What We Got For Christmas!!!

Hey guys, it’s Karina! It’s Ronald, and we’re from SIS vs BRO! And first of all, we just
hope you had a nice Christmas! Oh yeah! And we’re wishing you
a Happy New Year. And today, we are gonna be show
you guys what we got for Christmas! Oh yeah! And as you can see,
we are not on our usual desk, we are sitting on
a couch in a hotel room. That’s because we are
in Canada! We’re in Canada because
we wanted to celebrate Christmas with our family, and also, we wanted
to tell our family about the baby. And you guys are
commenting down below, “When is the baby due?” “When is she gonna pop out?” And she’s gonna pop out
in six months. At the end of June. We think. All right, so let’s just
get right on to the video, I’m excited! All right. So Ronald,
you’re gonna go first. Okay, I’m gonna go first. I want to start with your present. Oh, okay. So Karina got me 3 comics. The Dog Man comic, uh, Lord of the Fleas. Uh, Gravity Falls: Lost Legends. And The Battle of the Labyrinth, which is pretty cool too. So yeah, I’m gonna be
reading those, hopefully. Okay. And now, I’m gonna show
you what Ronald got me. So Ronald got me this necklace. Let’s get a little closer
because it’s really small. So that’s the necklace. It has that K on it, and on the other side,
it says, “One in a Million”. It’s probably gonna be
backwards for you, because like, that’s
what cameras do.>>So yeah–
>>And I give you ##. It’s a pretty gold color, and I really like it. Look at that. All right, next! Okay, the card game. Okay, let me start with
one simple phrase. I’m bored. Out of my mind,
I want you to do… Something that’s not
Parent Approved. Oh yeah. Not Parent Approved. It is the card game
I got for Christmas. I’m liking it. Well, I didn’t play it yet,
but I’m gonna like it. So guys, now, I’m gonna show you
the card game I got for Christmas. So I think it’s like the best
card game of all times, it beats yours. It’s like the best one. It’s called Unstable Unicorns. Build a unicorn army. Betray your friends. Unicorns are your friends now. So that’s the box. Now, the other side
has a unicorn screaming, it’s my favorite thing. So, that’s pretty neat. So that’s what I got. All righty. Okay next, let’s go with
Derpy Mode. Oof! I don’t know what this is… It’s Doofy from Ink. Oh, okay Doofy. Hello, Doofy.>>So I got a stuffy [inaudible].
>>[inaudible]. Hello, I am Doofy. And I’m going now. Bye! So next thing I got is a
Nintendo Switch Pro controller. It’s a Splatoon themed one, it has a green side and a pink side, and it’s perfect to I can play games
in the Nintendo Switch with Ronald. Yeah, because I got… the exact same thing. But the classic version. So yeah, I’m gonna
take it out right now. I’ve been wanting this
for like 6 months, and I finally got it. All right. Mine is this. Woo, look at that! Ooh!>>All right.
>>Okay Karina, you showed your next one. So the next thing that I got is… this camera stand. I really like this camera stand because it’s really flexible, as you can see, and you can put it on like any edge.>>You can put it in the pole.
>>It’s really comfortable. Just like going around. Yeah, and it’s really comfortable, and I really like it, so this is for my vlogging camera. And I actually got
the exact same thing, but a camera on the top. Because 2 days before Christmas, I lost my camera. And then someone took it. And now, it’s gone. So if you have it,
please return it. Yeah, return it. So yeah. So I got a camera. And a stand, which is
flexible, like Karina’s. Now, it’s your turn. All right, so the next
thing I want to show is this. I got this really cute water bottle. It’s so pretty. I love the color, and it has soap inside it, so I could drink soap. Actually, no!
Don’t drink soap. That’s bad. Don’t drink soap. So, that’s what I got. Okay. I got… This thing is actually a
board game, Snakes and Ladders, I didn’t play this in like 6 years. But now, it’s your turn Karina. All right, I wanna show this one. So this is WonderArt. So basically, I think it’s like knitting
this massive thing, and I see in the instructions
I have to knit this. I don’t exactly know, but I think… I think this is what
it’s gonna teach me to make so… It’s pretty cool. Oh lala Okay, I was not–
Okay. Let’s– And re-enter Derpy Mode. Hello! Hello, I am… Poo.>>Okay?
