(upbeat holiday rock music) – Hey guys, it’s Kamri,
from the Kamri Noel channel and I hope you guys had
a very Merry Christmas. I know that I did. So today I’ll be showing you guys what I got for Christmas and my birthday because my birthday is
two days after Christmas. But make sure you stay to the end so that you can see my
favorite gift that I got. But before we get onto the video, make sure that you subscribe to my channel and follow me on musical.ly. Now onto the haul. So the first item that I got was a GOATcase because previously when
I was doing musical.ly’s because I need natural light, I would duct tape my phone to the window and that got really annoying. So I asked my mom for a GOATcase because these just stick to the window and now I can film my musical.lys without using a whole bunch of duct tape. Every year for Christmas, we get Life cereal, the best cereal in the entire world,
especially this Cinnamon kind. It is so good. Every time that we go
to my grandma’s house we eat all of her Life cereal, so we always get this every year so we will stop eating my grandma’s. So my next gift is the one
that my grandma’s got me. It is all of the Harry Potter books. All seven of them. I really love the Harry Potter movies, but I’ve never read the books before and the twins, like
cringe when I say that. Don’t tell them that I said that. So I got all of the books
so that I can read them and then they will stop
looking at me like that when I say that I’ve
never read all the books. So every year we have a family tradition with each sibling drawing a name which is another sibling and
then they get them a gift. So this year, Brooklyn got me, and she got me my favorite snack which is Cheez-It White Cheddar Grooves. She hates them. They think that they’re like really gross. I think I’m like the only one in my family that likes them, but they are so good. They’re so addictive. I think there was a
scientific test one year, where it’s like they eat one and then they have to
see how long they can go without eating another one. But they are so addictive that
I almost ate the entire box when I opened them yesterday. The other half of the gift
was a mini Swiss Army Knife, because when we went to
the cabin last summer I needed stuff to like
cut sticks and stuff or this firewood and all that stuff, and I did not have anything, so she got me a pocketknife. I’m kind of surprised that she remembered that I asked for that
a really long time ago. So it has like a knife, whatever this is, a file of some sort, it has scissors, it has tweezers. That’s interesting. I don’t think I’ve ever
seen a Swiss Army Knife with tweezers. And a toothpick, so
yes. Thank you Brooklyn. This is one of my
favorite gifts that I got because I’ve been needing it for awhile. It is a phone holder that
connects to my guitar, because previously when
we were like singing as a family, I would have
to literally stack books up and then like a pillow so
that I could set my phone up and still see and be able to scroll. But now with this baby, I
can just hook my phone in and read it and scroll it all next to me. So every year we get gum,
like a 15 pack of gum, and the twins and I love gum, but recently I’ve figured
out that I have a jaw problem where like my jaw locks and the orthodontist told me
I’m not allowed to chew gum. So hard for me because I love gum. So this year instead,
I got cinnamon Altoids. Cinnamon are my favorite,
but for some reason they’re never at the stores like anymore. So my mom had to order
these and there are a lot so it should last me a really long time. The next gift is Martinelli’s. Our family loves these and
we drink like eight bottles of them on New Years Eve, so my mom gets them for us on Christmas so that hopefully on New Years Eve there are still some
Martinelli’s left for the guests because we will be drinking our own. So every single year
the twins get slippers and I always wear their slippers so this year my mom got me my own pair and these are super fluffy and soft. I wore them last night and it felt like I was walking on clouds. They are so soft and I love them. Thank you, Mom. So recently I’ve had like no clothes because I’ve been growing a lot so I’ve been rotating through like the same outfits every once in a while. And none of the twin’s clothes fit me, so my mom got me new clothes. I have a pink sweater, it’s a turtleneck. I’m pretty sure that
the twins are going to steal these from me in like two days. So I’ll just have to hide them. A flannel, that goes
underneath that sweater, this sweater, and this sweater. And I also got, speaking of clothes, a hat. This one is actually
from a company that makes a whole bunch of patches and you can pick the patch that you want to put on any color hat. So I picked the green with
a longhorn for Texas pride. So for those of you guys that don’t know, I am a big fisher and
I have clumsy fingers so when I am tying my hooks
I always cut my fingers. So I found this nifty thing on Amazon. Basically what you do is
you put your hook in there and you can tie it and you’re
also supposedly somehow to be able to unhook the fish without even touching it with this thing. I’m not sure. I’m going to have to test that out. But yes, I’m really excited to try this because then I can stop
wearing a whole bunch of Band-Aids on my fingers from cutting myself with the hooks. So this year my Dad got every child a gift that he like specifically
picked out for them that was really special. So this year, my Dad got me perfume. I told him awhile ago that
I really liked this perfume and it’s only like
Christmastime that they sell it. So he got me two bottles of it so that it will last me all year. And he also added in here, I’m not really sure what
I’m going to do with this, but a Muffin Top. Basically you cook your muffin, and then, and it’s like a muffin top, you know, because they’re like pants and the muffin top. Yeah. I don’t really cook muffins, so maybe it’ll make a nice pencil holder or something instead. I got a map of the world because we travel a lot and I like marking where I travel, so I have key chains from
everywhere that I went out of the country. And yes, I know Hawaii is not
technically out of the country but I wanted a key chain
from Hawaii anyway. And I will eventually
mark everything like this with note cards, pictures,
and like what I did there. So yeah. Okay so my big birthday gift that I got was an Apple Watch because I had a Fitbit previously and it snapped in half. I’m not kidding. I literally came home from
school and took it off and it broke in my hands. And then I’d, I came up
to my Dad, I was like Dad, look, and he’s like well we can get you an Apple Watch instead and I was like uh, yes. So yes, this is an early birthday present that I got a little while ago and I love it so much. Thank you guys so much for watching. Comment down below what your favorite gift that you got for Christmas was. Make sure you subscribe to my
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by clicking over here. Have a happy New Year. See you next time. Bye.

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