XMAS SALE! Gunbot XT + Gunthy GUI 7.0.1

Greetings to all of you, I’m Eugene and this is my channel
“Cryptocurrency mining”. Yesterday we’ve got another major update of Gunbot to the new stable version 7.0.1. All changes can be seen at Gunbot’s Wikipage. It is strongly recommended to upgrade to this stable version. Read everything through is very desirable, at least about the strategy that you will use and what the settings there are in the Configurator. Also, we’ll need a Quickstart link. Here is a link to new releases and to install files for a particular operating system. The main points I’ve translated on the Gunthy.org forum, the link is in the description of this video. Added: Binance exchange, Emotionless strategy, two different types of API keys, pay attention to them. Wrote everything, so, for the syntax for pairs there is still a very important update. For all exchanges and for all pairs will be the same syntax with a hyphen. Previously it was completely different for each of your exchange, and now it is a complete mess though, now everything is written with a hyphen. The first is the main currency, the second – the one we want to trade. A new parameter – balance reservation. RSI and TSSL has got a lot of improvements and bug fixes. I don’t use GUI, but anyway, try, run, and see what’s in there. Also, a Christmas sale was announced and here we have these Xmas packs with sale off prices. For new users there are three types: “Elf”, “Xmas” and “Santa”. “Elf” includes: Gunbot with the GUI, only one strategy is Emotionless and one exchange, the value of the “Elf” pack is 0.02 BTC. “Xmas” includes: Gunbot with the GUI, all the strategies, one exchange, totalling 0.05 BTC. And “Santa Edition” includes Gunbot with GUI, all strategies, all exchanges and TradingView plugin that is generally a complete Gunbot’s set, it costs 0.1 BTC. Also there is an Upgrade Pack for those who already own the bot for 0.025 BTC you can add another exchange, third and fourth, etc., etc., each one will cost you 0.025 BTC, not 0.05 BTC, as it was before. and a TradingView plugin as a bonus. Or you can buy all exchanges plus TradingView plugin for 0.05 BTC. A sample explanation is in the description. The offer is valid until December 31, and at the time of this promotion any discounts from retailers, including from me (-10%) is not valid since the prices are so reduced. How do you get these packs? Write me a PM in Telegram t.me/dobcrypto or a personal message on gunthy.org and then I’ll explain how to do that. In short, send me the request that you want to buy exchange/TV/upgrade etc., or this package with the exchange you want, I’ll send you the address where to pay the amount of BTC’s and after the payment I will provide links with instructions for further work with the bot. For those who already have the bot, the download link is on gunthy.org. Also in ‘Hacks’ added additional checks for config with manual fill, for example as I do as I do not use GUI. And also the bot works with Nate’s Polo-Updater, the link is in Russian (in description), this is my topic on how and what to do with it if you think it is interesting, go take a look. So, let’s move on then to download page, download the files for your OS. I’m going to show you how to install GB on Windows. Windows has to be 64-bit. Download the archive, while it is downloading let’s look what to do next. For example, forWindows,
if you are going to use GUI then we need to start
gunthy-gui.exe file. It is recommended to use Chrome or Firefox. I will show this on an amazon.com free server, the video I’m talking about this server, i’ve already shot and described how to get such server, Gunbot works well there as others say to me. So, open your Amazon server. I have downloaded and installed Portable Chrome the latest version. And here is our archive, which we successfully copied there. Now we need to extract it
of course, everything that is in it. I created a folder “GB”, you can just copy all files into it, as I prefer the name “GB”, and the entire contents were copied there. I also use convenient for me Total Commander if guide use on health. And we need to start gunthy-gui.exe that’s for those who want to use the GUI. This one we no longer need, minimize, here @Gun writes that we need to open this address in the browser. Do not close it, but minimize it. Open Chrome, and enter the address can copy straight from the Wiki, enter at the address bar and we are on the first start page of the GUI. For security purposes, we need to create a password. Logging in. And now we have opened the Dashboard page where we can import the config, but i do not recommended this, it is better to go without imports, from scratch, so to speak, and press here. Select the exchange on which we bought/have the license. In my case, for example, I will show you how to work with Poloniex. Enter the API Key, which was sent to you,
and which you have activated before and that’s the Secret from the API Key, make the key as
Master Key. Why do you need a Master Key, it is written on gunthy.org forum. In most cases click Add. So, the key is added, move on. Go to the BOT tab. I personally disable Verbose this advanced display console of some parameters, which usually I don’t need as for me. Everything else here just leave as defaults. Next, we need to adjust your strategy. Go to strategy tab. Here we have, roughly speaking, the most popular ones, I recommend you a tssl strategy. Enter it. Change here FUNDS_RESERVE, that’s a new option that allows us not to spend this amount of balance that is, if we write here the amount of BTC’s, then the bot will not go below this number. I put 0 here, for example, let it be. I set period as 5 minutes, just to show you how it all works. For the meaning of all other parameters please read the Wiki. This is an example set up, click on save. You’ll see a pop-up window