>>Okay. Now, it’s your turn Karina. All right. So I want to show
another necklace that I got. It’s a silver one,
and it has… 2 cats on it. 2 little kitty cats.>>Oh, I thought that ones–
>>One’s Chibi and one’s George. So that is what I got. Okay, so this is in the side
of the Fortnite zone currently, Fortnite backpack, oh yeah! Fortnite Battle Royale. There’s a [inaudible] skin on it. Oh lala. I’m liking it so far. Are you gonna bring it to school? Slightly. Okay. All right. So next thing I got
is actually another necklace, but I put it on because
this was like my favorite one. It’s… It’s this really tiny
metalistic one, it has like 3 diamonds in it, and I think it’s really pretty. So, that’s what I got. Okay guys, so the next thing
I got is a silver elephant. Oh yeah. I don’t know why I got this, I, for a second, I though
it was for someone else, but I mean like,
sure, I’ll take it. It’s pretty. Yes, it’s very pretty. Okay, so the next thing
I got is actually clothes. So, I’m gonna show
you all of them. So I got 4 pieces. This one, I actually wore
yesterday, on Christmas day. It’s this, like blue
with red stripes, with long sleeve, and it’s cropped, and it has this like
bigger sleeve in the end, which is really cool. And makes my arms
look like really long, like I’m slender man. But I like that, so… Yeah, I got the same one, but in red. And then, from my cousins,
I got these skirts. Wait. Okay, so I got this white one. Really flowy. I think I know what this would
go good with in my closet. It’s really flowy and big. So, yeah. And I got the same one,
but in black. Looks like you’re
getting everything the same. Yas! So, that’s what I got for clothing. Okay. I’m gonna go with clothing as well, because why not. This actually gonna
be Fortnite references. And the first one. This. By the way, comment down
below, which one you like more. Where we dropping Boys?! Why say “Boys?!” like that? Because that’s what everone– Because that what everyone
like says. Where we dropping Boys?! And then the next one. Why not girls? It’s Straight Outta Tilted Towers. Oh yeah.>>All right. And a hoodie.
>>Okay. Okay, that’s all the Fortnite clothing I got. All right, next up, I’m gonna
show you this little… Advent Calendar that I got. I don’t know why on a
Christmas day I got an Advent calendar, it’s a little bit funny. Like, for next year. Yes. But, did you open all of them? I opened all of them. So actually, this one has
nail polish in them. See, this one has nail polish. Nail polish. They all have nail polish. What the one with like the– Nevermind.>>Because they’re all nail polish.
>>This one’s a bigger nail polish. And this one’s like tattoos. Yeah, that is what I got. All righty. I got this bike? I don’t even know what this is, it’s like a bike that
you can build. I think? And it’s cool. Oh no, it’s a robot
that goes on wheels, and you could, you could
change its formations here. You can change its formation. 14 in 1. 14 formations, or 14 robots. Which is really cool. I’m excited to do stuff with that. And the last thing that
I got is my favorite present. I got a MacBook. So, I got a MacBook for Christmas. I wanted one, because I need it for school, I need it for editing, I need it for a bunch of things, so now I have a MacBook. And it’s a rose gold,
and it’s a mini one so I could take it everywhere. And it’s a MacBook Air
so it’s super light. Now, you realize why they
call it MacBook Air. Because it’s the air. No, I already knew that. All right, so… This is my MacBook.>>It’s…
>>Wait, can I feel it? Feel it.>>Oh wow!
>>The one that I have for school is like this thick, and it’s like as heavy as
three bricks so… yeah. So this is an improvement. Definitely. And this one–
Oh sorry. Sorry Ronald. And this one has
Touch ID, look. Look. See, look! I signed in to my Instagram, just gonna close that. Karina’s like professional. And I chose this background. Do more of what
makes you happy. Oh yeah. Okay, I got 2 more
presents in storage. Um, this might be
my favorite. I don’t even know. But they’re definitely the biggest. This one is Nintendo LABO. You can like build stuff, you can build wheels, and then, you can play
like Mario Kart. And then, you can build like setups, that makes your gameplay better, which is like, I’m definitely
gonna use. And it’s gonna be so cool. That’s really neat. I wanted to get you that, until I found out someone else
is gonna get it for you. Next. It’s actually lighter than I thought. You can build a roller coaster
with this bad boy. Oh yeah! So, it opens to the side. I think? I don’t even know. And yeah, you can like
build a roller coaster, and you can put the cars on, and then they go everywhere. I think you have this before. Yeah, I did. Oh, you could feel all the pieces. So I’m not excited to build that. I’ll build it for you. And the last presents we got
are suitcases. To carry all the presents
back home, to Spain. And, just to go on vacation. So I got this pink one. I’ve got a bigger one
of this one, but the presents are in there. And this one is the big one. The big baby. All right. I think that’s all
we got for Christmas. I’m so excited for the baby to come. Yes, it’s a late Christmas present. Yes. So guys, we hope you like this video. If you did, smash that like button, and we’ll see you all next time. Good bye!

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