White Christmas by Yohan Kim

In the intro, I used the basic Fmaj7 chord on my left, and for my right hand I used the 9th note and the 3rd and 7th, which are guide tones, to make this beautiful sound

64 thoughts on “White Christmas by Yohan Kim”

  1. Yohan, I loved it! I wish it was a religious Christmas song that I could add to my playlist. But I love it nonetheless. Merry Christmas my handsome and talented friend from your favorite fan on the other side of the world.🎄👍😍🤩🤪😘🤗🎄

  2. 올한해 마지막달! 아프마시고 건강하게 보내세요~!
    내년에도 올해보다 더 감사하고 행복하신 하루가 많길🙏
    매번 영상 잘 보고 갑니다♡
    미리 메리크리스마스☃️🎄

  3. Mr. Kim … I'm 65-years old and live in Chicago, IL (USA). I absolutely love your music. (I'm a keyboard player.) Your voicing is so incredibly rich. Thank you for enriching my life … and the world. We are truly amazed and grateful.

  4. Captivating introduction and just went on to be even better after that! You take your time and confidently build the song. Great underscore as well

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  6. Your "touch" on the keys has improved exponentially since the first time I ever heard you,………so nice to hear you play,…..Merry Christmas .

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