that strategy was saved. Next, we need, of course, choose trading pairs. Click New Setup. Name it as you want. Select the exchange that we have added. And enter any pair for example, we enter this. I remind you that dash is written for all pairs, independent of the exchanges. Here we choose a strategy, we have set up previously tssl. Click Add Pair. Here we have TradingView statistics loaded for Poloniex and we can see graphs for the coins for those who love graphs, and the like. Next, for example I want to add this pair, click Create. Then we add the following pairs exactly the same way, let’s input ARDR for instance. The strategy remains the same, and now we see a second pair appeared. Of course, we need to click update. This how we created the config, added two pairs and set up a strategy. Now go to the Dashboard. We can choose any strategy, as you can see,
there’s a lot of predefined setups, but we have just one. Click “Preview”. Here we can see the pairs
we’ve put the settings for a pair and all the strategies well, according to our settings, strategy tssl, everything we’ve set up, was saved and is displayed here. The exchange is Poloniex. There we have defined our keys
I will not expand it now. All we have left to do is click “Run Gunbot”. Exe file starts,
now it is not needed, minimize as all we need will be shown here. We just minimize it. And nothing happens, we have error #403, I think Poloniex is buggy, probably due to the fact that I have taken the API from other account. Oh, I get what is it, the API keys on Poloniex
that I have used here are restricted to only one ip address, so from a different ip address Poloniex will not allow to use this API key, so be careful with “whitelist IPs”. For instance, let’s try to run GB on Binance exchange,
here I already added API Binance. Add a trading pair,
there is no charts for Binance on TradingView. Saved the pairs, now go to the Dashboard,
as this strategy is already configured. Click Preview. Click Run Gunbot. We see the console starting, minimize it, as everything we need can be seen in this log window. So everything is fine
here we will see some errors if any. That is for now, that’s all about kickstarting GB v7. Now let’s move on to manual editing mode. Let’s stop the bot. Close everything. For manual editing we need to close gunthy-gui.exe, so just close this console. I will delete this for not to have any problems. We only need this folder, gunthy-gui.exe and the config itself. Let’s open the config. Correct it, just scroll down for the correct exchange we enter our Master Key the one you sent with the purchase of GB. And it is desirable to duplicate Key and Secret. Next, Verbose mode can be turned off. For instance I will use Binance again the example strategy is emotionless. So, here is my TRADING_LIMIT and leave it as it is. FUNDS_RESERVE I set to 0. Nothing more, in general, so nothing to change. Saved the config, click file – save, and now we need to define a pair. Here’s how the process usually looks. Please note that the last pair should be without a comma. The strategy is emotionless, let’s save the config and run gunthy.exe. GB’s got started, exchange we selected was Binance. These are red, because we have only license for Binance, and that’s what we see next: so the bot continues to work. Now everything is fine. The bot will create files like this one: state.json the information on shopping, etc., etc. is stored there You can delete them, to update some values Sometimes it is useful. As we are running against Binance now, run it again in the same place
it should work and as you can see, so it’s all running fine. Here I have started 4 Binance instances, that is, 69 pairs on 4 bots for the pairs to cycle quickly. and 2 on Poloniex and 1 on Bittrex. I think I have shown you
how to set up, where to start with. Again, I recommend you to read these release notes, watch my previous videos on Gunbot and it will most likely become more clear what to do or where to click. And also on Gunbot’s Wiki here’s a reference to some other tools you might need, there were even configs for different versions, perhaps, for the 7th will appear there too. Here we are interested in Tools tab, and this is CryptoGramBot. This is an official Github page,
by the way, today new update came out. This bot allows you to see your orders on Bittrex or Poloniex in Telegram. So this is how it looks, you will be shown profits of your trades in percentage. Every 24 hours CryptoGramBot sends you statistics, very useful thing, comfortable,
though there are other counterparts. Here we have everything for the installation, if something does not work, write your questions in the Telegram group. Will leave the Russian chat link here. I hope the video was helpful for you. If something is unclear or you have questions, or it does not work, write in Russian Telegram chat. That’s it. Subscribe to the channel! Put your likes, dislikes, join the group Vkontakte! Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, to whom that is more convenient. I’m Eugene. Wish you all success and profits. Good luck! See you!

14 thoughts on “XMAS SALE! Gunbot XT + Gunthy GUI 7.0.1”

  1. Если бот приносит доход, зачем автор продает бота? Выглядит как бред. Ведь понятное дело, что два бота на одной бирже не смогут зарабатывать.

  2. Здравствуй, есть несколько вопросов
    Во-первых, стоит-ли новичку приобретать бот, если тяжело поддаются такие вещи? Смотрел твои видео по настройке бота – мало что понял.
    Во-вторых, имеет-ли смысл брать самую дешёвую версию, которая будет работать на одной бирже по одной стратегии? Будет профит с этого?
    И в-третих, если для всего этого имеется малая сумма, к примеру, 10к рублей, есть вообще смысл?

  3. Добрый день,
    https://gunbot.shop/ это официальный сайт Gunther, можно ли на нем приобрести бота и какой пакет посоветуете для новичка?

  4. Дарова! Где пропал что видосов нет? Запили видос какой пул выгоднее поставить на hashflare по всем валютам. Заранее спасибо.

  5. А не надо было на бинансе где трейдинг лимит на 0.002 ставить?

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