ZERO WASTE CHRISTMAS GUIDE | The 5 R’s to a zero waste Xmas

Hi everyone, I’m Sophie and today I’m going to give you the keys to zero waste Christmas using the fire ours refused reduce reuse recycle and rot, and yes I have a soaked through so excuse my voice and even coffee First of all, we’re going to with use with use what refused to buy any new Plastic orders if you need to buy new ornaments try to have them in glass in wood pine cones You can use cones. You can use wood Or metal, there are a lot of other alternatives then we will refuse to use Trouble dishes and plates etc. Etc. There is nothing better for Goodness, or New Year’s Eve to use real plate with real class In real cutter where there’s this is such a feeling is really very great You can also use votive candles which is which are in glass and you can refill them with oil And it worked wonders and at least you’re not using Toxic candles no winner Then we will Try to machines, you know, all the good offers that comes in you in package for the folder gift when you have First time stew proofing you like to prefer then they offer you the duplicate thing with the perfume the moisturizer and cream or whatever or Shower gel well in general those two others will don’t need them and it’s not even the same quantity They’re the perfume. It smells weird. No try to just buy a new perfume if they need it Then reduce First try to reduce the amount of the core of decoration that you’re putting out in my family in Belgium we used to put The Christmas decor everywhere even under on the roof. Well every everywhere there is no No meter, they are not touched by Christmas. All right. Well here is quite different We have a Christmas tree some candles on the Table, we haven’t bought the Christmas the votive candle yet. So we are using what we have With this Reindeer there Only though I actually have made a video about it so you can check it down below oils and also try to reduce the amount of food that you will make Because yes you will try to make you fill with your own food to annoy to how the Plastic packaging and it comes if you try to go tighter Because when you bite already made Food tobey’s come packaged. It’s much better to try cook for yourself. You can even put like a chicken or Vegetable and you can buy yourself and have some time to do something else So try to reduce sorry try to reduce the amount of food that you place on the table you’re going to waste then Try to reduce the amount of gift you’re grieving Actually, I just made a video about the best and best ideas For a Christmas gift it was to you everybody will make happy everyone go and check it out Not just minimalist and zero waste lovers. It’s everybody but Try to make one gift per person for instance so any huge like yeah, thank you, even though even if this present is Really? Mindful of that person, you know if it’s really something they want it There will be more much more happy than having three gifts that yeah, it’s nice But it’s not really what I wanted. You see what I mean We use you will reuse Net we use if you have shopped by internet you surely have those cotton bags box You know the cardboard box that comes with the package try to keep them and you can use them to package your person to gift And then Christmas gift Put a little cords questons when I bought some new ornaments I had It’s not the stickers, but it’s like for they explain what it is first One side just explain what it was then the other side was just toss and wait so I could but I can write and then on it and I will use it as To know who from who makes this gift then We canvassed Christmas card. Maybe last year you receive some Christmas card There are some that you want to keep maybe there are some that you just don’t care about anymore so you can reuse them based These are people on the Written part and we write something for an anniversary While you can really use people that you have to create and in one instance Then or so for the gift You can reduce something that you don’t want anymore can we book the cheap right or book that you’ll pop but you never will in bread because After 10 pages you cardboard you can still give this book. It’s quite stealing perfect condition Maybe it will in service somebody, you know Also try to give in second hand for our daughter she wants a little bicycle So we are looking for a bicycle he there it’s not Craigslist. So the book one wears like is a second hand please then you can recycle recycle what will recycle if for instance you have a package the gift in paper Try to keep it If somebody just neatly And packaged everything you still can keep the paper great. But if it’s a baby Then having destroyed everything tell me this you can recycle recycle what why not other champagne bottle except I try to precise as Then What what well we’ll try to avoid making too much food Okay, and if they are some leftovers because the losses that the word for the following things but imagine it’s Christmas Eve and you know invites me to the celebration and I’m sick and Somebody Too much Food for me because I’m sick. I don’t eat that much So this put is like waste because nobody would eat it has ever stick to me. I don’t want anybody to be sick Maybe there are dogs or not. Maybe our pets Yeah, you will have to rock my food. They’ll try to avoid normally it’s possible to not write anything Christmassy, so yeah, I hope you enjoyed this video If you have more tips, please put it down below like this video, and don’t forget to subscribe for more. Bye

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