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  1. I have carried on the tradition of filling stockings with fruits and nuts like my father did. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Loved the plastic banana! I thought it was random but SO funny. Also have to say your hubby is such a sweetheart puting a rose in your stocking every year that's got to be the sweetest thing I've heard.

  3. Next year film the un-stuffing of your stocking. I'm having a hard time believing it's not a magic trick. Thank you for sharing, I loved it.

  4. Many years ago, when I was a young girl, my stocking was a knee sock. We didn't have a fireplace, but we took our stockings and hung them from the bottom of a wire hanger with a clothes pin and hang it from the ceiling light. We never really had much at Christmas time. I had eight brothers and sisters. Every year we would get in our stockings, mixed nuts (that you had to shell), and fruit which was a real treat because we never got fresh fruit just to eat, that didn't have to be "put up" for the winter. I had to giggle at some of the stuff that came out of your stocking! It was so much fun to watch.

  5. ~ Ricks Gifts? Yes, Please!!!
    🎁 🎅🏻🎄
    ~ There is no question- You are the Stocking Stuffer Queen!!! Oh My Grape Tomatoes Noreen!!!
    ~I loved each of your stocking treasures! And, the stories behind them ❤️
    ~May the season in which we celebrate our Saviors birth bring each of you hope, love, peace and joy ~

  6. What fun you had with your Christmas stockings. I always made new ones for my kids every year.and spent much time and money buying things they would enjoy, even after they married, including there mates, then also the grand kids as they came along. It was so much fun for me. But as of two years ago they ask me to stop. AS some of them didn't think much of it. Well I must say this broke my heart. But I quit. Times change and so do people. So I'll just think back on the days when they were young. May your new year be the best yet. Blessings Carol .

  7. Wow….that was a lot of stuff in one stocking 😳😳😳 Thanks for sharing……Dolores…..The Baking Diva ❤️

  8. I love the pens and I also have a the same magnifying glass!! Lol. I keep one at my seat at the table and one in my purse. Peace and blessings.


  10. Neat to see, thank you for filming it. We wrap all our stocking gifts so you can't cram as much in there. I love the fun practical stuff but I think my family thinks its a bit nuts. Lol!

  11. Yes for what Rick got for Christmas AND what he got in his stocking! It was fun to see what you got in your Christmas stocking!!!

  12. I am a sockaholic so I always get funky design socks in my Xmas stocking. Would love to see Ricks gifts. May give me some ideas for hubby next Xmas. Thank you, guys 🙂

  13. Hey guys…wow Rick!! U stuffed it good!! Lol 😂 …a lot of fun things plus the Rose 🌹 was sooo sweet❤️ awww😍
    Ps. We don’t do the stocking thing? We’re in Australia…I think it just varies from family to family? But no one I know does? Plus most of us don’t have fireplaces ( which in the movies is stereotypically where they’re hung ) it’s too stinking hot!…especially around December when it can get up to around 110deg!!! 😩

  14. Wow!! Thanks for sharing your holiday with us..that thing was loaded!! I would love to see Rick's!! Men are so hard to shop for lol

  15. That’s every thing in your stocking I love , you’re right you can never have to many pairs of scissors, merry Christmas xxxx

  16. Thanks Noreen for leaving the link to the movie. I just got through watching it. I had never seen it before. It was great. We both know Linda from Linda's Pantry, I just figured out who she looks like. She reminds me of Lee Remick. Thanks again for the movie. Loved it.

  17. Laughed at the banana and the fact your cat bit you for playing the harmonica. Very sweet about the rose. Thank you for sharing.

  18. We over stuff ours, but nowhere near as much as your family does! Do you wrap yours? We have 13 to stuff, so my son and I spent 4.5 hours wrapping 10 of them. Lol

    Oh! I love glue sticks because I hate licking envelopes, so I use a glue stick insread!

  19. I needed to make 18 stockings so I try to keep them under $10 each. I find things at the dollar store and Walmart trial size cosmetics. Everyone loves them.

  20. I'm in Roanoke Virginia and thats how we do our stockings!!! You just see how much you can get in them. My mother was a champ at stuffing one and I learned from a good one!!! I love "Challenge Accepted" So glad you all had a wonderful Christmas!!!!

  21. So nice to watch what you got in your stocking Noreen! Many useful things! Time and thought and family love! It warms my heart! I'd like to see your husbands stocking too.

  22. Great stocking….do y'all wrap your stuff or break down larger items? I have always wrapped the stocking stuffers in a particular Christmas paper, preferably with Santa on it. I use that paper just for the stockings. That was started back when my son was a wee lad. I'd also like to see what Rick got. Maybe it will give me some ideas for next year…also your daughters even if you just mention some of the items. Thanks for sharing your Christmas as well as all the videos you do. Have a Blessed day.

