What makes a great gift for a cat? – Simon’s Cat | LOGIC #14

Hello! I’m Simon. Welcome to Simon’s Cat
Logic. We’ll be finding out from a cat expert my cats behave the way they do. Today we’re finding out about seasonal safety. Well Christmas time must be quite
confusing if you’re a cat. The humans bring in a great big tree from outside and they fill it for a lots of little dangling, swinging toys. What could possibly go wrong? The holiday season can be a fun time of
year, but it can also pose some challenges for your cat. Many owners wonder how to keep their cats safe over Christmas, and for many cats the focus is the Christmas tree! Although cats may be tempted to climb the Christmas tree, we really recommend you don’t let them them do this. Make sure the tree has a sturdy base on it to prevent it from toppling over, in case your cat decides to climb the tree whilst your backs turned. It’s worth remembering that some
decorations can be hazardous and cause injury, such as baubles or tinsel. So it’s worth keeping them out of your cat’s reach and making sure cat doesn’t play
with them. Cats may be drawn towards ribbons and particular unwrapped presents and gifts. This can pose a danger if they chew or swallow them. So it’s always best to keep the presents out of your cat’s reach. [Other things to avoid] It’s not so commonly known that a number of festive plants are can be potentially fatal to cats, such as Mistletoe, Ponssettia, Holly, Ivy and Christmas roses. So make sure these are moved out the way as well. You may be tempted to share some of your festive food with your cats and it’s okay to give them a little bit of cooked turkey, just make sure there aren’t any bones in there. Whilst your cat can have a
bit of Turkey as a treat, it’s best to keep human food off the menu
particularly chocolate as it’s poisonous to cats. [It’s PARTY SEASON!] During the festive periods you
may well have lots of visitors around to the house, including some people that may
be unfamiliar to your cat. If you’re having a party or your household is busy and noisy then remember your cat may not want to join in. There are lots of things
you can do to make it less stressful for your cat. Such as avoiding the use of party poppers, fireworks and making sure there’s a safe quiet room for your cats to retreat too, to avoid all the action! [BANG!] You can make their safe room more
familiar to your cat by making sure their food bowl, water bowl and litter tray
are easily accessible to them. As well as giving them somewhere to hide and get up high. If you know they’re going to be fireworks outside it’s always best to keep your cat safely indoors, before it starts to get dark. Cats may find the noise of fireworks scary and stressful. You can reduce the outside noise by
making sure curtains are drawn and playing soft soothing music in the background. Of course if they’re going to be kept inside, then they need to have access to a litter tray to avoid any accidents. [Going away for Christmas?] If you’re thinking of going away, ensure to get a trusted friend, relative or professional pet sitter visits your cat daily to make sure they’re okay and look after their daily needs. Alternatively you may wish to consider putting your cat in a good reputable, cattery while you’re away. You may wish to buy a present for your cat too. So something like a catnip toy mouse, or, even some feeding enrichment. We put food on the top. Or, a fishing rod toy. Any of these would make a perfect gift for your cat to enjoy. The first Christmas after we got Hugh, we got a big tree from outside and brought in and little Hugh who was a kitten at the time, was absolutely fascinated with this big tree and all the little things hanging off it. We soon found out he was a bit of a climber! Well even though he was just a tiny little black kitten, he’s still managed to pull this huge tree down, with all the
decorations crashing everywhere and sending them flying here, there and everywhere! So the year after, we decided to downsize. And we got a little tiny Christmas tree, which he still tried to climb but, not to the same effect. So Hugh loves Christmas and he loves Christmas trees. It’s Hugh that’s given me lots
of inspiration for my Simon’s Cat Christmas films.

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  1. i find it interesting that CATS have no thumbs yet you draw the cats as if they actually do.

    too bad this is not a series on dvd.

  2. So our cat Brady (he just turned one), he is/was our first cat ever to climb out Christmas tree! Good thing we have an artificial tree, live, cut Christmas trees can be deadly for cats. Pine needles can be ingested and puncture intestines, and pine is highly toxic to cats!!

  3. OMG….. Why would ANYone click a 'thumbs down' for any of these episodes? :-O !
    Simon's Cat is so well thought out and masterfully done!
    Thank You for the chuckles! 🙂

  4. we can't have any fake plants in the house. my cat marvin tries to eat them, we found this out when he threw up a purple flower on mothers day.

  5. I came home to my kitties wrecking my Christmas tree for seemingly no reason. I looked around and found that they had this video playing on my tablet. Thanks Simon’s cat😉😸

  6. Rule number one with christmas trees – NEVER leave the cat alone with a tree even for a minute. If you leave the room so does the cat and shut the doors.

