Whispers Eve | Vlogmas Day Twenty-Four

Buzz : Daddy and Carrie do it Tom : We’ll do it ready 1… 2… 3… Gi : Awww that’s cool It’s Christmas Eve And I’m having to whisper Because everyone has gone to bed and Buzz and Buddy are asleep like right above my head My mum and dad, Tom and Gi and Buzz and Buddy are all upstairs And there’s no bed left for me to sleep in so I’m on the sofa But it’s fine because I can make sure Santa Goes the right way to the christamas tree and puts all the presents under the tree So it’s fine I’m on guard, I’m on Santa duty I’m also on cat duty look I’ve ended up with This is Hiccup and Peanuts over there So this whole vlog’s gonna be whispered, really sorry but Makes it mysterious Gives it some ambience We’ve had such a lovely day it’s been so nice being in my old family home Because usually for like the last few years we’ve always gone to Tom and Giovanna’s But our proper like Christmas day together for us this year was Christmas Eve So we had dinner today and We’ll do presents tomorrow morning And then Tom and Gi are going to her family tomorrow during the day So it’s been really nice being at home Because this is where I’ve spent the majority of my Christmases it’s lovely I put my Christmas tree ornament on the Christmas tree Buzz associates Christmas and Santa Claus with snow So we were all a bit worried because it’s not going to snow tomorrow So my dad “made it snow” Out the window above the room we were all sitting in So it started snowing like soap bubbles And Buzz totally bought it and it was just such a magical moment Because he was like right now it’s Christmas time Tom and Gi : Woahhhhhhh, *Carrie giggles* Buzz : It’s snowing daddy Tom : It’s snowing Gi : Buzz what happens when it snows Buzz : Santa comes Gi : Santa comes Wow look at all that snow Carrie : And then Buzz started a sing-a-long Over Christmas pudding *Everyone sings Jingle Bells* Buzz : Yeahhhhhhh! Carrie : Tom fell asleep after dinner which means he’s a proper Dad now Dads always fall asleep after dinner So Tom you’re a dad. That’s the official mark of a father *Tom and Carrie both giggle* Tom : That’s a nice nap Carrie : Then I made my family famous millionaire shortbread Because Tom and Gi wouldn’t have been happy if I hadn’t So I had to make it *Carrie, Tom and Gi all sing about shortbread* Pete has gone home to his mum and his nan tonight And then he’s coming back tomorrow Because even though we spend the majority of Christmas day with our own families We have to watch Doctor Who together That’s the one Christmas day thing we have to do The one thing I’ve asked for this Christmas is a frying pan Which is a very adult grown up gift So flingers crossed and I’ll see you tomorrow *click*

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