Welcome to our Life | Web Series | S01E05 – A day after Christmas Eve🎄

First of all I would like to thank youtube for giving this great opportunity to show our talent to the world also big thanks to Warner brother studios for collaborating with us I will try to keep my thank you speech short as my ALARM IS RINGING!! my schedule is Babe your alarm is ringing Thank You speech again which studio this time Warner brothers ohhh!! good one Wow I really thought we’re going to have so many leftovers from yesterday’s Christmas eve party Yeah, right, that’s what happens when you buy small turkey for 15 people All right! All right! How was I supposed to know that so many people would decide to come first of all huh? Really? You should have thought before posting the picture on Facebook and inviting our neighbours Okay if I haven’t posted on Facebook Then how would the world have known that we’re celebrating Christmas And we have a delicious turkey. There is nothing wrong about the picture but the INVITATION That was a mistake Hey, I was just trying to be nice okay! Also, I was expecting them to bring some food, well except for that one guy huh, what’s his name? Steve! yeah, he got some wine but rest of them So cringy dude!! CRINGY? a person who cooked a small size turkey for 15 people is talking about CRINGINESS HA HA HA! very funny anyway, we got some cleaning to do so you better not be lazy and help me I’m all ready, let’s tidy up Babe? When was the last time you watered the Christmas tree? What? The tree! When did you water it last time? well! does it have to be watered? Oh God!! I always forget that you come from the country where people have Christmas cactus for Christmas That’s Mexican, I’m Indian! Whatever I believe that explains why the tree looks so miserable, but can I water now? Now? no it’s too late, now we have to get rid of it How people get rid of Christmas tree in this country? Maybe you should know because you are from a country where people normally decorate the Christmas tree! Bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla! All right! Let’s ask Riri Ririr? What do you do with Christmas tree after Christmas? You can plant it in your garden and next Christmas you can use it again! See that’s a brilliant idea! Let’s plant it in our garden you know sometimes I ask myself whether this RIRI software was created by you? but considerig the stupid ideas she comes up with sometimes, I quickly come to the conclusion that ACTUALLY IS YOUR PRODUCT! What? We don’t have a garden! oh yeah right!! Well in that case Riri, what do you do with the Christmas tree after Christmas when you don’t have a garden? Maybe you should ask your girlfriend since she didn’t approve my first idea What? It’s not like I didn’t approve of your idea it’s just We don’t have a garden WHATEVER!! Huhhh! Don’t you dare to whatever me, bebe did you hear what she said you should do something all right Alright!! You ladies have to calm down alright! I will try to figure out what to do with the Christmas tree How about We cut it to pieces and put them in bin? how cruel you are? you just want to cut it into pieces? It’s a living thing Besides I feel like it’s been a part of our family this whole month Can’t believe you just said that you want to put it in the bin Come up with something that is not going to hurt our tree How about we take it to one of the collection points where they normally recycle the trees I said, no hurting maybe we can plant it somewhere That’s what I said first but not in our garden why not? because, we don’t have a garden You better change this stupid machine in the way, it doesn’t answer back for everything Hey, I asked your opinion when I was creating this software. Whether you want it to be a male or female version you picked female version Apparently, this is what you get from it you know what? I think i have an idea So, do you think we did the right thing I think so Oh anyway, now it’s somebody else’s problem

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