What makes a really great company Christmas party?

Hey, I’m Mary and I’m Minder and we’re The
Simplifiers. Today, we’re talking about what makes a really, really great company Christmas
party. I think just the opportunity to go out and socialise with colleagues.The venue,
the food, the drinks and the people…in the reverse order. Get dressed up, maybe a bit
of fancy dress. Something that makes everybody go WOW! Food, drinks and cocktails. Definitely
a Santa, giving presents. Definitely want presents. One of those photo booths with festive costumes. Everyone to be together to have some awesome games. Plenty of booze. Inflatable EVERYTHING!
Lots of cocktails. From inflatable Santas to elves. It’s all about having the right
people there. Nah, I don’t want to have a Christmas party with THEM. Funny costumes so everybody can have a bit of a laugh and get in the mood. Drinks. The right entertainment.
Decorations, definitely alcohol and music. Plenty of drink. Just a late night where the
next day, you don’t remember anything. Acrobats in the sky or CAKE. Like really good boozy cake!!

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