Will It Christmas Tree?

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  1. The seconde crishmas tree i like it but of course in 3 different size from small to large and you can then choose 3 a 5 different meals for 5 to 20 person for to eat even after crishmas you could cook the left overs and giving that too the poor people for some nice last crishmas treat.

  2. Once I got a fortune that said “When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail” I fell off my chair when i read it

  3. you should have combined christmas hanukkah kwanza diwali and ramadan and called it the kwandiwanasan tree and for the hanumas you should have put dan avidans face on top

  4. I was going to mention something about the cat being Japanese but Link said it… But fortune cookies aren't Chinese! They're Japanese!

  5. You make a X-mas tree out of Menorahs, and then ask if hanging a menorah on another one is sacrelegious?

    Thank you very much at least for not featuring a 'Chanukah bush'

  6. I'd love a Christmas tree that doubled as a training dummy! And if I wanted the cat to leave it alone, that'd work, 'cause if he tried to climb on it, the lightsaber would light up and make noise, thereby scaring him away. Tree 3PO is a win for me!

  7. That’s a Maneki Neko aka Lucky Cat on the top of the tree. And both the fortune cookies and lucky cats came from japan 😂

  8. Will It Christmas Tree 2018?
    -Wrapped gifts
    -Bows and gift bags
    -Gingerbread houses and gingerbread men
    -Alcohol bottles and lights
    -String lights and ribbon

  9. When the Chinese Christmas tree came out I thought the chop sticks we're fireworks then I realised with the close up they are infact chop sticks

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