  23. The thumbs up literally happened when you told the little story about the harmonica and cat biting you. Hope it didn’t hurt but it was funny.

  24. I love those adult coloring books and spend many hours coloring in them so my stocking is full of goodies and I also love fine point pens-markers-pencils-etc. I never buy office supplies because my stocking is my annual stock up time! I also get makeup(list provided prior for hubby) and an unlikely joy is the fruit cake logs sold at food lion and other grocers in our NC area. (Yes I love fruitcakes of all kinds!!!)God bless and thanks for the view of my kind of stocking stuffers!!! The rose made me cry….your hubby is a doll….he is a true blessing.

  25. Well hi there. This is my first experience with your channel and I can say what a happy time this was. The down to earth content was very fun and I am now a fan. Good job!

  26. GLAD YOU & YOURS HAD A WONDERFUL CHRISTMAS MISS NOREEN !! Looking Forward To New Years' Eve Sunday Night, YOU HAVE A GREAT NEW YEAR !! I'm Going To Miss Your Christmas Dishes & Goodies Videos….But November Will Be Back Soon Enough For Me Revisiting Them. THANK YOU FOR ALL THE COOKING VIDEOS, Year "Round And In The Past. I HAVE LEARNED ALOT & TRIED ALOT, Thanks To You & Rick & Your Family. All The Best For 2018, Billy Ralph.

  27. I love seeing what others put in stockings especially if it's a tradition and/or there are stories behind them.
    I made my son's stocking the year he was born out of plain muslin. I painted it up with his name, the year, a Santa, and other seasonal icons. It's about 24 inches long and 10" wide. I can fit a lot in that big boy!
    I try to find things to fill it during the year and keep them in a gifts tote in my closet. Sometimes, I find something good at at dollar store or thrift store so in it goes. He'll be 21 in April and I'm hoping into his own place when he finishes the police academy so this year, I included lots of fun kitchen gadgets and many practical ones since he loves to cook.
    Would love to see what Rick got; might spark some ideas for my boy.

  28. I think stockings are such a wonderful idea. In my childhood years my parents never gave my brother and I stockings. My Mother in law hands her children their homemade stocking ( made by her 30 years ago) every year at our family gathering. All her children, grandkids and great great grand kids all have a homemade stocking form her.

  29. Nice Stocking Stuffers! How fun! I miss the Ritter Rum Bar…never see it now! I got a Terry's Orange too! Love the Pilot Pens! I usually put a Can of Cashews as one item in my Hubby;s Stocking.

  30. Best stocking ever!! I totally need to do stockings for me and Titus next year! I always put toothbrushes and toothpaste in the kid's stockings! That's the two things they always know they will get! LOL!! 🙂

  31. I think we enjoy opening our stocking gifts more than the big gifts 🙂 We stuff them till they are over flowing, and they have to be put on the sofa. Some of the small gifts are wrapped and some aren't. I got candy, earrings, makeup, makeup pencils, and so much I don't remember it all ! Happy New Year

  32. Love the stuffing stockings tradition. I always put 12 items in each stocking. Ask me why 12, I have not idea but I think it was when my youngest was born and I was trying to keep it even between the kids. Lol

  33. Egads, how on earth did all that stuff fit in your stocking?! That would make an interesting video, for sure !!! Hint, hint😜😜😜

  34. my husband wants to see you put in back in the stocking. He says no way it all came out of there. We laughed about the banana. Happy New year many blessing for the new year

  35. I would love to see what Rick got in both his stocking & his gifts. You've inspired me with a lot of gift ideas. You can never have enough of those!!! Thanks!

  36. These were the cutest items for Christmas Stocking. You all are so so creative, Love your videos. Thank you for being you.

  37. I haven’t gotten a Christmas stocking for years. We used to do it when we were first married, and would have one right along with the kids. That got too expensive, we felt, and we stopped doing it. After seeing this, I think I’m going to redo it again this next Christmas. Thanks for the idea! We are never too old for fun.

  38. We all get a new battery powered toothbrush in our stockings. Started this when the kids were little. And socks! Everyone can use socks. And Lifesavers… 🙂 Your stocking was filled to the brim with great things. Happy New Year to you and your family!!

  39. Would love to see Rick's stocking 😀 . Watching from Scotland. Just noticed your in NC , my brother is in Salisbury NC. Small world 😁 love your videos Noreen. Your a great cook ❤️

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