. Amazing video you guys! I love dogs, granted we don't really get snow like that here in Arkansas, but now I know how to get it off should that become an issue.. Poor little guy..

  5. YES my favorite sweethearts. I'm always waiting for monday. How can i get a card from you my love ones? Love from Suriname.

  6. First of all, y'all are welcome. I'm glad I'm a subscriber, I truly enjoy watching y'all's young love vlogs. YES!!!! by all means send out the Christmas, cards. ? Will they include the Christmas, PJ's pics with the dogs like the intro.

  7. The HORROR of hunter singing smh……melts my heart but scared my ears they turned inside out hahah dam you copyright law lolololol happy Holidays

  8. Looks like yall and Milo had a very good time it nice to see yall and the dogs are having fun in the snow i just love seeing

  9. Hello Tara and Hunter. I dont like winter time or snow. Wherever you are at its a lot of snow there. Please be careful of the 🐕🐶dogs so there feet wont get frosted bit from the cold and snow.. and you and hunter have fun..✌👍

  10. Thanks for sharing your vacation. I love snow. My dogs get those snowballs stuck to their fur too. Rosie is adorable. So tiny.

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