  7. simple, dont have a big christmas tree xD
    they are too curious for their own good, be a nature friend and dont get a real tree and the pastic ones can be dangerous for the cat as well

  8. LOVE SIMON and the cat in tree video!  It's the best cartoon on youtube! Way better than 3D!!! Well, speaking of cats in christmas trees, I have a song about just that and it's on YouTube and all the streaming music sites… it's called KItty's Xmas Holiday! Check it out!

  9. We have a bunch of cat toys that we hang at the base of the tree specifically for the kitties. Non-breakables and such. Never had a cat attempt to climb it, mainly because we get shorter trees and there are higher places to hang out.

  10. Ah yes, for a brief moment this year I thought I could finally have a Christmas tree. Instead I rescued a pregnant cat and decided to keep the one black kitten. Like Teddy, he is a fluffy, adorable and constantly exploring. I think the tree this year will be a pile of cat treats and toys, since the felines out number me 5 to one. I get the joy of a kitten for Christmas.

  11. Cats want something to scratch, and to sit on top of you to crush the life out of you.
    Everyone, please watch my little nature videos. There is no talking in them. Shhh!

  12. I had a small black cat named "Kaos" . . . She would climb the Christmas tree and hide. . . All I would see in the tree was a pair of yellow eyes looking out at me , , , ,

  13. I'm so grateful to this episode of Simon's Cat Logic. I'm living with my mom right now saving money for my upcoming wedding and apartment. She brought in some Holly and put it right next to my cat's food dish. I didn't think much of it until I watched this video and was informed that it was potentially poisonous to my fur baby. I moved that Holly away from my cat so fast and explained why I did it. My mom was so happy that we avoided a trip to the vet.

  14. I had such a weird cat. Geeko loved sitting under the tree and just to look at the lights. We had a plush nativity scene which she loved to play with when we were away, cause she knew she wasn't supposed to, and one time we came back and found the shepherd and Joseph swapped, a camel was in Mary's place and she was over with a wise man, and baby Jesus was in his usual spot, for her, of under the dishwasher.

  15. Hey Simon, first of all I love your comics and animations <3 But I have a question, that some of my friends who too own cats, and I have been wondering for some time. I myself have two cats and I had one before these, and for some weird reason, they all seemed to love chewing on plastic. For example plastic bags, packaging and rubberbands. I've asked from vets and they didn't know how to explain it.. Our younger cat, Myrsky 4 years old, mainly concentrates on plastic, but our older cat, Syltty 15 years old, used eat paper, anything that had somekind of glue on it like envelopes or tape etc etc.. Has your cats done this? It would make a nice cat logic video, if an expert would explain this weird behaviour 🙂 And both are in good basic health and do get enough to eat and play time with me 😀

  16. We've always been lucky with my cat Kimi (and his late brother Sandy.) When they were kittens they had a bit of a climb or bop of a bauble but were otherwise pretty good. 😀 But a tip for fellow kitty owners, try putting orange peels at the base of your tree! Cats hate the smell and avoid them.(I wouldn't let them eat the actual fruit though if they were interested.) It's how we got ours to stop. 😀 (And they look adorable when they scrunch up their faces.) Now at 11 1/2 years old my Kimi cat will only occasionally take a dislike to something and swat it off the tree. xD He loves sitting under it though and having a little sniff of any presents there. ^-^

  17. My cat jumped off the stairs into the Christmas tree. I have to agree this is pretty accurate. They also used presents for scratching.

  18. I guess I was lucky, none of my 3 cats wanted to climb our trees.
    When we go to a friend's house for their annual Halloween party, one room has a sign on the door, "Do not open, Scaredy Cat inside!" We all honor the kitty's space!

  19. I bought a metal tree because I own a parrot an can't have anything evergreen..so I put his toys on that. (He's going to climb it no matter what I do) might work with a cat..get a bush?

  20. I met a woman at the vet's office whose cat had eaten the decoration and greens of a Christmas wreath. What followed was an emergency surgery for 1500 Euros. I have two cats, no Catmas decorations at all, just a few plastic snowflakes and lights in my windows

  21. I have to thank Yasmine Galenorn for helping me out with cats vs Xmas trees. In her Three Sister books. She has the tree tied to the ceiling via a string that is at one end, on the top of the tree. To a hook that is in the ceiling. We no longer have trees that fall over.

  22. my cat dose not do any of these things but my cat drinks the water under the tree because it is a real tree. is it safe for cats to drink the water under a real tree.

  23. omg i LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE simons cat. my cuz showd it 2 me like 4 o 5 years ago. thx 2 my cuz i love simons cat lol

  24. I like cats cuz they are nice and calm….dogs are to playfull…..cats play in a loving manner…..dogs play in a rough manner.

  25. Don't forget another potential issue with a real tree from outside… other cats may have marked it as their territory before bringing it in, initiating a 'pissing contest' with yours.

  26. I just love your films of Simon's cat!! I wish I knew how to animate or even draw!! I can't draw at all, I'm horrible at drawing!!

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